3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-17)


Hey guys moni is back. Sorry for the late yar & i want to inforn u all that from this week i will write ff from only monday to friday but not Saturday & Sunday because of some issues. So please cooperate with me guys. Thanks for your comments.

So we will start now.


Swara is shocked due to some revelation & aryan is happy because he got some clue which he can prove sanskaar is innocent.


A beautiful morning is seen where in ragini’s house aaru is shown making rangoli. She was so adorable.

Aaru thinks ” wow aaru not bad ha. Rangoli is so nice & by this i can impress ragini di”

Then ragini comes from jogging & sees aaru making rangoli & shocked.

Ragini: Aaru u made this?

Aaru: Ha di how is it? Beautiful na.

Ragini : ya it is. R u fine? U have wake up so early. I think as much i know about u na u will get up at 8 right. Then today suddenly y are u behaving a girl?

Aaru: Di please dnt tease me ok. And y are u taunting me? Mistake is all yours. You only made me like this lazy.

Ragini: Look don’t tell about me all that pamper for u is done by swara not me.

Aaru: Fine leave all that i want to ask u something? Shall I?

Ragini: I know u did this all for something ok tell me what is it?

Aaru: Ok u first get in i will get u coffee.

Ragini shouts no.

Aaru: What happened di?

Ragini: Please aaru i don’t want to die so soon please don’t make coffee. I will tell suresh kaka he will bring for me.

Aaru: Enough di i have learned how to make coffee u no need to worry ok. Now matter is today is our college fest. So u are a successful business woman & principal gave me responsibility to invite you as chief guest. So u are coming right?

Ragini: Wait wait are u asking or decided that i am coming. No chance today i am very busy lots of meetings & i can’t come.

Aaru: Di please na its my prestige issue. I have promised them i will invite u.

Ragini: Madam today is fest & u are telling me now. How will i adjust yar.

Aaru: I don’t know that all u are coming that’s it.

Then swara comes & listens all.

Swara: No need.

Aaru: Di when did u came? And y are u saying no?

Swara: Aaru i mean to say that di is busy right then y are u giving her trouble & by the way i am coming right.

Ragini: then fine swara is coming na then y me u can take her in my place after all she is also our business partner.

Aaru: Ha di but…

Swara: No more issues aaru ragini di busy na so dnt compel her. We both will enjoy ok. By the way have u selected ur dress? I don’t have any dress so shall we go for shopping?

Ragini: U no need to ask her swara she is always ready for shopping right aaru.

Aaru: di see na how she is taunting me from morning?

Swara: di please she is….

Ragini: Ha ha i know she is our little sister u love her care for her etc etc…. dnt repeat it again shona i was tired.

Aaru: Di ragini di is jealous of us come we will do shopping & she will go to her boring office.

Swara: no not now i have some work i will meet u afn ok.

Aaru: fine i will go to college & i will meet u afn.

Swara: Bye di tc.

Ragini: bye.

Ragini thinks “swara seems to be normal i think i should tell them soon”.

Here aryan comes to college. He searches for aaru & he founds her talking with her friends. He goes to her & calls her & she comes to him.

Aaru: Hi aryan how r u ?

Aryan : i am fine aaru. How is ragini bhabi?

Aaru: she is fine. I am trying to get her mood good.

Aryan: Woh aaru i want to say u something important.

Aaru: I know what u want to say.

Aryan is shocked & thinks about what she wants to say.

Aaru: on that i told u that i love u i am sorry aryan i shouldn’t have said that. Mostly with out knowing about your feelings.

Aryan: its ok leave all that its not important.

Aaru is stunned one minute for his saying that its not important & gets teary eyed.

Aryan then realizes what he said.

Aaru: i know its not important for u aryan i am the fool who is thinking its important anyway thanks for everything bye.

Aryan: no aradhya i doesn’t mean that i mean ….

Aaru: enough aryan i understood that u are not interested in me & please dnt try to talk to me again.

She leaves.

“Aryan what happened to you yar? What u wanted to say & what u said. Y can’t u say that u love her a lot. No not now first i have to prove that bhai is innocent then i will explain aaru” .

Swara comes to park for some peace. Laksh also comes there.

Laksh: hi swara.

Swara: hi laksh what are u doing here?

Laksh: just like that i like to spend time being alone.

Swara: ok so u are coming evening right!

Laksh: Ofcourse atleast for u.

