3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-11)


Hey guys i am back again. I am so happy for your comments but this is not fair no one of u shared about your bestie with me yar except fira. I was annoyed atleast comment now. And 1 more info info for u all is i have started my 2nd fferapehla pyaar. Please read that also na.

Anyways i will start now.

Aara decides to know truth from swara by ragini & they are shocked by knowing it.


As yesterday shown swara is saying about past to ragini. Ragini, aaru & aryan are shocked.

Swara continues saying.

One girl comes to her saying that she sanskaar’s would be wife. Swara is shocked by listening it.

Swara: No this can’t happen because jiju loves my sister & she is ragini. Jiju u tell her that u are going to my di.

That girl is renu.

Renu: oh shut up yar otherwise i will close your mouth by killing u.

Sanskaar : chill renu i am there na with u dnt worry we need her to implement our plan.

Swara can’t believe her ears as she belives sanskaar deeply.

Swara: No this is not true. U are not my jiju. There is something fishy.

Renu: you are not believingright. Then fine i will show u my baby.

She then uncover her face & shows sanskaar who is standing some far from her. He is not seeing her. She gets shocked looking him & felt very bad for his cheat to her sister.

Here ragini , aaru & aryan are again shocked. Ragini is almost crying.

Then they again tied me & covered my face. After sometime they sgain my bringing ma & papa tieing them. They killed them infront of me. I heard them crying by calling our names di. I begged them to leave our parents but they haven’t listened to me.

Aaru was about to fall by crying her aryan holds her from falling. This time she pushed his hands away. Ragini is holding swara & they are crying together.

Later after few days i fpund no pne aroundme & i escaped from there.

Fb ends.

Ragini hugs swara tight.

Thats itguys please comment & today’s topic is color what is your fav color & y its your fav. Comments please.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear
    Pinkpurple and all colors

    1. Mounika

      Hey crazy i like purple in case dresses because it suits me. Thanq ???

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome yaar

  2. Sindhura

    May be its big misunderstanding
    I hope it will reveal.soon

    1. Mounika

      I hope so sindhu ???

  3. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear..my fav colour is black nd white

    1. Mounika

      Hi sree my fav is black. Black has some special attraction i love it. Thanq ???

  4. Moni_ragz

    Some1 is plaaning something against them..
    I like all little colors bt my fav colour is lavendar.. i dnt no y i like bt i love tht color
    Whts ur fav color?

    1. Mounika

      Nice guess moni good taste i love lavender on walls it gives cool look ???

  5. Jazzy

    he was standing far soo maybe he is not sanskar he is someone wearing his mask

    1. Jazzy

      my fav color is black and oink i don’t know why

      1. Mounika

        Hope so jazzy black is my fav too ???

  6. Nice dear.my fev color is crimson peak.update soon

    1. Mounika

      Nice choice ammy i will update soon ☺☺☺

  7. Riyanjali


    1. Mounika

      Thanq riya ☺☺☺

  8. Asw

    Nice I like red colour

    1. Mounika

      Thanq asw ☺☺☺

  9. superb. sky blue, black and white combination dr

    1. Mounika

      So nice j i like them too ???

    1. Mounika

      Thanq poo ☺☺☺

  10. Inu

    Superb epi. I like all colours. Dark colours suits me and light colours gives peace .

    1. Mounika

      Nice inu thanq ☺☺☺

  11. Interesting
    My favourite colors are red white blue and green ????

    1. Mounika

      Wow abhi thanq ???

  12. Asra

    awesome dear…i love purple, violet, white and blue….but i love blue more…i don’t know y…but when am sad I saw that color means I get some peace and my mood lightly booster…what’s ur fav dear…am also waiting for ur reply….
    and my bestie s Najma…she is my childhood frnd and my neighbour…and she is my best half…she know about me everything and am also….but she is lytly possessive about me…
    waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mounika

      So sweet asra nice choice & u r lucky to have a best friend ???

  13. Nice epi…but tii short..my fav color is pink…waiting for next part soon…

    1. Mounika

      I am sorry suhani i was in hurry so it was little i like pink too ???

  14. Emotional epi…poor ragswaara….my fav color is blue….because I like sky….what is ur fav color…..keep rocking… take care…..waiting for ur updates….

    1. Mounika

      Thanq fira my fav is black & yellow. ???

  15. Silent_writer

    Wooooow itssss amazingggg n about my bestie is zuno we both are bestest frnds n knws each n evrything about eo our family has also a good bond we fight n alsways sort out things n plays prank on our siblings n neighbors

    1. Mounika

      Thats was so cute silent _reader & thanq ???

  16. A.xx

    Fab wonder who was behind it as I feel it wasn’t sansku ❤️ And my fav colour at the moment is green ? Post soon

    1. Mounika

      Thanq a.xx i will update soon ???

  17. Ragz_teju

    nice dear

  18. Hemalattha


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