“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ INTODUCTION-1

“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“


“ I was walking down the stairs..dressed in a sleeveless top and slim fit jeans..my hair clutched.. I had a big pile of books arranged in an ascending order in my hand to return in the library downstairs..As I reached the last stair..I heard some1 call my name..I turned immediately to check who it was and missed the last step..

I was about to hit the ground when two hands caught me..an unknown shiver ran through my body..I suddenly became very nervous..I heard my name again..but instead of looking at the one calling my name I turned my face to look at the one who saved me.. I saw a pair of leather shoes..rugged jeans..silver bracelet in right hand and a shirt with block checks..I was slowly raising my face noticing each detail.. everything seemed to vanish..I could see nothing else but only my savior..or may be I simply ignored all the rest..I was about to look at his face when some-one shook me..and yelled “TWINKI WAKE UP !! U WILL BE LATE FOR THE PRAYER“

Everything went to an abrupt pause..I processed in my mind..Prayers..Late..Wake up..Ohhh DAMN !! it was a Dream..!!

I opened one of my eyes and said “U woke me up again at the Wrost time !!”

“ And why do you call this beautiful morning the worst time ??” Samantha said

“Ohh Crap !! Its again She and her Prince Charming saving her stuff for sure !!” yelled Mahi from the side bed..

I gave that “ Baby u got me “ smile and winked at her..

“ Ok u both..stop dreaming and better get ready..u will be handed ur approval letters today at the prayer..big day ahead “ Samantha smiled and said to us

and moved to the other beds waking up girls from their dreams as she did wake me up !!

It was her daily routine but all the girls loved her sweet voice..it somehow sounded as the wind chimes when the breeze blow 🙂

I tried diving back into my peaceful dreams..

“C’mon Twinki !! The early bird catches the worm” Mahi giggled..jumping onto the bed and landing right beside me

“First..I m not a blo*dy bird and second…I don’t like mornings” I wined childishly..digging my head into the pillow

“This is soo comforting..May be u don’t have such a comforting pillow.. that’s why u r up so early” I said making her a bit jealous

“Well next time I go to sleep..I will take urs” She teases..pulling on my legs

“Mahi Why ??” I beg her..Clawing at the covers as she tries to pull me off the bed

“Because we will get our approval letters today..and we shouldn’t be late” She says cheekily

“But I just need 10 more mins..2 see his damn face..” I protest..now grabbing onto the head board..aiming to win the tug of war..my body being the rope..

I feel my legs flop down onto the bed and Mahi gave a sigh..

“Alright then enjoy watching his damn face first & then waiting in the long line for ur bath..I am going” She says..walking away

My body tenses and I shoot out of the bed “Mahi  NO” I wail,scrambling out of the bed but getting my feets tangled up into the sheets and falling flat on the face.

“Ouch..U know I hate that” I whine

She turns back listening the falling noise..and rolls her eyes making a clicking sound with her tongue

“Without Me..What will happen of urs !!” She says simply,helping me get my feet out of the dreaded bed sheets

“Thanks” I mutter and give her a tight hug and she hugs me back 🙂


Ohh me ?? I am Twinkle..just Twinkle..people here call me Twinki  !! This “here” refers to “Sacred Heart Orphanage”

I have been here since 17 years 6 months and 14 days !! yeah I have been counting !! 😛

I was brought here when I was about an year old..I was crying on the street when Samantha saw me..I was alone with a chit in my hand and a bag with few other belongings..which consisted of stuffs I am not yet told..The chit had my detail as my name “Twinkle”..birthday “16th Aug 1994”..mother’s name “Leela” and nothing else *as I am told*

Since then its my home !! I went to the Missionary school and completed my studies there with the help of my scholarships which I got due to my grades and today I am going to get my Approval letter..ohh yeah me and Mahi too..We both got admission in Delhi University 🙂

Any ways it’s a Great day for me..and Mahi  !!

Mahi stands for Mahi Kaur 😛

She is one of those beautiful Punjabi girls..who has got brains but no control on her tongue !!

one of her favorite work is to abuse people 😛 who make her angry..

We are friends since she was brought here along with her brother..We were of the same age then “12 years”..and were in the same class..Her brother “Amar Deep” was 4 years younger than us..They lost their parents due to family rivalry and the court handed them to the orphanage..not trusting any of the relatives..We became very close because of the same age 🙂

She was the one who taught me how to deal with guys…and even slap them hard..Like any other friends we also fight..”Cat-fight” as the guys say..we get angry..we quit talking..maximum 1 hour..then we sign a “Peace-pact” which is thrown in the dustbin during the next fight 😛 Any ways if there is someone in this whole world whom I love other than myself its Mahi


Stay Tuned 🙂 Reviews welcomed 🙂

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  11. Awesome fabulous intro
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