3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-4)

Hey guys moni is back again. So thanks to you all for your response. Now lets start now.

Scene starts with laksh coming home immediately. He sees aryan waiting for him in hall.

Aryan: Bhai…. aryan hugs him tight.

Laksh: Relax aryan. What happened?

Aryan: Woh. .. sanskaar bhai is in his room. He is not opening door. I was worried for him.

Laksh: Ok i will see. Come with me.

They goes to sanskaar’s room. Laksh asks him to open the door. Sanskaar is in his own world by seeing ragini’s photo. After sometime he opens door.

Laksh & aryan get relaxed by seeing him fine. They both hug him tight. Sanskaar also reciprocates back.

Laksh: Bhai what happened to you ? Why are you crying?

Aryan: Ha bhai. Since long time i am calling you from out. Why are u not responding?

Sanskaar : its ok yar i am fine. Dnt worry. We have to go for a party evening.

Laksh: Party???

Aryan : What party? And where?

Sanskaar : One business success party. Our family is invited there we have to go for sure.

Aryan: But bhai we never used to come with u to any business party.

Sanskaar : This is also a type of family. So we are going.

Laksh: Bhai but y r u looking so depressed. Can’t you share with us?

Sanskaar : I am fine lucky. Its important to go there. Get ready.

Aryan & laksh agrees.

Here in ragini’s house.

Swara: Who should not come to party aaru?

Aaru: Woh…. swara di when u have came?

Swara: Aaru i asked who should not come to party?

Ragini: Swara u know na this aaru always will start her drama. She is saying that don’t inform her friends about party. Thats it.

Swara: Oh ok di. By the way happy holi my sisters.

She hugs them both. Aaru & ragini also hug her back.

Swara: What happened y u both are looking serious?

Aaru: No not at all.

Swara: Are u sure?

Ragini : of course we are fine.

Swara : ok one more thing di. I am tired. I cannot attend party tonight. Is it ok.

Aaru: What really? It is ok for me.

She says with excitement. Ragini is shocked.

Aaru: Aaru y are u feeling so happy bt the word i am not coming to party?

Aaru then realized what she said & scolds herself.

Aaru: No di not at all. Infact i am asking the reason for not attending the party.

Ragini : shona. Aaru is mad. Leave her u say r u sure? Is anything wrong?

Swara: no di i am fine u guys enjoy i will take rest.

Ragini : Ok fine. Take rest.

As soon as swara goes out aaru feels relaxed.

Ragini hits her on her head.

Aaru: Ouch…. di.

Ragz : Can’t u just shut your mouth for sometime aaru. What will happen if swara knows about sanskaar?

Aaru: Chill di. Swara is fine na. And u know that i cannot stop talking. I am feeling bad that we are hiding so much from di.

Ragini : me too aaru. I love her so much. Its hurts me when i saw her sad. This is good for her.

Aaru: Ok ok. Now forget about di. She is taking rest. Now jiju can meet u.

Ragini will get happy by hearing sanskaar’s name. She blushes.

Ragini : But aaru i cannot say anything to him. He will get hurt.

Aaru: But di it is good if u say now. Later it will be more hurting. U know that jiju is feeling very bad by your behaviour please don’t behave like that.

Ragini : sure thanks for helping.

Aaru: Di when this thanks came between us. Swara di & u are most important for me.

They both hug each other.

Here in sanskaar’s house all three brothers will get ready for party.

Sanskaar : Ragini today i will clear every misunderstanding between us. I want u & your love ragini. Today this surprise will make u shock for sure.

Laksh: Swara i have met u only today but i am feeling a strong relationship between us. I hope u too feel same like me.

Aryan while he is getting ready he will get some flashes of aaru & his fight with her. Her touch for the first. “Actually she is not that much bad. Infact she looks so cute. He smiles. Then suddenly he reminds what he said & says what all this nonsense i should concentrate only my studies” That’s it.

They three comes out & leaves in there car.

Precap: Party & shock. Sanskaar holds ragini’s hand. Swara slaps sanskaar hard.


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    shocking precap excited to know more update soooon………… episode was superb………… Waiting to know mystery…………..

    • Mounika

      Thank you pooja but i am sorry yar i am writing from phone so i cannot give u link πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Wohoooo!!precap is shockng yaar…swara slapppng sanky!!!!omg.!!!.update ws sooooper se upaaaar dear…loved it….waitng for sanky’s surprise for my rags…😊😊😊keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeetyπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. A.xx


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    yaar,, feeling bad for RagSan as they are bearing a lot of pain in love and can’t be together ,,,
    hate Swara for this …..
    waiting for next part plz do update soon as I don’t think I can wait of rhte next part ahha.xx

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