2SKL — Chapter 1


Hey guys !!!
Let me clear ur confusion !!
D story is in England, London !!
Manas is cardiologist in Royal Brompton Hospital !! His parents r dead which were Mr anuj n mrs usha !! But now he has a maci who is just as his mom !! Her name is Harpreeth !! They r fully punjabis !!
N isha d elder sister of manas !! N is abt to get married soon !!!

Anayma is an event manager n a planner too . She lives with her parents Catherine n Vikas mehra !! They r very popular infact her father is a big restaurant owner as written !! She is a mixture of south indian,punjabi, aAmerica !!
Her bff Arjun is her childhood frd !! N his parents r late too in plane crash !!

**Hope u guys understood************

Scene 1
D story opens with a lady saying Puri America nu bulaiyo mera beta aaj pure 28 saal ka honewala !! Sab ko ye pata chal na chahiye na ki mera putar bohath cum umar me saari zimedariyan nu sambalriya then she slowly turns n she is called Harpreeth sharma !!
She is talking abt d party !!

Scene 2
In d party ! Harpreeth calls a name which is Isha !! Isha response n says wat happened maci ?? Harpreeth : wat happened nai tera woh bhai kaha hai ??
Isha is abt to say sth wen everybody is saying oh god he is here !!
Then Harpreeth(hpt) says yeh raha mera putar ki laga raha hai hai !!
Then slowly his shoes r shown then hia bracelet on his hand n now his face is shown !!
He cums down d stairs n takes ashirvaad from hpt saying peri pona (pp) .
htp says zinda re menu or ki chaye hai kitna sona laga ra hai tu nazar na lag jaiyo !!

Scene 2
A man is shown in a restaurant saying hands up n d other man hands up !!

D person handed up his hands turns back n his face is shown it is Vikas(vicky) mehra n he says Arjun (his face is also shown) !!
Arjun: so sorry uncle seriously saying mene jaan buch ke toh bilkul hi kiya !!
Vikas: hmmm !!
Arj: sorry sory sory !!
Vicky; vaise anu kaha hai ??
Arj: uncle wahi hai jaha woh hamesha hi hoti hai !! Mandir (temple)

Scene 3
A girl is doing aarti in d temple singing Om jai jagdish hare swami jaye jaga dish hare !!
then arjun calls her name Annie he shouts n here she turns wearing a salwar suit she is looking really beautiful !
Arj: kya baath hai aaj itna saaj daaj ke puja kari hai kya hua ??
Anu: oye tu toh aise bol raha hai jaise tu kuch nahi jantha !!
Arj: main kya nahi jantha yehi na ki tu Texas (USA) jarahi hai !! Usme problem kya hai !! Ki tu mandir mein puja karne agai jaise tere koi results arehe ho !!
Anu: Honestly saying koi problem nahi hai par agar me wahan gayi to muje like real mein chutti leni padegi apne is kaam jo me karthi event planning !!
Arj: isi liye tu bohath badi budu hai !!
Isme kya hai tu to wahan jakar bhi toh apna kaam karsakthi hai !!
Anu; dath teri mene to socha hi nai !! T u na sach me hi Arjun d mahabharath wala !!!
Jus den anu gets a call ringing plili pilili pilili !! Its her mom !!

Scene 4
in d party of Manas evry1 is living n jus den too manas gets a call from sm1 called Dr Banerjee from Texas !! He picks n says hello doctr !! Dr: hello manas I called u dis late bcoz its very urgent tume kisi b halat me yahan texas ana hoga !! Manas; ok doc but y I mean ?? Dr; I will tell u everything but first jus cum here quickly by tomorrow’s flight !!

Scene 5
(Guys actually anu’s mom is in texas bcoz of her work which is designing !!)
So when anu picks d call her mom says hi my bebo !! Anu: hi momsie kaisi ho ??
Catherine(catty) : I m fyn bebo jus waiting for u to cum really wait nahi kar pa rahi hu !!
Anu: dont worry my mama I m coming by tomorrow’s flight !!

Anu n Manas r in d same flight !!

Guys hw was it !!
I m really sorry I wrote it in hindi translation actually saying hindi me emotions zyada athe hai isi liye !!


Guys if u want to no more abt d story pls b reading !!

Credit to: Mansi(Mandy)

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  1. dialogues badiya hai 😉

    1. Thanq u so much ruby !!

  2. Cute story

  3. Manshi… Please try to write in English…

    1. Hey brity thanq dr !! Will try to !!

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  5. Awesome Akka!!!
    Keep going…waiting for next!!!
    I love London….do you too??

    1. Thanq so much mandy !
      I love london infact I m going to london soon !!

      1. Lucky!!have fun!!

  6. Heyyyyy mansi dear….an awesooooooooooome epi..loved it..
    Waiting eagerly for nxt epi..
    Keep smiling alwayzz

    I left a comment for u in d intro of this ff..

    Love u loooadzz?

    1. Thanq so much hareem keep reading !

  7. hey mansi dear love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear . Love this story a lot dear. Very fun loving story with nice dialogues dear

    Loved it a lot and waiting for next dear.

    I want to know more about anayma love u loads and even readers will be very interesting to know more and more about the female lead mansi meri jaan I wait for more to know about her meri jaan.Love u loads or lese I love the stdory fully .

    Merry christmass dear love u sooooooooooooooooooo much and yeah on my page too I leave some messages love u loads

    Keep smiling
    Ocne a friend always a friend.

  8. superb epi. n u r writing in complete hindi actually punjabi. but do u think all can understand it. i loved the dialogues. u said true that it is gud when u listen hindi dialogues. waiting for next one.

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