“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“INTODUCTION-2


We four boys were sitting together in the canteen area..

“Why is there always such a big lining up for the canteen food ??” :/ asked Yuvraj

“Because eating the hostel food is the worst part of the entire day !!” Aditya  replied

“But atleast the girls are better over here..good for us..” 😉 Adarsh sounded optimistic

“Yeah atleast some fun for us after joining this shit hole” Aditya also agreed

“Look at that girl..those long hair one..areey bhai this one will be mine” Yuvraj said

I ignored them & held the Guitar in my hand..I tuned the strings & started strumming a few chords..I kept playing the song..lost in my thoughts until I heard footsteps approaching me

“Yuvi don’t u dare disturb me” I spoke without even turning my head

“C’mon mate !! Atleast have a look..May b u find ur kinda girl here” He said with a hope in his voice

“U know me right ?? I prefer being friends..with girls..nothing more” I replied reluctantly

“Yeahh yeahh Mr Kunj Sarna  !! The most Desirable Guy from our batch who never accepts any girl to cross the border of Friendship because he doesn’t get that Love wali Feeling with her..eh ??” said Yuvi mockingly “anyways what do u think about Love ??”

I did not know what to answer..I know I will fall in Love with someone..I believe in Love..For me Love is being with someone u can continuously tease..say I Love u & really mean it..the one u could swore u r going to marry..the one person who could make ur life look better no matter what the situation was..the one person whose Smile could make u do anything..& eyes..u could be lost in it forever..the one person who can make my life turn around..the person whom u don’t wanna let go..the person for whose happiness u could give up on everything in the world..the person who can make u cry & also laugh..the one who would be the sole reason of ur living..CALL ME OLD FASHIONED BUT YES I DO BELIEVE IN SUCH LOVE..I BELIEVE IT EXISTS !!

Watching me lost in thoughts Yuvi shook me & said “Bhai Love is just an Illusion..nothing such exists…meri baat maan..Ladki pata..maze kar..ghoom fir & then jab mann bhar jaye..chor de..Simple si baat hai..I m fed up repeating it again & again 2 u..”

I looked up at him “Now that’s where we don’t agree with each other at all”

He rolled his eyes & stood up..

“Chal okay !! The day u fall in Love..inform me that the first” he winked 😉

“& why are u so interested in that ??” I asked raising an eyebrow

“Because the girl u will fall in Love with..won’t belong to Earth..I will have to inform NASA about the new Alien species” he said & burst out in laughter 😀

“Kutte !! Teri Bhabhi lagegi wo !!” I instantly replied

“Accha sun Bhabhi aisi khojna jiski behen Maaal ho” he again winked

“Saale !!” & I stood up to hit him..while he ran from there & looked back “Bhai use Last Wish consider kar le” which made me run after him !! 😀

Hello people..I m Kunj Sarna ..The only Son of the famous Political head of Delhi “Mr. Sarna” I have been raised in a very lavish way & always have been told the importance of Discipline & Rules..Though I dislike my Father for many reasons like being busy always..not giving me time..not listening to my problems but still I love my Mother more than anything else in this entire world ^_^ I was told to go to the London University for my graduation but I insisted on staying in India because of my Mother’s continuous ill health & my nil interest in Politics !!

& Yuvraj ..u can call him my *Soul Saviour* Whenever I have something which I can’t share with Mom..He was the one who took me away from this Boredom to a whole new world of Music..He made the Lead Guitarist & Singer in his Band..Though I sing only at rare occasions *Personal problems* but yea he is my Best friend & lives in Delhi with his Grand mom..His parents died a long ago due to Cancer..So he usually hangs out with me..We roam the whole city & man I have never seen a Drummer as good as him..!! We have been together since we were 10 & we share such a strong mutual bond that I can tell u his next move..Though when with me he acts as an Elder Brother he still is too immature regarding feelings because he never has got that family atmosphere *as my mother says*

& yes he likes my PORSCHE BOXTER 😛 I told u that because he is often spotted riding & impressing girls with it 😀 😛


Stay Tuned 🙂 Reviews welcomed

  1. Kiya1234

    Superb interesting I like it..??❤️❤️❤️And kunj thought about love awwwsome and yuvi answer that girl he can’t find it lol???NASA.
    Waiting for next episode…

  2. Presha

    Loved it

  3. Another amazing intro and that also back to back…loved it…plz post soon…:)

  4. It is really good……..i mean really ……. Plss continue asap….

  5. amazing..

  6. awesome intro

  7. Long distanced frnd

    Finally…….someone is back
    With back to back episodes
    Kisine kaha ki Sidhanth(Adi)is not a good writer but how come here it is different!!!!
    Thankq for cming back
    Post next one soon

  8. Twinj2000

    I loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️
    Amazing ????
    Superb ????
    Both the lead have a strong character ????
    Last but not the least Porsche Boxster (black edition is what I imagined ) is love ???

  9. Superb fantastic
    plzzz plzzz post soon

  10. Ramya

    Ohooo awesome Amazing superb
    Intro of Kunj
    And his thinking about love amazing.

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