3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-3)


Hey guys moni is back. Missed me. Sorry for the delay. By the way belated happy diwali to u all. This is my request to you all is i want to know that how u people celebrated diwali. Please comment in messages.

I have celebrated very well by lighting small diyas, making rangoli, sharing sweets with my dearest & lots of fun. So now u people also share with me please. Ok now i will start my ff. Lets go.

Scene starts with swara & laksh sitting in car. There is a pin drop silence between them.

Laksh: Swara are u ok?

Swara: hmm….

Laksh: Okay lets move.

Swara will be silent through out the journey he will take her to orphanage because her car is there.

Laksh comes out & opens the door for her. She silently comes out & walks towards her car without any sign to laksh. Laksh stares her sadly. He also thought to leave.

But swara turns again back to him with tears in her eyes & comes to him back running & hugs him tight.

Laksh will be in shock due to her sudden act. But he also hugs her back but lightly.

Tu mera humdard song plays in bg.

Swara composes herself & says ” laksh can we sit there for sometime please “.

She requests him like a cute girl. He likes her cuteness & agrees.

Here ragini will opens door after sometime by this time aaru slept near the door. She sees aaru & felt bad for her. She sits down & pats her face. By her touch aaru will wake up & gets happy by seeing her.

Aaru: Di….. she cries by hugging her. Ragini also hugs her back.

Di are u okay? What’s wrong with you di? I know by seeing jiju u will get disturbed. But di u are our strength. If u can’t be stable then who will support us.

Ragini: I am sorry aaru. Don’t know what happened to me. Today by seeing sanskaar & by feeling his touch i lose control on me. I will not repeat it again. I promise.

Aaru: No need to say sorry di. You are best lovers then y are u sacrificing your love for somone else.

Ragini: Aaru u know very well y i am doing this. My sisters are inportant for me than any one.

Here again swalak.

Swara & laksh will be seen sitting on bench in garden.

Swara: I am sorry laksh. Because of me u have to face this all.

Laksh: No swara dnt say that. I can understand there is some problem thats y i supported you.

Swara: Laksh for me my sisters are more important than anyone. I love them & trust them a lot.

Here aaru & ragini.

Ragini: I will do anything for your happiness.

Aaru: But di this is not fair. For us you sre sacrificing your love & giving punishment to jiju.

Ragini: No aaru. For swara’s sake i have to do this.

Aaru: Di i know how to handle swara di. I will explain her. I am sure she will definitely understand your love.

Ragini: no aaru. Swara should not know that sanskaar is still trying to meet me.

Here swalak

Laksh: How many do u have?

Swara: Two. Ragini my elder sister & aradhya my youngest sister.

Laksh: Ragini…. i think i heard this name before.

Swara: May be she is a famous business woman.

Laksh: No swara…i heard some where else. Ok leave it. I too have two brothers. Aryan my younger brother & elder one sa…..

Just then his phone rangs & aryan otherside asking him to come home as its emergency. Laksh gets tensed & ends the call.

Swara takes his hand & asks what happened & he says he have to leave its urgent.

Swara: Ok take care. If u need help please call me & she gives her number. He takes it & leaves.

Swara thinks to sit there for sometime.

Here aaru & ragini.

Aaru: Di listen to me once we can talk to swara di.

Ragini : Aaru please try to understand. Swara should not know anything. Swear on me that u will not tell anything to her.

Aaru: Ok di fine. I promise.

Then swara will come home. She thinks to go to ragini’s room. She starts going.

Aaru: di i will talk to jiju & ask him not to come to party otherwise there will be problem.

Ragini: No aaru if sanskaar get doubt then it will be a problem for us. We can’t say to him.

Aaru: Then how we can stop him from coming to party.

Swara listens that & says ” whom u should stop from coming to party aaru?.”

Aaru & ragini sees swara & gets shocked.

Thats it guys please comment. Love u all.

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  1. Silent_writer

    Swara loves sanskar thats y rags is doing may b loved swalak scenes ???

    1. Mounika

      Sorry dear but its not true my couple is only ragsan. Thanks for the comment. ???

  2. Sindhura

    But suspence

    1. Mounika

      Thank you sindhu ???

  3. Jazzy

    Belated happy diwali to u too
    I celebrated by lighting candles on terrace and eating a lot if sweets heeheheh and bursting crackles with my bro and sis
    Today’s part was amazing

    1. Mounika

      So cute jazzy hope u enjoyed well and thanks for the comment ???

      1. Jazzy

        Yup a lot

  4. Nice but don’t separate ragsan plzzzzzzz

    1. Mounika

      Don’t worry yar ragsan will be couple & thanks for the comment ???

  5. Crystal089

    awesome feel sad for ragsan

    1. Mounika

      Thank you crystal ???

  6. Fairy

    AmaZng update dear…eagerly waitng to know y rags n aaru is hidng about sanky from swara!!!!!post nxt part sooon plz..keep rockng n sta blesed dear????

    1. Fairy

      N belated happppppppy vala diwali to u too sweety????????

    2. Mounika

      So sweet fairy thank you so much ???

  7. Ragz_teju


    1. Mounika

      Thank you teju ☺☺☺

  8. come on mounika plz update regularly and lengthier

    1. Mounika

      Sorry sadia i will update soon ???

  9. Suppppprbbbb

    1. Mounika

      Thanku pooja

  10. Wow! Ragsan story,

    1. Mounika

      Thanks for the comment lovely ☺☺☺

  11. Awesome

    1. Mounika

      Thank you ashnoor ???

  12. Sherin


    1. Mounika

      Thanku sherin ☺☺☺

  13. Ragaru scenes are nice and also swalak…but lot of suspense….waiting for.ragsan scenes and don’t separate them

    1. Mounika

      Thank you suhani ???

  14. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

  15. I also celebrate Diwali just like you… Well Happy belated Diwali Di…
    About chapter it is superb but still mystery…Waiting g for next part.

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….feeling bad for ragsan…aradhya u r soo caring to ragini…love u both dear…today am missing aara scene….waiting for nxt one..tkcr

  17. A.xx

    Was there something wrong between SwaSan???
    feeling sooo bad for m beloved RagSan just want them to be happy…
    LOve Aru and no Aara scene today??
    loved it waiting for some revelation and update soon.xx

  18. Nice epi…

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