3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-13)


Hey guys. How are u all? I missed u all very much. Thanku all for your comments. And last episode topic was first crush right. And many of u commented for that & some not its ok i can understand. And i also will comment my first crush is maan singh khurana (gurmeet choudary) in geet serial.

So now lets start our ff.


Ragini, aara together confront sanskaar but he remains silent, sanskaar says he is innocent.


Scene starts with showing aryan boxing seriously in his gym. He was so angry on after all what happened. He remembers his fight with aaru, aaru saying swara will not say lie, ragini confronting sanskaar & he remains silent as accepting his guilt etc. He is so angry that he is not even noticing he is bleeding.

Aaru comes there by seeing him she gets tensed. She came to him.

Aaru: Aryan u r bleeding just stop it.


Aaru: Aryan i am saying to u r u listening.

Aryan : …..

She gets angry & holds him & stops him.

Aaru: Aryan are u lost it. Please control.

Aryan: yes i have lost it. Do u have any problem? Just leave from here.

Aaru: Yes i have problem. And i am not leaving from here. What will u do?

Aryan gets angry & holds her by her shoulder tight & pushes her to wall. She gets hurt. He turns back & cries by doing it to her. She thinks to leave but he holds her hand & stops her.

Aryan: I am sorry please don’t go i need u.

She turns back & feels concern for him. He comes to her & hugs her & cries.

Aaru : Calm down aryan every thing will be fine. Its ok.

Aryan: No aaru i can’t believe my bro can do this. There is some reason behind his silence. I know him very well.

Aaru: I don’t know aryan. Now i am interested to know its true or not. But fact is today my sisters suffering all is only because of your brother. I hope u will get to know this soon.

She leaves & he remains silent.

Here swara comes out to park to have some peace. There she will see laksh sitting alone. She goes to him.

Swara: Hey

Laksh is shocked & also happy seeing her feeling better.

Laksh: Hi swara.

Swara : What happened u are sitting alone?

Laksh: just like that nothing serious. Some times in few situations it will be better for us to be alone.

Swara: U are right. We have to maintain some privacy to our own. It makes us to understand what we actually are.

Laksh looks at her lovingly & they both will have an eyelock .

Laksh: Swara i have to tell u something.

Swara: Ha i also wants you to tell something.

Laksh: Ok ladies first please go on.

Swara: Actually matter is tomorrow only my college old students get together do u remember?

Laksh then remembers that challenge with chirag & understood what swara was saying.

Laksh: Ha swara i remember don’t worry i will be be with u.

Swara: Thanks a lot u r so sweet. I am happy.

Laksh: i am also happy by seeing u smile.

She looks him thankfully.

Swara: Ok then i will leave now. I will inform u when to come.

Laksh: Ya sure. Bye.

She thinks to leave but she remebers laksh wants to say something & asks him but he says nothing. Then she leaves.

He looks at her sadly. He thinks “sorry swara i thought to tell u that i am sanskaar’s brother laksh maheshwari but i think its not time. Its not more important than your smile”.

Here ragini is in her office thinking about sanskaar & what all happened few hours back. Her secretary comes to her.

Raina: Mam its urgent u have to sign these papers.

Ragini: …..

Raina:Mam i saying to u…..

Ragini gets irritated.

Ragini: Whats your problem raina? Can’t u just check it out before? Always u will hurry me in last moment.

Raina is shocked by her behaviour. Because ragini is so friendly to her staff & very calm going. And mostly ragini is her best friend.

Raina: I am sorry mam. She is about to leave but ragini consoles herself.

Ragini: Raina i am sorry. Please sit.

Raina: No ragini dnt say sorry. I can understand u r in tension.

Ragini: I dnt know what to do raina. Till now i was thinking that sanskaar is innocent & there is some misunderstanding between sanskaar & swara. And i think to talk to her but no she is right. The actual culprit is sanskaar.

Raina is stunned listening it. She know about their love & also their family.

Raina: Ragini i know what all happened was not right but i will advice u only one thing. Think twice before doing & taking a decision.

