3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-2)

Hey guys moni is back again. Sorry for not updating yesterday. And thanks for all your lovely response guys. I will try to maintain this excitement in u all.

Actually yesterday i had a fight with my best frnd. I am telling that in relationships extra marital affair is wrong either with boy or a girl. But he is supporting boys. He is saying that boy will do that due to some situations so girls should understand them.

I was in full anger. How can it possible? So thats y yesterday i was in mood off. Ok leave it. Lets start now.

Episode 3

Screen starts in chirag’s house.

Swara will be seen holding laksh’s hand & leaving from chirag’s house but chirag will stop her.

Chirag: One minute shona…..

Swara: Again what do you want ?

Chirag: Proof!!!

Swara: What proof?

Chirag : You have to prove that you two are couple & loving each other.

Swara : Nonsense. I will not prove anything to anyone.

Chirag: You have to darling. Otherwise i will tell everything to di….

Swara: Ragini di…..

Chirag : Correct. Ragini di. You want me to stay away from you right. Then you have to accept my condition.

Laksh: What was that?

Chirag: Well day after tomorrow there is a college fest in our excel college. Being old students we are invited there. So my condition is swara you should come there with your so called boyfriend and he should propose you in front of whole college.

Swara & laksh will be stunned & shocked.

Swalak : No. …

Chirag will be seen smirked.

Chirag: Y ? What is your problem? You both are lovers right.

Swara: Woh…. woh…

Laksh: We mean that we cannot do this in front of whole college. What they will think about us ? It will be wrong. Right swara.

Swara: Ha …. ha you are right laksh.

Chirag: Come on swara. That is our college. Do you remember? I have proposed you in same college.

Swara: But that is different. ….

Chirag : No swara. Now i got clarity that u two are not lovers.

Swalak: No we are lovers.

Then both will look at each other.

Chirag: So then its final. You have to accept my condition. Or else i will come with my parents to meet ragini di.

Laksh: wait y with parents?

Chirag : For marriage proposal. You know very well swara. 5 years back when your parents are died then my parents had supported your family & business financially. So now if my parents came with marriage proposal then di will surely accept it.

Swara: No way di will not go against me. She loves me a lot.

Chirag: I know she loves u swara but u also know that how di will be particular in her words. My parents helped u a lot. So it will be her responsibility to pay back.

Laksh will get angry & will hold his collar tight. Swara gets teary eyed.

Swara: Laksh leave him.

By seeing her crying laksh leaves him.

Chirag: Chill bro. Swara its just a simple condition. If you accept it i promise i will not disturb you again.

Laksh looks at her helplessly swara wipes her tears.

Swara: Fine. We will do it.

Laksh & chirag both are stunned. She takes laksh from there. Chirag will be seen smirking.

Chirag’s friend: Chirag what was your plan? I think they are really in love.

Chirag: Lets watch what will happen. He thinks “swara u will have another shock in college “.

Ragini after sending sans out she sits down by crying & says ” no sanskaar. Don’t love me too much. I don’t deserve your love. Please leave me. Forget me. You can have a better & best life partner than me”. She goes to her room & cries loud.

Here sanskaar is going in car & thinks about ragini’s words. He says ” why ragini? What happened to you? Five years back we have met each other by our families. We loved each other. Suddenly what happened to you? You are avoiding me. Not even liking to see me. Y?

I know you very well. You can’t hurt any one. Then y are you behaving rudely like you hate me? You are saying that u hate me but i can see in your eyes you love me to the core damn it.

No ragini i cannot imagine anyone other than u in my life. I need u. You are my life. Please understand me. No matter what i will know the truth which is suffering u & me u far from me. I love u ragini. I can & i will do anything for you.

Today in party everything will be decided & that will be final.

Ragini will come to her room. She open her cupboard & searches for something. She will throw all her things & clothes on floor as a mess. Finally she got it. It is a pic of ragsan. They are so cute & lovely.

Judaai song plays in bg.

She holds it & cries by sitting down. She says “sanskaar i know u love me a lot but i cannot. God have gave me this punishment. I have to bear this. I cannot suffer you for my fault. I love you sanskaar. ”

Then the door bell rangs then ragini hear it & immediately goes to washroom. Aaru came in & is impressed by decorations.

Aaru: I knew it only ragini di can do this. Dnt know where is swara. Wait i will call her.

Suddenly one servant will come to aaru & says about sans coming & ragini being locking her room.

Aaru understood everything she drops her phone & goes to ragini’s room & sees all her things are messed up. She goes near washroom & calls ragini.

Ragini will not respond to her. Aaru can only listen her crying. Aaru will get tensed & gets teary eyed.

Aaru: Di, please open the door. Don’t cry didi. I know u r disturbed because jiju came here.

By hearing sanskaar’s name ragini will cry even more.

Aaru: Di. You are my strong di right. Don’t cry please. I am there with u. Please come out. But she didn’t open.

Ragini will sit near the door & from out aaru also will be sitting there & crying.

Thats it guys. Please comment. I hope you don’t get bored. Thank you love u all.

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  1. Ragz_teju

    awesome… eagerly waiting to know what happened that made ragini to stay away from her love

    1. Mounika

      Thanks teju you will get to know soon. ???

  2. AMkideewani

    Superb dear you are amazing?❤️❤️???????

    1. Mounika

      Lovely crazy girls thanks ???

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome dear❤️❤️❤️

  3. A.xx

    fab! I wonder why Ragini is behaving like that?
    is she not able to have a child or something?.xx

    1. Mounika

      Thanks a xx you will get to know soon ???

  4. Nice episode…. Ragsan scenes are emotional… Waiting for next part soon…

    1. Mounika

      Thanks suhani i will update soon ☺☺☺

  5. Nice episode…. Ragsan scenes are emotional… Waiting for next part soon…superb. .

    1. Mounika

      Thanku again suhani

  6. super waiting for ragsan confrontation

    1. Mounika

      Sure sadia thanks for the comment ???

  7. Jazzy

    Amazing and waiting to read why ragini is behaving like this

    1. Mounika

      Sure jazzy i will update soon ???

  8. Fairy

    Omg ragsan love eo soooo deeply….feelng bad for demmm…eagerly waitng to know wts d reason behind rags stattement???…hope dey”ll b united sooon…loved d update dear…it ws fabulous…keep rockng n stay blessed..post nxt part sooon 😉 😉 😉

    1. Thanku fairy

  9. wat happened to ragini

    1. U will know soon vk

  10. Crystal089


    1. Thanku crystal

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  11. OMG..It is superb..Swalak scenes are amazing..Waiting to see Laksh proposing Swara…
    What happened to my Ragu. dono why she is behaving like this…I hope everything will be fine soon..

    1. Thanku prakriti

  12. Silent_writer

    Wooooow awsmeee

    1. Thanku silent writer

  13. Asra

    awesome dear….ragsan scenes r so emotional….y ragini behaving like thz…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

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