“2gethr 4evr-Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 27


We reached my room..As Mahi saw me with some unknown lady she understood what the case was & she hugged me..then bowed & did Namaste to her & Yuvi dived to touch her feet..Anshika ran towards the Teddy kept in the room..which Kunj gifted me on the birthday..She sat on the couch & Kunj sat beside her..I went with Mahi towards the kitchen & Yuvi followed us..

“Where did u find her..I mean how??” Mahi looked at me & questioned

“At the metro station..we were going for lunch..U remember Anshika..that girl in the metro..who gave me the painting..She is my sister..” I tried explaining with tears in my eyes again

“WAIT WAIT..Some one tell me..whats going on..who is she ??” Yuvi interrupted in between

I turned towards Yuvi..”& why is she crying too” He added one more question..

“Mahi will explain u everything..” I told Yuvi & turned towards Mahi “I think its better to sit & discuss everything with her” She kept her hands on my shoulder & nodded..This gesture of her completely is a package which means a lott of things together..it means that I have to be strong..I need to face it alone..everything will be fine & she is with me..

I went in the room & sat beside Kunj..Logically I should keep a little distance from him in front of my mother..but I did not feel like it..instead I wanted to go away from Her..I know I waited so long to meet her & had so many questions to ask..but now when the moment is here I want to run away..go into hiding..Forget all the questions I wanted to ask her..all those answers I craved for years..

“Haan ji kahiye..” I spoke finally

“Bete I already explained the reason of putting u in the orphanage in the letter..I hope u got it” She spoke..I nodded..”& those pictures ??” I again nodded..I was in no mood of speaking anything

“Actually it was my mother who suggested me this way..She did not know anything about it till u were 6 months..After she visited me..I told her everything…I cried in her lap..I told her about those weird stares of people..I told her about the way people asked about ur nickname..I told her about the gossips our locality members did about me..I told her every bit of feeling I had in my heart..& she caressed my hair & listened..She made me understand that the world is not good towards such kid though there is no mistake of mine..& even its not easy for a single woman to survive in such a world…She suggested me the orphanage & also the way…of legal adoption at 21 of ur age” She spoke..with tears rolling down her cheek..

I understood..I clearly understood that it wasn’t easy for her..going in her past..being reminded of all the incidences of her life which hold the worst memories..& even leaving her first born..who is just a year old in an orphanage just because she wanted that child to be away from those questioning eyes of society…those weird looks of people..she did not care about the pain she will have to undergo..I knew & understood her problem but still I remained quiet & allowed her to give her explanation…

“ With heavy heart & uncountable tears falling down my eyes..I kept few things in ur bag which I thought u would require..& also wrote a letter for the orphanage head that they shouldn’t let anyone adopt u..I kept sending money at regular intervals..I also had a check on ur studies & marks..But living far away from u was difficult…Sometimes I felt so guilty for leaving u alone..for not giving u the life u deserved..I longed for just a glimpse of urs..So every time any family came for adoption I also disguised myself as a Lady looking for a child & came to pay u a visit..I stood at a distance & looked at u for as long as I could…Even when u were sick & admitted I was present there every moment till the doctors discharged u..There was not a single moment spent without ur thoughts..without ur worry..I cried every night I went to sleep..& the days were spent in the office..My mother probably knew this very well & so she came up with the idea of my marriage..” She kept explaining everything with every detail & I kept listening..Mahi came with a tray which had glass of water & few sweets..She took Anshika & went back in the kitchen..My mother took the glass to drink the water..her throat must have been burning after speaking so much..

With every word she spoke I was getting more aware of the situation she underwent..What would happen if a mother who was separated from her child who was just a year old ?? What would she feel if she had a chance of watching her child in front of her dressed up to be adopted by some one else ?? How would she stop those tears which flowed down her cheeks every night she went to her bed just knowing that she couldn’t be with her child just because of this society ?? Sure as hell it would tear her apart..EVERY DAY SHE LIVED IT WAS NOT A NEW DAY INSTEAD IT WAS A NEW DEATH..

I was lost in my thoughts when she again continued…

“My mother told me about the guy & also told me that he knows about my past..She asked me to meet him..at first I denied but after she insisted I agreed..I decided to tell him everything..every bit of my life & then leave the decision on him..It was early December when the meeting was fixed..I had to meet him in a park..His name was Rajveer..Rajveer Taneja”

“Rt uncle..The one who won the Best businessman Award this year ??” Suddenly Kunj spoke at the mention of his name..He later realized he did wrong to interrupt in between but it was already too late..

“Yes beta..u know him ??” My mother asked

“Yeahh aunty ji..actually I m Kunj Sarna..I visited that party with my whole family..but I left early..u know I don’t like social gatherings..” Kunj explained..I see he already knew my family..or to be precise my Dad 😛

“Ohh I & ur mother are good friends since we lived in the same locality earlier..She knows about Twinkle..but after ur family shifted to the new house we meet very less though we talk regularly” She again replied to Kunj..According to which the conclusion was that Kunj’s mother & my mother were good friends & Kunj’s mother knew about me 😮

Sometimes the world seems to be so small..& not because of globalization but because u meet people who know about u more than even u know & still go un-noticed..Kunj had asked me to meet his mother..Who knows before my mother I would have met her..& she was the one telling me about the reality & taking me to my mother to meet her..but now I m sitting here infront of my mother listening to her explanations & without any questioning getting answers to my every question..my every doubts were slowly getting cleared..& I was waiting to know further..





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  1. Superb episode
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    Finally twinkle’s questions are being answered
    Love how mahi always supports her
    Surprised to know that kunj and twinkle’s mother are friends
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    Excited for next
    Post ASAP
    Keep smiling??

  2. it was awesome…
    I think twinkle will forgive her mother …
    post next soon

  3. Ananya_DSK

    Hey! Yet another amazing chapter!!! For me personally, Twinkle beginning to understand her mother’s pain brought so much positivity into the story… I agree that Leela’s actions were absolutely justified… The world definitely is small… I can’t wait to know if Twinkle will have to leave Mahi and go to live with her family…! You’re doing a great job…

  4. Fantastic episode
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  5. Ramya

    Awesome and Leela reasons are sad.

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