Ragini nods to her & raina leaves.

Sanskaar is seeing pic of ragini & says to himself ” i love u ragini. I can’t live without you. Please understand me ragini. I am doing this only for u.” He cries by seeing her pic.

Here ragini is still thinking & she thinks to leave to her home. But at the sudden she faints. Raina sees her faints & immediately goes to her.

Screen ends on splitting of ragini & Sanskaar’s faces.


Ragini is in hospital & raina talks to doctor & doctor says that ragini is pregnant.

Guys how is it? I hope it will be more intresting now. So please comment. And today’s topic is your fav first indian television actor (male). Guys i am asking u to say your first fav okay. That means u also may like many recent actors also but i want to know your first ever fav actor ok.

Please comment love u all.

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  1. Sindhura

    How come shecis pregeant

    1. Mounika

      U will get to know sindhu ☺☺☺

    1. Mounika

      Thanq silent_writer ☺☺☺

  2. Pregnant!! Interesting

    1. Mounika

      Thanq lovely ☺☺☺

  3. Malika

    Ragini pregnant! “”!! Howwwwww whennnnnnnnn… Aaaaaaaaahahhhhhhh soo many questions………. ?????????????? but this Ep was marvellous and superbbbbb. ???????????????? de taliiiiii. ???????????????????

    1. Mounika

      Thanq mallika ☺☺☺

  4. Inu

    Superb epi. Precap is interesting

    1. Mounika

      Thanq inu ☺☺☺

  5. Moni_ragz

    Is sanskar the real culprit.. i dnt thibk so.. hope hes not… loved the epi?

    1. Moni_ragz

      My 1st fav actor was vijay(tamil) actor.. wen i was in 7th std..
      Wts ur fav actor?

      1. Moni_ragz

        In serial my 1st fav actor was varun kapoor only aftr seeing tis saraswathichandra serial…

    2. Mounika

      Thanq moni ???

  6. Prgnent bt hw oh m g ab ky hoga

    1. Mounika

      Aww pooja ab kya hoga ???

  7. Crystal089

    he how can ragini be pergnent ragsan are away from eachother from long time na……… Its confusing,,,,…….. Episode was awesome be regular and update sooonnn…………
    And about favorite lead its my varun akaa sanskar love of my life and first crush i never felt so that i feel for him love him…………

    1. Mounika

      Thanq crystal ☺☺☺

  8. AMkideewani

    Awesome yaar❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Mounika

      Thanq crazygirl ???

  9. Sherin


    1. Mounika

      Thanq sherin ☺☺☺

  10. OMG Ragini is pregnant… interesting
    And my first fav Indian television actor is Gurmeet Choudhary

    1. Mounika

      Thanq vk ☺☺☺

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….ragini pregnant how dear….it’s true or some one doing against ragsan….anyways waiting for ur update dear….and my first fav television actor s aditya redij….tkcr dear….

    1. Mounika

      Thanq asra ???

  12. Jazzy

    amazing and i liked barun sobti a lot

    1. Mounika

      Thanq jazzy ???

  13. Jazzy

    amazing and i liked arjun bijlani in miley jab hum tum a lot

  14. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…

  15. A.xx

    Fab loved it a lot and can’t believe she pregnant xx

  16. Nice epi…shocking twist….poor ragsan…my fav actor barun sobti (arnav)….keep rocking….take care….

  17. Nice episode..and shocking precap..ragini is pregnant…my fav actor barun sobti(arnav)..

  18. Akshata

    Awesome, ragini pregnant ?????? my first fav actor is Sujal grewal aka Rajiv khandelwal from kahi to hoga, what a screen presence and true lover.he is my childhood crush.

  19. awesome
    but confusing
    ragini pregnant
    and my first fav television actor is ASHISH SHARMA (rudra of rangrasiya)

  20. ragsan_lover

    ragini to be pregnant!!!
    my 1st fav television actor is ASHISH SHARMA (ram of siya ke ram)

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