“2gethr 4evr-Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 25




I received a text from Kunj..I was heading towards the metro station so I replied with just “THANK U”

The weather was pleasant..wind blowing & cloudy sky..My hair were going with the winds flow & I was constantly trying to tuck them back..

With in 5 mins I again received a text..



I immediately started looking in every possible direction to search him..where was he..No doubt I loved his shayari..but I would have preferred it if he spoke that instead of texting..

Everything had turned perfect until today..I was walking into the Metro Station when some one shouted from behind “TWINKII DIDI” I was shocked to listen my nickname in such a crowded place..& that reference of ‘Didi’ was way far cuter than I can explain..I turned behind to look at the person who was calling me..A cute girl running through the crowd with her bag on her shoulders & a lady running behind her probably her mother whose grasp she had loosened from to meet me..

“Hieeee Twinkiiii didi” She gleamed with joy as she greeted me

“Hieee Anshika..I m sooo glad to see u” I got down on my knees & planted a kiss on her cheeks

“Bete aise nahi karte..Bheed mein haath chuda ka nahi bhaagte..bad habit” the lady spoke to Anshika as soon as she reached us

She was a charming lady..probably in her late 30s with a graceful smile & a melodious voice..She was dressed up in a sober salwaar-suit with the duppatta pinned up near left shoulder & her plaited braid were brought in front on the right shoulder..She quickly took Anshika’s hand in her right hand..managing her shopping bags in the left hand..

“Mumma she is Twinki didi..I told u about her na..I gave her a painting in the metro when I was returning with Dad that day” She tried to remind her mother giving her various details of our meeting

“Namaste Aunty I am Twinkle” I greeted her folding my hands for Namaste

But just with the mention of my name she seemed to stand still there..as if the moment had paused..& she was there alone with me..She did not even reply to my Namaste nor did she speak anything..All she did was simply stand there & stare me..I widened my eyes & looked at Anshika..She too was watching her mother exactly as me..

“Aree Twinkle..u r here..where is Mahi” Kunj came & questioned me..without looking at the view..I passed him a glaring look & he gestured his Sorry with holding his ears with both hands !! & I again looked at aunty..

“Aunty are u okay ??” I asked keeping my hands on her shoulders

She seemed to be disturbed from a sleep..as if she went in a dreamland & it was difficult to accept reality now..She sat down on the bench there & as I was about to leave she spoke

“Twinkle..born 16th August from Sacred Heart Orphanage ??”

I turned around immediately & stood there as a dumb..With my thoughts mingled & my brain refusing to work..My mouth wanting to speak but words refusing to come out..My eyes wanting to cry but my tears unable to fall..Was she my Mother ?? Anshika told me her mother’s name was also Leela but that could have been a co-incidence..But if she isn’t my mother how does she knows about me then..

But then instead of me Kunj spoke “U know her aunty ??”

She simply nodded..

I was amidst such a situation that could change my life now..If she is my mother..she probably would now have to answer some of my questions…& though I had forgiven her for leaving me in the orphanage but still I wanted to know why was it meant to be revealed when I turn 18 ?? Did I never cross her mind when she went to sleep ?? Did she remember to pray to God for my Long life on my birthday ?? Did she ever sent me any Christmas present ?? Did she visit me ever without my knowledge when I was sick ?? I had all these questions running in my mind..The tears already swelled up in my eyes ready to accept & fall down what ever the situation may be..!!

I looked at Kunj…He understood what I wanted to say..Though I did not even utter a word..He came by my side & held my hand hard..probably trying to tell me that He is with me in every situation & I am not alone..or that I need to be strong..I also tightened my grip in his hands & took a deep breath..ready to know what my future holds..

“How do u know me ??” I spoke after much efforts

“I am ur Mother kid” She spoke

I couldn’t hold it any longer..The tears started flowing down my cheeks without any second thought..I wasn’t able to decide whether it was due to happiness or anger or satisfaction..I guess it was all mixed together..& even she was crying…those tear drops falling down her eyes..but her face showed contentment..a relief feeling..



As already decided by me & Kunj..we were going to the same place according to the girls but not us 😛 Kunj would take Twinki to any damn place he wishes & I was going to Mahi’s place for lunch ^_^

So I took Kunj’s bag which he left in the car & went upstairs..I knocked on the door..

Mahi opened it up..She wore her usual pink lower & Black tank top..her hair fully messed up & her face glowing..ITS SAID GIRLS LOOK THE BEST WHEN THEY DON’T DO ANY EFFORT FOR IT 🙂 <3

Mahi spoke “Heeeyy Yuvi..I just woke up & I look….” She kept searching for words

“BEAUTIFUL” I finished

“Easy for u to say that..its 2 pm & u look like u stepped out of a Ramp show”

We both laughed 😀

“Me ?? Ramp show ??” I struck a ridiculous Model pose & she pretended to take pictures& then we started laughing..We laughed so hard that it got hard for us to even breathe..

“I will just get ready & we will go out..Twinki has already left” Mahi spoke

“No..I m in no mood of going out…Lets have the lunch here..umm or say at ur back terrace..” I suggested

“But its day time..u wanna sit in the sun & have ur lunch ?” Mahi stuck her tongue out teasing me

“Aree the buildings shadow wont let the sun rays hinder us..above all..look at the weather outside..breeze blowing & its cloudy no sun too do the favor to us” I said grabbing the bed sheet & going to the back terrace to lay it out there..



I looked through my kitchen..I wasn’t really prepared for it..I did not have anything in my Kitchen & cooking would take time..I checked the cabinets..There is Peanut butter..Onion..Jelly..Rice & Bread..U know what does that mean ?? Rice with onion sandwiches or Peanut butter & Jelly..hmmm yeah..better go with that..I savaged enough bread to make 5 sandwiches..2 for each & 1 extra..I looked for other stuffs..few sandwiches wont do..I found a packet of chips & a single coke..

I grabbed them all & went towards the back terrace…

“Heeeey” I spoke in a high pitch voice

“What happened ??” He asked as if he could read me as an open book

“I am wearing the clothes u see me often wearing..we have only few sandwiches & a packet of chips which might be stale along with a single coke..” I blurted it out

“Maji its perfect !! I couldn’t have wanted it any other way..& look at the sky…what a weather !!” Yuvi spoke looking me in the eyes & then pointing at the sky

We smiled..walked & sat at the bed sheet..We both picked our sandwiches but then suddenly a cold drop hit at the top of my head..Oh no !! This day was giving more tough time to me..

Aclap of thunder boomed above & all the moisture stored up in the clouds were released instantly drenching us to the bone..

Yuvi stood up to go in & watching me sit there with my face up & hands stretched feeling every rain drop & enjoying it..He came running over & pulled me up to my feet..Yuvi instantly pulled me close..my lips just an inch away from his..the rain drops falling over us..His arms were around my waist…his body so close to mine..the heat of his body cancelled out the freezing rain..& then his lips were on my lips..His lips molded into mine perfectly..I felt more than just sparks..Fireworks were erupting above us…the world seemed to stop & stare while we were totally oblivious to it…I finally know what’s it like to SET FIRE TO THE RAIN <3

The rain was finally too much…we pulled apart & ran back inside..I couldn’t stop blushing..!!



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