2S SwaSan Best B’day Gift Ever


Hi here I am up with 2s of SwaSan
But in this Swara is Diva of her collage and not the simple sweet girl and and there are lots of ups and down in SwaSan’s relation… Now below I’m posting 1st shot so give your view whether to continue or not???

Swara what is this yaar??? I’ve not seen you seen last night… and even you are not replying my text or call since last night… Now come to fire exit of collage right now I am waiting for you there… Sanskar said in angry tone from this side of phone.

Sanskar listen I am extremely sorry right now I’ve to go to another collage right now for some meeting so I can’t come to you right now please do not be angry plz … Said Swara from other side of the phone in calm tone…

What Swara??? Why did not you tell me this before that you are going to outside collage? I’ve every dam right to know as your assistant and as your boyfriend too… And you do not even bother to inform me… Swara Do I really mean anything to you??? And you do not you even remember today’s date… Answered Sanskar quite angrily and anyone who heard him can say he is hurt at extreme.

Sanskar please do not say such thing baby please… I am really sorry and listen is really important for me to visit that collage I’ve to go right now please do not think any stupid thing… I love you the most Sanskar.. Bye…
After disconnecting call Sanskar unconsciously started self-talk
WTH she disconnects call… does she lost her memory??? How can she forget my b’day??? Why she behaving such weirdo from last night. She did not even come to collage with me and she txtd me that she is not coming to collage and she is in collage and that ot I come to know from Laksh. Swara why are you doing this with me? With his self-talk he stormed out from the fire exit and starts walking towards collage parking but at parking he bumped into some one and he is about to shout at that person but before that the person speak

Person: What are you doing Sanskar??? Why are you angry and where are you going???

Sanskar: Sahil this all is because of your sister. And you know but he cut his own talk and speak nothing leave I am going to home. (The person who bumped into Sanskar is Sahil)

Sahil: No Sanskar you can’t go your home. I mean we’ve to go to VP sir and then have to talk to Swara and above our group is waiting for you in canteen.????

But before Sahil can continue it any more Sanskar said bye to him and went to his home because he is not able to concentrate in collage without his girlfriend rather to his better half because after confessing feeling to each other both felt like falling in love with each other again and again each and every passing minute.??

On the way to he is driving his car but his mind he is lost in each moment he passed with his Swara. And his car come to an signal and he just look out of window and saw a boy who was talking over phone and with that he remember how he and Swra stay busy over phone and once he taunt Sahil for talking with his girlfriend so long on call but now Sahil had made rule for SwaSab that they can’t talk to each other after 12 that to save his baby sis from falling ill due to lack of sleep. But before he can again lost in SwaSan world his phone start ringing with the special tone “Sun??? Sathiya” which he had assigned for Swara’s call so he directly receive call but from other side a man voice come nad informed him that mobile owner girl is met with accident so Sanskar directly asked for address to that man and drove off to address.????

So how was first shot????

BDW I do not like Sahil come between SwaSan so I made him Swara’s brother and second reason to make him her brother is his possessiveness for Swara which perfectly match to Over protective Indian Brother…???????

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  1. Tamanna

    Awesome… Update next one soon

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    awesome..!! Good explaination for making sahil as brother…!! LOL..!!

  5. Lovely epi dr.. plz next part ASAP.

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  7. Hahaha suprb idea.. making sahil as bro.. and swara it may be her surprise for sanskar as his birthday.. superb part.. no confusion do post nxt part.. wil b waiting..
    Superb os…

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome update next soon

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    Awesome… now its surprise tym ?

  10. Mind blowing

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    awesome….swara planning for sanky’s bday??

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    Interesting dear

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    Awsm dear. Loved it…. Continue soon.. You are right, all brothers are possessive and over protective.

  14. Update asap

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    Frndz I’ve suvmitted 2nd shot for review so will be publishes soon….??

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