3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-18)


Hey guys. How are u all? I hope u guys are not getting bored with my ff. If anyone feels so please inform me. Thank a lot for your comments guys. So shall we start now.


Laksh has decided to show swara how to enjoy life & aara sweet romance.


Swara comes to college. She searches for laksh then suddenly someone closes her eyes.

Swara: Laksh…

But it is chirag.

Chirag : Offo swara u forgot me. U are missing laksh. But he is not here.

Swara: Dnt u dare to touch me again ok. And laksh will come.

Chirag: Then where is he? I think he got afraid due to proposal.

Then one car comes & stops near them. Laksh in a heroic style & a cool attitude & sweet bg music steps down the car.

Swara smiles seeing him but chirag gets angry.

Laksh comes near them & puts his hands around swara’s shoulders & she liked his protectiveness.

Laksh: Hey chirag. What are u doing with my girlfriend? Dnt u have any other work.

Chirag: Relax dude still u have not proved it. Just wait till u prove.

He leaves. Then laksh removes his hands from her shoulders. She gets sad.

Laksh: Sorry swara. I did this to assure chirag…

Swara: I can understand laksh dnt be sorry.

Laksh: So are u fine?

Swara: Ofcourse i am.

Laksh : Sure…

Swara: Ha… but i am little nervous. I am thinking. …

Laksh stops & her talking & closes her eyes.

Laksh: Swara just relax. Think there is no one around u & i am the only one infront of you. And trust me u can do it.

Swara feels so happy by his words.

They leaves.

Here aara are so close to each other that they are about to kiss each other. But aaru talks first.

Aaru: Without loving me how can u kiss me?

Aryan: I am not trying to kiss u. U are trying to seduce.

She suddenly goes away from him.

Aaru: What nonsense i am not doing anything. And y i will try to seduce u?

Aryan: Because u are loving me.

Aaru: That is the fault i have done. And u are just trying to insult me & my love.

Aryan: No aaru u are getting me wrong.

Aaru: Enough. I don’t want to listen any thing else. Dnt know what is wrong with me. Many guys are trying to impress me but i am just thinking of you.

Aryan: Guys… have u gone mad? Who will love u?

Aaru: You will get to know in my dance performance.

She leaves. Aryan gets disturbed that someone is trying for aaru. I will not leave him.

He searches for her dance partner & he finds rohit talking with his friends

Rohit : Finally yar i am getting close to aradhya that was my dream.

Sachin: Just chill rohit. Dnt forget that she aradhya bose. The famous business woman ragini bose sister. She is a fashion tycoon of this college ok.

Rohit: Relax sachin. I know how to handle. Just wait & see our close & hot performance.

Aryan hears every thing & he fumes in anger. He comes to them.

Aryan: So u are hear planning to trap aaru.

Rohit: Thats none of your business just leave.

Aryan: Mind your work rohit u know what i can do with u if u try to talk with aradhya. She is mine ok.

But rohit refuses & aryan gets angry & beats him & sends him from there.

Here aaru is waiting for rohit but he doesn’t come. Then aryan comes & holds aaru’s hand & takes her to stage. She was trying to leave but he holds her tight.

They will have a sizzling & hot performance on song pyaar ki ek kahani suno. (My fav song & best for dance??? )

Swalak sees their performance & feels happy for them.

Swara: Who is he? I never met him before. Seems like they are perfect each other.

Laksh was happy that swara likes them together but tensed what will happen if she knows that they sanskaar’s brothers.

After their performance chirag comes to stage.

Chirag: Good evening every one. I am here to announce to you all that today here miss swara bose as came here as a guest. Please welcome her.

They all welcome her happily. She first gets nervous then she sees laksh. He assures her & then she goes on to stage.

Here ragini is her meeting in office. She completes it & is about to leave then sanskaar comes to her with ice creams.

Sanskaar : Ragini. …

Ragini : Sanskaar what are u doing here?

Sanskaar : Woh… i came to give u ice cream. U like it na.

Ragini : Not now. My likes have changed a lot.

Sanskaar : Please ragini y are u doing this to me? I love u ragini & today this child is a symbol of our love.

Ragini : No in my life there is no more space for love. This is only my child.

Sanskaar : U can’t escape from truth that that is our child & u can’t stop me meeting my child.

He hugs her tight with tears in his eyes.

Here swara comes to stage & wishes every one. Aaru is in her green room then her friend comes to her & says about swara on stage.

She comes to see her.

Chirag: So here one more surprise is that today miss swara bose is here with her boyfriend. And now she is going to propose him infront of you all.

Aaru was hell shocked listening it.

Aaru: What the hell? Swara di has a boyfriend. When & how. Who is it?

Swara was so tensed then laksh comes to her & consoles her. Aaru is trying to see him but cannot. She then decides to go near stage. But aryan stops her & takes her with him.

Laksh comes to swara’s side & says “relax swara just say it quickly i am with u” .

Swara gets confident & comes front of him & holds rose.

Here sanskaar leaves ragini & says sorry to her.

Sanskaar : Ragini please if u had ever loved me please believe me i am innocent.

Ragini gets thinking of his words.

Sanskaar : Trust me ragini. I went to that area due to some reason i don’t know what happened there. I didn’t do anything to swara. I promise on our baby.

Ragini: No dnt promise on him. Are u saying true?

Sanskaar: Ha ragini today i want to say truth y i went there. That day someone called me & said to come alone. After i went there i found a cover with some photos & a cd.

Ragini: What is it?

Sanskaar : Photos of our private moments in manali. And he shows their photos & cd to her.

She gets shocked seeing it & cries.

Sanskaar consoles her. She goes out suddenly & sanskaar follow her.


Swara proposes laksh cutely. He was so happy that atleast just for sometime she is loving him.
He accepts her hugging her tightly. Just then ragini comes with sanskaar & sees swara hugging laksh & gets shocked.

Aara will goes to one room.

Aaru: Y u dragged me here? Can’t u see that swara di is in love with someonei want to see him.

Aryan: Ha but look at u. Your dress has torn.

Aaru: What? Where? She turns around to see but founds no where.

Aryan: Wait. I will help u come with me. He takes her out of the college

She doesn’t see either ragini or swara.

Screen ends on shocked faces of ragsan & happy faces of swalak.

Thats it guys. Dnt know today i am not satisfied with story. I am missing something. Anyways please comment. And today’s topic is what is your fav fast beat song? That which can change your mood & makes u feel like dance.

Please share it guys. Love u all.

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  1. Fairy

    superbbb update dr…litterely loved it!!!not at all borng sweeety…ragsan scene ws amaznggg…..post nxt part soon..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr…;)
    n my mkst fav. song ,hearng by whch my heart strted dancng is “TUMHI HO BANDHU” N “NASHE SI CHAD GAYI” 😉 Wwt about urs dr 😉

  2. Finally ragsan misunderstandings cleared

    Swalak scenes are super… Aara.dance scenes are also super…

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    superb episode amd todays question i like nashe si chadgyi now a days alot

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    Nice keep going

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    superb…at present befikre songs…

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    Superb epi. Wager to know what will happen next

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    awesome dear….

  10. A.xx

    Amazing love ragsans trust and love aaryans jealousy… fast songs right now are the nache de chadgayi,,, ude dil befikre (befikre) and the break up song (as dil hai mushkil)

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