2s SwaSan Best B’day Gift Ever (Part 2)

Thank you so much guys for waiting this long with passion and thank you once again for your comments… and I am sorry for postponing update but yestrday My brother format my lappy and I lost my all data and I lost this file too so I postpone it finally I write it again in 2 hours and now my blabbering is over and below I am posting 2nd shot and hope you all will like it…


Sanskar reached address and see a silent place his heart skip a beat but he saw a person seeing there with his name board so he directly went to him and start throwing his questions to him

Sanskar: Where is Swara??? Who are you??? Where did you take her??? How she is now??? In which hospital is she right now???

In reply of Sanskar’s question that person blindfolded him.

Sanskar asked him the reason for blindfolding. And finally that person spoke

Person: Swara madam told us to take you to another place from here and she strictly orederd us to blindfold you before taking you there.

After hearing Swara’s name Sanskar get sigh of relief and sit in car silently and on the way to another place his heart scold his mind to doubt his Swara and cursed to be angry on Swara with the thought that she have forgotten his birth day which she can never ever forget. After few minutes car come to an halt and his side of car door open and he feel some one’s soft touch on his hand and a shiver run through his spine because of that touch and he identify that touch is his Swara’s touch..

And finally after walking of few minutes and climing two or three stairs his blindfold is removed and sight in front of his eyes shocked him because whole place is decorated with white and purple orchid and red rose and at center of the hall two table are kept one having cake on it and another is full with his birthday gifts…But his eyes stuck near the cake table because his girl is standing there in his favorite red short dress.(Imagine dress as per your wish)

After seeing her he
forget everything and his surroundings and persons present there and slowly he moved towards her and after reaching there he hugged her tightly and she too reciprocated with equal love and passion because she to missed him after an awful whole day and pecked his chick and Sanskar pulled her more closer to him leaving no space between them. And she says.

Swara: I miss you so much…

Sanskar: I too miss you so much…

But before they can lost in each other Ragini cough to get their attention but all in vain so finally whole gang together cough to get love birds attention and finally they succeed, from both of them first one to come out from SwaSan world is Swara and she feel hell embarrassed because of the previouse moment they share in presence of gang and her bhai. To avoid awkwardness Ragini says

Ragini: So birthday boy would like to do honor of cutting cake??? And accepting our gift then we’ll leave you love birds alone so you both can spend your quality time… (In naughty tone)

Before Sanskar can reply to Ragini he saw Swara nodding to Ragini in negative and sign Ragini to change the topic so Sanskar asked Ragini

Sanskar: Ragini what the matter you both are hiding from me and what you both are discussing now??

Ragini: Sanskar your Princess have baked your favorite chocolate cheese cake for you but now she afraid that whether you like it’s taste or not so she do not want you to cut that cake and she signing me to change cake with another one.

Before Sanskar can reply Kavita says

Kavita: How is testing is only coming to know after Sanskar testing it.

Finally Sanskar spoke

Sanskar: Ragini I would like to cut the cake which is baked by Swara and I am sure it’ll taste amazing because it made by my princess’s soft hand and her love for me is mixed in that cake so none cake can be more delicious than that one…

After hearing that girls give their AWWW expression and boys do their Chemistry step which they stop after earning glare from Sahil.

And finally they completed cake cutting and every one like taste of cake. And after that they completed gift segment and Sanskar like each and every but he did not find any gift from Swara but he choose to keep quiet and after gift segment every gang member start leaving from there. After seeing of every one Swara come to living room where Swara is standing and she tries to find something precious on the ground… Sanskar come to her and hugged her and packed her lips and says

Snskar: Thanks for making my birthday so much special, Swara till the time you are with me I feel everything awesome in the world so as my birthday gift promise me that you will never leave me whatever happens.

Swara: Sanskar I will never leave you, my life will be of no meaning if you are not with me but I can’t give you it as a birth day gift because I’ve something else to gift you…

Sanskar: And what is this Swara???

Swara knees down on her nees in reply and says

Swqra: Sanskar I know I am not the perfect one for you. Lots of time I hurt you by my behavior or words I am sorry for that all but you know my world is imperfect without you I become imperfectly perfect with you…You are the only one who can understood my misunderstanding. Who can complete my every childish wish of having princess bed sheet, having ice-cream at two am, and yeah I like the way you come to take good morning and good night kiss from my room’s window and but now I want to give you that in front every one without fear of getting caught by bhai I would like to get up every morning in your embrace and for giving me that all right you have to marry me. So Mr.Sanskar Maheswari would you like to give me honor of being Swara Sanskar Maheswari??? And she takes out a ring(choose ring by yourself)

from her purse which is lying on floor and holds it for him and waiting for his reply

Sanskar is feeling like he is on the seventh sky because his Swara has proposed him for marriage which is his best birthday gift he can ever get so he nodded his head and pull Swara in bone crashing hug and about to speak something but before that Swara sealed his lips with her and he enjoys his second best birthday gift…

So now I did with my job of updating 2nd shot now you all start your job and hit like button and comment your view on this shot… I am eagerly waiting for all of your comments. And yeah if anyone do not like then I am sorry…

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