Swara: Thanks laksh. It means a lot to me. I am worried for my…

Laksh: Ragini di right…

Swara was shocked that how he know that her sister name is ragini.

Swara: how u know that my sister is ragini?

Laksh: woh… woh… chirag. Ha in chirag’s house he told na that day ragini di.

Swara: Sorry i forgot about it. Only for her i am doing this.

Laksh: i can understand. Can i ask u something?

Swara: Ya sure.

Laksh: I am going for a trip to manali alone. I want u to come with me just for some relief from these problems. What u say?

Swara: Trip? How many days?

Laksh : 3 days. Trust me u will be safe with me.

Swara: no not a problem about it. I trust u. I have to ask di. Can i tell u at night?

Laksh: ok sure i will wait for u.

Swara: Ok then laksh see u in evening. Bye.

Laksh : ya bye.

Laksh then remembers fb of him telling to sanskaar about his trip.

Sanskaar : Lucky its risky yar. Swara is so sensitive u have to be very careful with her.

Laksh : i know bhai she is sensitive that is y i am trying to make her strong. She should be capable to face truth. I promise i will make her perfect.

Sanskaar : Fine but how will u convince ragini.

Laksh: i will talk to her.

Then he goes to ragini’s office to meet her & tells about his plan.

Ragini : no laksh i will not agree for this. I can’t send her alone.

Laksh: bhabi please i will be with her. She is so afraid & she is in trauma & i want to show her how to enjoy life. Please trust me.

Ragini : are u sure u can do this? I want my swara back. Can u make my swara laugh?

Laksh: I promise bhabi please give me one chance. Leave issues about bhai & just trust me only for 3 days of trip.

Ragini: ok go on.

Fb ends. Laksh smiles seeing her going & thinks “swara from tomorrow u will know what lucky can do for your love. Get ready”.

Evening in college

Fest celebrations have started colourfully. It was so bright night. All are so happy with laughs & fun.

Aaru is getting ready wearing a beautiful black & beige colour frock. She was stunning & bubbly. Then aryan comes to see her.

He was surprised seeing her so beautiful. He comes close to her. She sees him.

Aaru: Aryan what are u doing in girls green room. Please go out if any sees u, u will be in trouble.

Aryan keeps his finger on her lips & says shhhhh.

He slightly rubs her lips with his finger tips & they will have an eyelock. It sounds like some one coming & she takes him back of the door. Some one opens it & sees no one & closes door.

Aryan is justing seeing her but aaru is tensed.

Aryan: You are beautiful.

Aaru is surprised & also happy by listening it from him. He comes close to her that he was so close to kiss her lips. Bg song plays jag ghoomeya song from sultan.

Screen ends showing their which are about to kiss.


Performance by aara. Swara is saying that she loves someone & aaru is shocked & she is trying to see him but she can’t.

Thats it guys please comment. Hope u all like it. And as usual today’s topic is what is your fav trip? I mean many of u may went to trips either with your family or with friends so which trip u enjoyed the most? Andwhich place u liked most?

Please share ur views with me. Thank u love u all.

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  1. Awesome epi…pls make ragsan scenes….keep rocking….

    1. Mounika

      Sure fira i will make ragsan scenes too ???

  2. AahanaReddy

    Its good but ragini can’t go for jogging right. she is pregnant. I liked it a lot. Waiting eagerly for the next episode

    1. Mounika

      Of course she can ahana she is just 2 months pregnant its not harmful right ???

    1. Mounika

      Thanq sindhu ???

  3. Nice episode…aara scenes are super…. My fav trip is college trip…waiting for next part soon.

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  4. Jazzy

    Superb my fav trip was to manali with cousins and i want to visit rajasthan

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  5. Fairy

    hey my sweety 😉 howz u dr???
    episode ws soooo awesome…laksh is jst amaznggg!!love him so so much 😀 ..waitng for ragsan scene 🙂 …keeeep rockng n stay bkessed dr 😀 ..
    mmm my most fav. memorable trip ws NAINITAL TRIP..dat place is really veryyy beautifull… 🙂 n wt about urs dr? love u sweety 😉

    1. Mounika

      I am fine fairy dear so sweet of u. I missed your comments since long time. Thanq for the comment. My fav trip is to agra with my friends yar. I loved it. ???

      1. Fairy

        aww!!sry dr ..actually i ws bsy wid my xamz dats y couldnt comment 🙁 …ohoo wow AGRA ..even i went dere …its really an amazng place .. 🙂 🙂 🙂 tc of urself 😉

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