3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-1)

Hey guys moni is back. I am so glad for all your comments. That means a lot to me. I promise u all that i will reach your expectations. So i will start now.


Aara, Swalak & ragsan meet.

Scene of Aara

Aryan will get angry on aaru as she applied color. He will lift her & takes her near colour water pool & throws her in that water. Aaru was shocked by his act.

Aaru: What the hell?

Aryan : Happy holi my date.

Aaru: Do u have sense? Will anyone wish like this?

Aryan: What to do u r special right! So this is my way of wishing.

Aaru: how dare u do this to me? Do u know who am I?

Aryan : of course by face i came to know that u are an egoistic & by height 2 feet dinosaur.

Aaru: Shut up you idiot.

Aryan : Mind your language miss.

Aaru: No i will not. What will you do?

She pushes him back & pins him to wall. She holds him tightly & they have an eye lock.

(Kyun ki tum hi toh ho meri zindagi plays)

Aaru: Don’t you dare call me again dinosaur & dnt try to talk to me. Aaru is dangerous to handle. So be careful. Understand.

She leaves him & goes from there. Aryan was stunned by seeing her so close to him.

She walks off by moving her hair on her face. & again turn back & gives him angry look & leaves.

Aryan slowly murmurs “she is so cute “.

Soon he realised what he said & scold himself & thinks ” kitni badtameez ladki hai. I hope i should not meet her again “.

Scene 2


Sanskaar by splitting color on ragini & says “HAPPY HOLI ” my love.

Ragini is shocked and get angry on him.

Ragz: What the hell is this? What are you doing here?

San: holi my jaan. So i came here to wish you.

Rag: I don’t like all this. So just leave now & stop calling me jaan.

San: What is this baby? Let me come in first.

He pushes her & comes in.

San: Wow beautiful decorations i am impressed.

Rag: can’t u listen? I am saying u to leave & u are coming in.

San: Relax ragz. I know that I have to leave. But what to do u are so beautiful that i cannot go far from u.

He comes close to her & pins her to wall. He touches her cheeks by his finger tips seductively & rubs her lips. She hates it. She pushes him .

Rag: Don’t try to touch me. My sisters will be on way please leave.

Sans: babe i am doing this with love. Y r u avoiding me. U know na i am your fiance. This is how u will treat me not fair.

Rag: I know that u r my fiance no need to remember me always. Now leave.

Sans: Ok fine. I am leaving. See u in party again.

Ragz: wait u r coming to party tonight? No need i didn’t invite you.

San: i don’t need any invitation jaan. I will be there only for u. See u bye.

He leaves. Ragini looks tensed & tears in her eyes.

(Wajah tum ho song plays)

Scene 3 Swalak

Swara will be seen still playing with kids. Laksh will be seeing her lovingly from far.

(Baatein kuch ankahein se song plays)

Later they decides to leave. When they both came out swara says bye to laksh & tries to go. Laksh thinks to talk to her but she will get a call.

She listens & gets disturbed. Laksh calls her & asks what happened. She says nothing.

Laksh: So what is your program swara? Shall I drop you?

Swara : No thanks i have my own car.

Laksh : So….. then…..

Swara: ok laksh i have to leave bye.

He tries to talk with her again but she is not interested. So he decides to leave. Then swara suddenly turns back & calls laksh. He turns back happily & comes to her.

Laksh: Ya swara.

Swara: Actually laksh. … if…. u…..don’t mind. Can you do me a favour?

Laksh: yes for sure. Say na.

Swara: Please just come with me. I want to show u some thing.

Laksh: Ok come.

They will go to one house.

Laksh : is this your house? Very nice.

Swara: No laksh. Please come with me.

They go in & knocks the door & servant open the door.

Swara : kaka where is chirag?

Kaka: All are on upstairs beta.

Swara : laksh come with me.

Laksh is confused & she takes him to upstairs. Chirag & some of his friends are sitting there & discussing seriously.

Swara: chirag….

Chirag : Swara my love i know…. i know u will definitely come to me. I love u shona.

He tries to hug her but she stops him. She shows laksh to him.

Swara: chirag. .he is laksh. My boyfriend.

Chirag is shocked. Laksh is super stunned but feeling very happy inside.

Chirag: What nonsense swara? I know you from childhood. You don’t have any boyfriend. Then who is this blo*dy. …

Before he could say something swara slapped him hard.

Swara: Don’t you dare chirag. I told you na. He is my boyfriend & we are loving each other. I will not spare u if u say a word against him.

Laksh is feeling like he is on clouds.

Chirag: but swara. ….

Swara : Enough now. I am warning u last time. Stop irritating me anymore. Leave me alone.

She holds laksh’s hand & gives angry look to chirag. Laksh sees her lovingly.

“Baatein kuch ankahein se song plays “.


Party & surprise

Thats it guys see u again . Please comment. Love you all. ????

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  5. Awesome episode….aaru and Aryan scenes are are super…ragsan and swalak scenes are super…as for next part soon…waiting eagerly ..

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