3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-5)


Hey guys how are you all? Having fun right! I thought to update ff tomorrow but i was so eager to tell u all the surprise & also party fun today. I forgot thanks for all your valuable comments. So lets start now.

Scene shows ragini’s house which is fully decorated by lights.

First we will go to ragini’s room. She just came from washroom after having her bath. She wearing a beautiful white saree with gold border which looks both traditional and modern.

Her blouse is having back lace which she is trying to tie but she can’t. Then one hand will touch her bare back. She will get a sudden shock. In mirror we can see it is sanskaar. She stood like a statue.

He touches slightly with his finger tips & he goes towards lace & ties it. Ragz will close her eyes by that different feeling. In this time front part where she holds her saree, she suddenly leaves it & it was about to fall then sanskaar will hold it.

Jab se tere naina song plays in bg.

He smoothly keeps it in perfect & puts it in where he touches her bare belly. She giggles.
It is a sleeveless blouse. He comes back & wears a simple chain on her neck by removing slowly her hair. He kisses her neck sensuously.

It was her dream. Then she realizes what she thinks.

Ragini to herself says ” ragz what happened to you. You are a successful business woman & can’t u control your feelings. Focus ragz just focus. Today is party so u have too maintain dignity ”

She then gets ready.

In garden aaru is checking that everything is perfect or not.

Then sanskaar & his brothers will come there.

First sans then laksh & aryan will come out. They are coming in then sanskaar will see aaru.

San: Aryan , laksh u both go in i will just come now.

Ary & lak: Ok bhai. They goes.

Sanskaar silently goes towards aaru & closes her eyes.

San: Guess who?

Aaru: Hm….. jiju.

San: Arre wah aaru u guessed correct but how?

Aaru: I can know it because u are feeling so happy & it shows in your hands. See they are shivering.

Sanskaar : May be aaru. I want to meet ragini as soon as possible. Today i want to clarify every misunderstanding between us.

Aaru: Everything will be fine jiju wait i will call di.

Sanskaar : No let her come. I dnt want to see tension in her face. Let me see how beautiful she will be.

Aaru: Ok then u carry on i will be back.

Aryan & laksh will not see her. She also goes in to see swara.

Ragini meets her & asks about swara.

Aaru: Di swara is taking rest. Dnt worry.

Ragini : Did you see sanskaar?

Aaru: No di i think he will not come.

Ragini: Hope so. By the way how am I looking?

Aaru: Lovely. She hugs & says i will just be back.

Ragini goes to meet laksh & aaru goes to her room to get ready. Because her dress is spoiled.

Here laksh is thinking about swara. He thinks to call her but hesitates. Aryan observes him.

Aryan : What happened bro? R u missing anyone.

Laksh thinking something says “ha thinking to call her”

Aryan: “Her” means girlfriend. Then call na i will also talk to her.

Laksh: What girlfriend no way. Just my friend.

Aryan: Ok ok i understood just call her otherwise u will not be fine.

Laksh: Shut up aryan just go from here.

Aryan: Chill bro i am going to washroom if bhai asked about me tell him ok.

Laksh : Ok go.

He goes in searching of washroom & he goes to aaru’s room. He sees everywhere & he sees no one & goes to washroom. Then aaru enters her room thinking ” no one is there to help me. Swara di no i cannot disturb her. Ragini di is in party what to do this zip is not going up how to do it?

She trying to make it up but its not going up then she thought to remove it but its not even coming down. She is trying her level best.

Then aryan comes out & sees her struggling. He didn’t see her face but only her back. He thinks who is she? What happen if she sees me? Its better to leave silently.

He moves forward slowly then she hears foot steps & she thinks someone came & asks for help.

Aaru : Thank god someone came. Excuse me please help me yar. I was stucked here. Please help me.

He listens & thinks to help her & comes forward & sees she is same aaru. He was shocked. He thinks ” this is that same 2 feet dinosaur. It means this is her house. Oh my god. ”

He thought to leave but seeing her struggling he comes near her. She sees him in mirror & gets shocked. She tries to talk but he touches her back with his fingers. Her talk was stopped sudden.

Same jab se tere naina song plays in bg.

They have some eyelock & he thought to leave. She holds his hands & pulls him close to her.

Aaru: Oh my date came to see me. Missing me.

Aryan : Not at all miss dinosaur. Its my fate to come here.

Aaru: So sad. Mr zero iq. By the way thanks for the help.

Aryan: U r welcome. Nice dress.

Aaru blushes & says thanks.


Same as yesterday.

Sorry guys i will say suspense only tommorow see u all soon. Please comment.

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