3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-7)


Hello my friends. How are you all? Thanks for your valuable comments. So from today i am going to add a task after my ff. My task is i will tell about one topic & you guys please give your response to topic. Thats it. So lets start now.

Scene starts with ragini, swara & aaru sitting in hall silently.

Aaru: Swara di u did wrong?

Swara: wrong whats wrong aaru. He is a cheater & also

Aaru: Stop it di. I know u hate him & his family but it doesn’t mean that u will hurt ragini di.

Swara: Aaru u don’t know anything. I am doing this only for di. She deserves the best.

Aaru: No di. U are hurting her more. You know what ragini di still loves jiju.

Swara is shocked.

Swara: Di you are still loving him.

Ragini also shocked & looked at her with teary eyes.

Swara cries seeing her.

Aaru: Ha di she is still loving jiju. U have become an enemy between.

Ragini gets angry & gives a tight slap to aaru.

Aaru & swara both are shocked.

Aaru : Di…..

Ragini: No not even a word aaru just go to ur room. Now.

Aaru gets teary eyed & thought to leave in mean while swara will be seen fallen on ground due to shock.

Ragini: Swara…..

Aaru also see swara & comes to her & both takes swara to room & doc comes. Doc checks her & says ” she is looking very stressed. May she got a deep shock. Is anything wrong happened? ”

Ragini & aaru looks at each other.

Doc: Its ok i can understand. I have told u before ragini that u should take care of her. She is not completely stable till now. After that incident she went to a deep trauma. Better be careful. If next time it happens to her & then i cannot save her”. He leaves.

Ragini collapse down by hearing that. Aaru also sits beside her crying.

Aaru: Sorry di i never want to hurt di. But by seeing u crying everyday i thought to explain her. I am so sorry di.

Ragini hugs her & calms her down.

Here in sanskaar’s house.

Sanskaar is sitting in his room. Laksh & aryan comes to talk with him.

Laksh: Bhai who is ragini? You have never told us that u are in love?

Sanskaar is still silent.

Aryan: Ha bhai. And why that girl swara slapped u & saying that u r a murderer. What happened bro? You have to tell us.

Sanskaar then gets up from chair.

Sanskaar : Yes i love ragini. I think that time came to tell you all about her.

Aryan & laksh listens to him.

Few years back.

Ragini’s parents & sanskaar’s parents are friends & also business partners. They decides to change their relation by marrying to their children. So they informs to their children.

Sanskaar : I agree papa. But i dnt want to see her till my engagement because i trust u people. I believe she will be best for me.

Ragini in her house.

Ragini : I agree papa i also will see him in engagement lets see if he is made for me or not.

Both parents are shocked by their decision but also happy.

They regularly used to talk in phone with each other. By only listening to each other they both fall in love.

One day aaru & swara decides to test sanskaar & they will go to his home.

(At that time laksh & aryan are in abroad)

Swara: Hello uncle. Me & aaru are here to meet our jiju. We want to test him. Please agree with us.

They agree & allows them to sanskaar’s room.

Aaru will pose like handicapped & comes to his room along with swara.

Sanskaar : Who are u people?

Aaru: Me ragini. The person whom u are going to marry.

Sanskaar is shocked by seeing her handicapped.

Aaru: She is swara my sister.

Swara: Hello jiju nice to meet u.

Sanskaar says hi to her.

Aaru: I know u thought to meet me at engagement but i have to show u about my illness. I don’t want to cheat u. Thats y i came to meet u. So are u sure? Now also to get married with me.

Sanskaar is stunned & turns back. Aaru & swara laughs by his condition.

Sanskaar : Yes i am ready to marry u.

Aaru & swara are shocked.


Sanskaar : ha swara. I am ready to marry ragini. Even she is handicapped she also will have heart right. And we both are talking with each other on phone. I love her by heart. I am ready to marry her.

Aaru & swara are shocked by his love towards ragini.

Aaru will come to him & hugs him.

Aaru: I am so happy jiju. Now i am sure that my di will be very happy with you.

Sanskaar is confused.

Swara: Don’t be confused jiju. I am swara she is aaru our little. And your fiance ragini is our elder sister & she is not handicapped.

They both laughs seeing him. He then understood their game & holds their both ears.

Aaru: Sorry jiju forgive us.

He leaves them & side hugs them both happily.



Thats it guys please comment. Hope u like it. And now my topic is family. What is a family for u in few words please. Thank u love u all.

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