3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-6)

Hey guys really very very sorry for the late. What to do i am so busy. Anyways i am very pleased with all your comments keep going on like it. I need u guys encouragement. Now i will start.

So scene starts showing swara sleeping in room. She is some what disturbed because she is getting some flashes in her sleep. Flashes are seen that someone are killing two people by tieing ropes to their necks.

One girl is seen tied to chair infront of them. She is trying to save them & to shout for help but she cannot.

Swara is full of sweat she is murmuring in sleep please leave them please let us go etc…. she was so afraid.

Suddenly she will get up by saying no. She was seen full tensed. She is totally confused. What happened to me? Who are they? Are they my parents? Then who is that girl?

Here ragini is saying hello to everyone. Then sanskaar will come in front of her. She is stunned.

Sanskaar : Not bad jaan you are looking fab. I can’t handle myself.

Ragini is happy by seeing him but she can’t express.

Ragini : What do u want?

Sanskaar : just come with me i need to talk to u.

Ragini : There is now nothing between us to talk.

Sanskaar : Not here come with me.

He drags her from there & takes her to corner.

Ragini : Leave me what the hell is this?

Sanskaar : Its looking like hell ragini. Can’t u see my pain. Y are u doing this to me? Just tell me what is my fault.

Ragini: Now its of no use talking this all matters. Its my party don’t make any issue here.

Sanskaar gets angry.

Sanskaar : Seriously ragini. I love u yar please its hurting me.

He hugs her tight & cries. She can feel his crying.

Ragini : sanskaar please don’t cry. She hugs him back.

Jo tu mera humdard hai song plays in bg.

He takes her close to him.

Sanskaar : I know ragini i know u love me. But y are u avoiding me? I want to know the reason.

Ragini : No sanskaar now this can’t happen between us. Let me live my life.

Sanskaar : Never ragini today i will finally solve our problem. Come with me.

He holds ragini’s hand & takes her from there.

Here aaru is talking to some guests. Someone called her & she turns to back & she hits aryan. He os holding juice & it spills on her dress.

Aaru: Damn are u blind? Can’t u see before walking?

Aryan: Hello miss dinosaur u also can see right. Then what happened to your eyes?

Aaru: Don’t be so smart u duffer?

Aryan: You are super dumbo 2 feet dinosaur.

Aaru: You……

Aryan: Ya me what u will do?

Aaru: Wait i will be back again i will teach u a lesson.

Aryan: I will wait here only. Come soon.

Aaru goes to her room to clean her dress. Then while return she sees swara being tensed & crying sitting in a corner.

Aaru is shocked by seeing her like that. She comes to her.

Aaru: Di what happened to you? Are u fine?

Swara is fully scared & says no don’t come to me. Leave me. Go away. She screams & cries a lot.

Aaru got teary eyed by seeing her.

Aaru: Di its me aaru. See me once I am there na nothing will happen to you.

Swara then recognises aaru & hugs her tight.

Swara: Aaru ….. aaru they are killing me. Save me aaru please…. please aaru.

Aaru also crying.

Aaru: Di see u r fine. No one is here. We are in our house. Nothing will happen to you.

Swara: Aaru di….. ragini di where is she?

Aaru got shocked by listening her name. She thinks ” no i can’t let swara di to meet ragini. If she go their she will see jiju. It will be a big problem then.”

Aaru: Swara di u just relax i will call ragini di. She will come here.

Swara: No aaru i will go to her come.

Aaru tries to stop her but she can’t.

Here sanskaar takes ragini with him to stage.

Sanskaar : Attention every one. Today me mr.sanskaar maheshwari is announcing a most important matter in my life.

Laksh & aryan are confused about what he is saying.

Sanskaar : So u all know well she is miss ragini bose once my best friend. But today i have decided to marry her.

Ragini, laksh & aryan are shocked by his sudden statement.

Sanskaar : Me & ragini are in love with each other. Today we have decided to get engaged.

Then he takes a ring from his pocket.

Ragini shakes his head saying no.

He holds her hand & smiles by seeing her.

He is about to put ring but then swara comes there & takes ragini’s hand from his hand & gives a tight slap to him.

This time all are super shocked ragini, aaru , aryan & mostly laksh.

Swara : How dare u ? How dare u mr.sanskaar maheshwari to marry my di?

Sanskaar is fully shocked.

Sanskaar : Swara what happened to you?

Swara: Dnt try to take my name from your dirty mouth. I will never let a murderer to marry my di.

Again all are shocked.

Swara: Not only u i will never let anyone of your family members to enter our lives & hurt my sisters.

Aryan is shocked laksh is shocked but also with teary eyed.

Aaru & ragini knows what will happen so remained silent.

Ragini: But swara….

Swara: Di are u coming with me are not?

Aaru: But di listen to ragini di…..

Swara: Aaru please. This is related to di’s life i can’t risk her life. U both just come with me.

She takes them both with her. Ragini looks back at sanskaar with tears in her eyes. Sanskaar looks shocked & sad. Aryan & laksh both will come to console him.

Thats it guys. How is it? Hope u likes it. Please comment. Love u all. Take care.


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Superbbb part dr!!!!now m more curious to know bout d truth!!!y swara called sanky as murderer????? Egrly wtng for nxt episode!!!!ragsan r sooooo fab. !!!feeng reallly bad for dem!!! Keeep rockng n stay blessed dearπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  2. suhani

    Nice update….what the reason behind swara behaviour…feeling sad for sanskaar.. Waiting for next part soon… Update regularly…

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    amazing dear….what happen swara?..y u hate Sanky thz much….waiting for past revelation….and feeling bad for ragsan….Sanky going through soo much pain….
    plz unite them ya….One good thing s our aara conversation….love u ragsan and aara….plz update soon dear…tkcr

  4. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    feel bad for RagSan and i think she saw something a misunderstood Sanskaar as the killer of her parents or sometghing like that .xx

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