3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-14)


Hey guys moni is here again. Thank u for your comments but sorry not commenting personally guys. Anyways many of u commented your fav actors my fav actor is parth samthan from kaisi yeh yaariyaan. His style, his attitude, his smile everything i love his everything.

So shall we start now.


Aryan & aaru meet, laksh & swara talk & ragini is known to be pregnant.


Ragini is seen on hospital bed & raina sitting beside her.

Raina: What happened to u ragini? What should i do now? Shall i inform to swara & aaru? Ok thats gud i will inform them.

She is about to call them but doctor comes to her.

Doc: R u her family?

Raina: Yes doc. She is my best friend. Is she fine? What happened to her?

Doc: Nothing to worry its good news. She is 3 months pregnant.

Raina was shocked hearing that.

Raina: What the hell? R u serious? This can’t happen? Please check her once again.

Doc: i am a senior doc & there is no mistake in reports. I am sure she is pregnant.

Raina is stunned. She comes to ragini’s room & sits beside her.

Raina ” whats happening is ragini really pregnant? I have to confirm by asking her”.

After sometime ragini comes to conscious & sees raina sitting beside her.

Ragini: Raina….

Raina: Ragini how r u now? Wait i will call doc.

Ragini: No need i am fine. What happened to me?

Raina: Nothing u are just fainted. Now u are fine.

Ragini: Raina please say truth what happened to me?

Raini: woh… ragini doc is saying that u are pregnant.

Ragini also shocked by hearing it. She remebers some flashback scenes. She suddenly screams.

Ragini: No this can’t happen. How can i forgot this? What will happen now? How can i face swara & aaru. She gets more tensed by thinking.

Raina holds her & makes her drink water.

Raina : Relax ragini everything will be fine.

Ragini: i have to go.

Raina tried to stop her but she leaves.

Here sanskaar is seen in his room sadly.

Ragini comes to him.

Ragini: Sanskaar. ….

Sanskaar gets happy seeing her & goes to hug her. She stops hugging her.

Ragini: Wait i came here to tell u something.

Sanskaar : What?

Ragini : I am pregnant.

Sanskaar was shocked first & then felt very happy.

Sanskaar : Wow ragini that was a great news that means i going to become father…

Ragini: No… no way. This is my baby only mine. And he is not related to u anymore. I came here to say u that never ever again try to meet or my baby okay.

Sanskaar : Wait ragini. He holds her tight & pins her to wall. How can u say that? Don’t u love me. And this baby is symbol of our love. Have u forgot how we met on that day?

They both will have an eyelock & fb starts.

The scene starts with ragini is seen in some business meeting in one big resort.

After meeting she went for sight seeing there she will see sanskaar in some shop. He didn’t notice her. She slowly goes to him.

Shopkeeper : how can i help u sir?

Sanskaar : Ya i want to buy some special gift to someone special.

Shopkeeper : Sure sir these this is special only for some one special.

Sanskaar likes it & tells him to pack it. Ragini thinks who it will be.

Shopkeeper : Sir what name should we write on it.

Sanskaar smiles & says “with love to ragini”.

Ragini smiles hearing but leaves from there. She walks towards thinking about him & suddenly sanskaar comes infront of her.

Ragini is shocked seeing him. Sanskaar hugs her lovingly & tight but ragini will not.

Sanskaar : Ragini i love u. I am so happy to see u.

Ragini: I have to go.

She is about to leave but he stops her.

Sanskaar : Ragini please y r u avoiding me? I have to talk to u.

Ragini: What do u want to say? I have to go.

Sanskaar : Fine. I will leave u but evening u have to come to meet me for the last time.

Ragini: No i will not.

She again tries to leave he lastly stops her & says “if u have ever loved me u will come i will wait for u” he gives her a note along with a packet.

They leaves & she goes to resort to her & opens hesitantly packet & sees a beautiful saree in it. She likes it & thinks for the last time i will meet u sanskaar.

She gets ready by wearing that beautiful red & black combination saree. She was so hot & s*xy. She goes to meet him to that place. It is a beautiful place near a beautiful lake with a small tent near it & decorated with flowers.

She comes there & sees it was so beautiful & feels so happy. Suddenly a song starts playing & sanskaar comes from her back & holds her hand.

Ishq wala love song plays & sanskaar dances with her. Ragini will not oppose him because she got lost in his love that was in his eyes.

They dances so romantically. After dance he will wear a locket chain of having both ragsan pics in it. It was the gift he bought for her. Then suddenly rains starts & they both will go to that small tent.

They both will stand far but when a thunder storms came she get afraid & hugs sanskaar. He makes to sit down. She get shivering & he takes his coat & covers her.

She gets fine & he holds her hand. She tries to push his hold but he holds her hand tightly & says ” please ragini atleast let me hold ur hand. ”

She let him & he holds her hand & kisses her. Then he touches ragini’s face keeps her hair strand back of her ears.

Ragini : Sanskaar….

Sanskaar : Please ragini let me do it.

She cannot oppose him because she also loves him.

Sanskaar then takes her face in his hands & kisses on her forehead, eyes, ckeeks & then on lips. First she avoids but later she also reciprocates.

They have a deep lip lock for few minutes then she will look at him lovingly with tears in her eyes.

Sanskaar : I love you ragini.

Ragini : I love u too sanskaar.

He happily hugs her & she also.

Dil mein chupaloonga song plays from wajah tum ho movie.

He moves her hair on her back & kisses on her bare back she shivers by his touch of his lips. He moves his finger tips all over her body & makes her feel immense happy. Then he takes out her pallu & kisses on her waist & comes upon her & they finally do it.

Fb ends.

Ragini closes her eyes remembering whole incident she gets tears in her eyes.

She stops crying by wiping her tears.

Ragini : Enough now i don’t want to remember that incident anymore. From now i want to declare u only one thing that we don’t have any relationship.

Sanskaar : No ragini u can’t do this to me i am responsible for this & i will not backout from this.

Ragini: U have already backouted from this relation by killing my parents sanskaar. And the proof is my swara. U only admitted that u r in that place where my parents are dead.

Sanskaar : No ragini u are mistaken. I am not the culprit.

Ragini: Acha so u r not the culprit then what are u doing at that place? Dnt lie sanskaar my sister have seen u.

Sanskaar : Yes i am there at that place but it doesn’t mean that i am the murderer i have to go their because of one reason.

Ragini: What was that?

Screen ends on faces of sanskaar & ragini.

Thats it guys hope u like it. Please comment & today’s topic is what is that first gift u got from your parents?

Love u all.

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