3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-15)


Hey guys moni is back again. Thanks for the comments. It really means a lot. And last episode topic was first gift from parents right. I remember my gift infact upto now i am having it. I remember it getting when i am 3 yr old that is a anklets with small sounding bubbles. Upto now i have kept it secretly because i love it so much.

Anyways u all have commented for it thanks a lot. So shall we start now.


Ragini comes to know about her pregnancy & confront sanskaar & some flashback.


Scene starts with showing ragini’s house. Swara is seen sitting in hall. Aaru then comes to home. She sees swara & thinks to talk to her but swara gets up from there & about to leave but aaru stops her.

Aaru: Di are u still angry on your aaru?

Swara: No aaru. Actually i am sorry i have done more by hurting u & ragini di. I want u both to be happy & thats y i am trying to protect u both but i think that was my fault to think that i can do anything what i want but i am wrong.

Aaru: No di please dnt talk to me like that. I am sorry for what i did. I came to know the truth & the situation which u came through. Please forgive me.

She cries hard. Swara was melt by seeing her crying. She hugged her.

Swara: Relax aaru its ok. Please dnt cry. I can’t see u crying u know u are my cute darling right.

Aaru: Ofcourse di i love u.

Swara: I love u too.

Aaru: Offo di i forgot to say something actually the matter is tomorrow is our college fest & you are coming right. Tomorrow i am going to perform u have to be there.

Swara remembers that tomorrow she is going to propose laksh & chirag’s challenge & she remains silent.

Aaru : Di what are u thinking i am talking to u.

Swara: Woh…. aaru r u sure u want to go tomorrow.

Aaru: Y di what happened?

Swara : Nothing but i am asking u casually.

Aaru: Ofcourse di its my prestige issue yar u know na i am the role model for many girls in college.

Swara: Oh miss drama queen i forgot about your stupid friends that blindly follow you & your fashion.

Aaru: Di please.

Swara: Ok ok fine where is ragini di?

Aaru: Don’t know wait i will call we will go out for dinner ok.

Swara: Ok. Aaru leaves & swara thinks ” how can i do this tomorrow what aaru will think about me”.

Here ragini & Sanskaar are in his home.

Ragini: Tell me sanskaar what is that reason that u are in that place.

Sanskaar : Sorry ragini i can’t say it but trust…..

Ragini : No sanskaar dnt take the word of trust from your mouth & please i beg u to leave me alone thats it.

Sanskaar : no ragini i have done what u said upto now. But not in this matter. This baby is mine & i am the father of this baby & u can’t keep me far from my baby.

Ragini: let us see who will win.

She leaves from there & while going out both aryan & laksh will see her & tries to talk to her but she will avoid them.

Then both will go to sanskaar room.

Laksh: Bhai….. ragini bhabi. …. what she is doing here.

Sanskaar wipes his tears & hugs laksh in happiness.

Sanskaar : Laksh. … its a gud news yar. I am going to become a father.

Laksh & aryan both looked shocked & also confused.

Laksh: What??? What are u talking? How can it be possible?

Sanskaar : Leave all that but its true & lets go out we have to celebrate what u will say aryan?

Aryan : U guys go on i am not coming tomorrow is college fest i have to practice.

He leaves. Sanskaar feels sad.

Laksh: Its ok bhai. I trust u & i know there is a strong reason behind your silence. I respect u bhai. Aryan also believes u but he was hurt.

Sanskaar : its ok laksh i can understand him he is in such a situation that he can’t accept the truth that i was culprit and….

Laksh: And he know that u are not the culprit but he can’t prove it.

Sanskaar : Leave all that come we will go out.

They leaves.

Thats it guys. I hope u all will like it. Please comment. Today’s topic is what is your talent? I mean to say that every one person will have their own talent for example some people will have dance as their talent, some will have singing as their talent & some will have painting etc.

So what is your talent please share with me. My talent is singing. So what is yours? Please comment. Love u all.

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