3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-12) with aryan and aradhya


Hey guys moni is here again. I am so happy for all your response guys. And sorry for the last time guys i was in hurry so i updated short one. Today i will update long episode. So we will start now.


Swara tells ragini the whole incident regarding her kidnap to ragini. Aara also listens by hiding.


Ragini & swara hugs each other & cries. By the stress swara faints. Ragini gets shock & says her to wake up but she will not then she will call aaru. Aaru comes in & calls doctor.

Doctor comes & checks swara & says nothing to worry she was just tired. Make her eat something. Ragini sits beside her holding her hand.

Aaru comes out of that room & cries a lot sitting down.

“Sorry di. I have hurted u lot. I never tried to listen your words. Sorry di very sorry. ”

Aryan sees her & feels very bad for her. He comes to her & touches her shoulder.

She gets angry seeing him & pushes his hand away.

Aaru: Don’t. …. don’t dare to touch me. Just get lost.

Aryan : Aradhya what’s wrong with you. Y are u talking to me like that? We are a team right.

Aaru: Team???? Team my foot. After all i have listened what happened to my di do u think still i will be still with u. Never.

Aryan : What do u mean aradhya? Are you believing that all? Its a lie. My brother cannot do this.

Aaru: then what u are saying is my di is telling lie. How can u say that aryan? I can’t believe that u have became so selfish. Means u have my di’s condition right. Then how can u say that?

Aryan : i doesn’t mean that yar i mean i am sure there is some misunderstanding. Trust me yar if we are together we can solve it.

Aaru: No need now i can’t trouble my di more. And i don’t want to know anything more. Because i believe my di & culprit is ur brother.

Aryan: aaru just stop it. He holds her tight & pins her to wall. They have a serious eye lock.

Aaru: Y are shouting aryan? By your shouting truth will not change.

Aryan: Listen aaru i am listening to u for only the reason i love u. I love u a lot. But u can’t say anything against my bhai.

Aaru: I know u love me. And i also love u u know that. That is y i thought to pair up with u as a team & thinks to find truth. And i got it too.

Aryan : Enough aradhya. I promise i am sure i will prove my bro is innocent. Again they have an eye lock.

Then ragini comes & says stop it.

Aara are shocked by seeing & tensed whether she listened to them.

Ragini: Aryan leave her hand.

Aryan leaves her & aaru goes to ragini & they both hug each other.

Ragini : u didn’t do right by hurting by aaru aryan. U will regret for this.

Aryan: I am sorry bhabi but …..

Ragini stops him by signing.

Ragini: U two don’t need to fight for me. Truth will be out right at this moment. Come with me.

Aaru: But di swara di….

Ragini: She is taking rest . You both follow me.

All three goes to sanskaar’s office. He is in some meeting but by seeing ragini he feels happy & comes out to meet her.

Ragini gets teary eyed by seeing him but she remembers what swara said & she controls.

Sanskaar : Ragini u here. Please come.

Ragini : sanskaar i have to talk to u.

Sanskaar : Sure infact i only thought to talk to u. Come. Aara slso comes there. Sanskaar is confused by seeing what’s happening.

He takes them to conference room.

Ragini: Sanskaar i don’t need to know anything but just answer me for one question thats it.

Sanskaar : sure ragini anything for u.

Ragini: do u remember when swara came back to home.

Sanskaar : Ha ragini. I remember.

Ragini: So before that day where were u?

Sanskaar was shocked & tensed.

Sanskaar : y are u asking all this ragini are u doubting me?

Ragini: Just answer my question sanskaar.

Sanskaar : Fine i was in office.

Ragini: R u sure?

Sanskaar : ofcourse y i will lie.

Ragini then calls receptionist & tells her to bring the cctv footage of that day. She brings & all sees it. But sanskaar didn’t not came to office.

Ragini , aaru & aryan all looked shocked.

Ragini gets angry on him & slaps him hard. Sanskaar got teary eyed.

Ragini :y sanskaar y? Y r u doing this? I trusted u right. Then y are u saying lie.

Sanskaar is silent.

Aaru: Jiju i treated u same like brother. Then y have played with our feelings. Look at di she loved u a lot. And u have broken her heart.

He was still silent.

Aryan : bhai please don’t be silent. Say something y are u saying lie.

Ragini: i will say what truth is. Sanskaar is the one who kidnapped my swara. She is saying truth. He had killed my parents.

Sanskaar : no ragini its not true.

Ragini: Then u say whst is the truth.

He will remain silent.

Ragini: I know u will not say the truth. Ok leave all that on that day did u went to sea port area or not.

Sanskaar is tensed & says yes he went.

Ragini : Did you here that aryan. Now will u believe my swara is right. Your brother is a murderer. He is culprit.

Sanskaar : But ragini….

Ragini: Enough don’t u dare to call my name from your blo*dy mouth. I loved u sanskaar y did u do this all my swara. U knoe what is her condition right now. She is in deep trauma. Its is sll because of u. I HATE U SANSKAAR I HATE U.

She leaves from there by taking aaru. Aryan also comes to him & says “u didn’t did right bhai. Sorry i cannot support u.”

Sanskaar is in deep shock & cries a loud by calling ragini’s name.

Sanskaar : Ragini……. please believe me ragini. I didn’t do anything wrong. Please…..

He falls down & cries.

That is it guys. I know its a big tragedy but i have to do so. Sorry for that. Anyways please read it & comment me. And as usual today’s topic is FIRST CRUSH.

U all know the meaning of crush right. If not i will say u. Crush is the feeling just as like one side love but silly & fun. So who is your first crush in your life? Have to comment guys. If not i will not update my next episode soon. Its just for fun yar don’t take it seriously ok. Keep smiling take care love u all.

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