3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-16)

Hello everyone nice to meet u all again. Your friend moni is back again with another episode. Thanks a lot for your comments guys. So shall we start now.


Swara & aaru sort out differences between them. Aryan is upset with sanskaar.


Ragini is driving car going her house. She is thinking about how to say this to swara & aaru.

“Don’t know how to say this to swara & aaru. What they will think about me? I have to wait for sometime until swara became fine.”

She comes to home. Aaru will come to her.

Aaru: Di where u have gone? I am calling you from long time & u are not even picking up my call.

Ragini: Woh…. woh i am driving aaru thats y didn’t pick ur call.

Aaru: Ok fine u know swara di forgave me & we decided we should celebrate so we have to go for dinner.

Ragini : no aaru i was tired we will go next time.

Aaru: Di di please not next time please atleast for swara di. I know that u will care more for swara di i am not so important na.

Ragini: Shut up aaru u both are important for me & if u…..

Aaru: Offo di i was tired because of your emotional dialogues now stop it & get ready we are going & its final.

Ragini: Ok madam u r the boss so we will follow you. Call swara.

Aaru: Di went outside she will be back in few minutes.

Ragini: Its already 8 now where she went.

Aaru: Dnt know she got a call & she told that she will back soon & went.

Ragini: Fine we will get ready till she comes.


Swara came to an isolated area & thinks ” where is this idiot. He called me to tell something important & what it may be”

Here he comes & he is chirag.

Chirag: Hey my love.

Swara: What u want now? Y u called me?

Chirag: To show u something important.

He shows her some photos & gives her one cd.

Chirag: so have u seen these & go home & see that cd also.

Swara is in shock that she is not even responding.

Chirag : One more thing no one should know about these photos & that cd jaan. I think you remember your bet right.

Swara: Ha….

Chirag: Ok then bye love u.

She was stunned & gets teary eyed.

“Y all this will happen to me? What should i say to di & aaru? No i can’t let them know this. They will breakdown. I have to manage every thing “. She leaves.

Here aryan is alone at home. He is reading some books then someone knock the door.

Aryan: yes….

PA: Sir i am sanskaar sir’s pa. Sir told me to collect a project file from home.

Aryan: Bhai is not at home u come later.

PA: please sir its a red file may be in sir’s bedroom its urgent.

Aryan: Ok wait i will come back.

He goes to sanskaar’s room & checks for that file & he founds it & when he is about to take it he found a diary.

“I think it is bhai’s personal diary”. He gives that file to him & he comes back to his room with diary.

First he hesitates to read it & thinks to keep it back but he founds ragini’s photo in it & written i love u on it.

“I know its wrong to read but i think i can find some clue in it to prove he is innocent. ”

He reads it & knows how ragsan met each other, their love story, engagement fun, ragini parents missing, swara’s kidnap & one day he got a mystery call which indicates him to come to a place alone without telling anyone.

Sanskaar went their alone he waited for them for sometime later he noticed a person wearing mask throwed him a small parcel with a note.

Note contains to see that parcel & should not tell to anyone about it. He opens it & sees some photos & cd & gets shocked. That is the reason he was silent till now.

Aryan gets shocked seeing all this & thinks ” i am sorry bhai i should understand your situation. I swear bhai i will not leave that person”

Screen ends on determined faces of swara & aryan.

Thats it how is it? I think most of u got the clue actually what happened? But u have to be patient to know all mystery & i like making u all confused because i am a very bad girl πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.

And and and today’s topic is which season u people will like most & enjoy the most. For me i like rainy season. I love to eat ice cream in rain. What are your likes? Come on yar share with me. Please comment love u all. Tace care.


  1. suhani

    Nice episode…confused and full of mystery …ragaru scenes are nice…I love rainy and winter season….waiting for next part soon..

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