“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ CHAPTER-9


I was well aware that we had to do the entire planning as a SECRET & not let Twinkle have the least hint of whats cooking up..I normally was more excited than her for her Birthday & would scream “ eeeeee TWINKI..tera BIRYHDAYYY aaaa raha” every now & then almost a week before 16th 😛 😉

But this time it was all quiet from my side..I wasn’t showing my excitement although I was damn excited planning it !! <3 ^_^ I stopped my conversations with her..I made an excuse that I was busy & was spending more time with Yuvi..which I actually was for the planning & silly Twinki thinks its because I like him..hehe..well I surely do like him 😛

I mean I really think I like him when just a glimpse of his makes my entire day..his smile can make me happy no matter what mood I m in..his Foolish talks can make me laugh & hurt my stomach..his stupid pranks aren’t irritating to me..& any talks against him can make me furious..I do Like him..Isn’t that obvious..Well I have to meet him early tomorrow morning as just 3 days are left for Twinkle’s birthday & discuss the plan & tell Kunj about it..

“Good night Twinki” I spoke & slid beneath my blanket

“Good night Mahi” she replied


I was walking in the library holding his hands..He squeezed it tight & I just chuckled & looked up in his eyes..His dark black eyes..& he was giving me a look that girls could swoon over with that perfect Smile of his which was making me totally lost in his magic spell..I also Smile back..He leans with his lips getting closer to mine..I could feel his breath on my face..& my heart beats were racing with the passing seconds..I stand on my toes out of no where..I guess its just that magic spell I mentioned..& then our lips touch each others’..There is a spark..not wanting me to leave him but I pull back after a little while..I smile at Yuvi & he smiles back..The look in his eyes tells me that he really cares for me..An Alarm goes on & we look around for the source..our Smiles lost !!

I wake up in my bed sighing..Turning off the alarm clock beside my bed..I sit straight & realize what I just dreamt of..I kissed Yuvi & I liked it !! I paused for a moment..Suddenly I realize I need to clear my head..get ready & go to the library early to meet & discuss the plan with Yuvi..that was barely a DREAM !!



“Don’t call her that..she is cute..” I playfully snapped..smacking him lightly on the arm

“One night out..& u r willingly touching me..” he said,smirking “Wow !! U move pretty fast..dont u ??” he lightly slapped her face “Well,we two can play that game”

“Its not like a gentleman to slap a girl in the face” I said..taking the hand that slapped me & slapping him in the face with it..”Its not a very polite thing to do”

“I have never claimed to be a gentleman” He said “& I have never promised that I would be polite..U know me too well”

Both of us laughed for a moment..we were so happy with how easily we were able to communicate now..as Friends !! 🙂 🙂

I opened the doors of library & peered inside just to make sure if there was any teacher…& I thanked my lucky stars that the librarian was on leave these days

“May I escort u to ur seat, Madame?? KUNJ asked..holding his arm out to his sides

“Yes,Thank u very much, Sir” I replied..taking his arm & standing as tall as possible

I felt another flip in my stomach..I had no idea from where these high spirits were coming this morning !!


I shoved the thought aside..because I knew it would lead to thoughts about Kunj possibly liking me..& I knew that it would be too unlikely..We were Friends & I just happened to have a little crush on him..That’s Normal !! 😛 😉

“Here u are” said Kunj when he spotted the place where I usually sit

I slipped myself on the seat..some what reluctantly releasing my grasp on his arm..I was just placing my bag on the desk when I fully registered that Kunj was still standing there..

“What ??” I asked..giggling slightly

He smirked “No Tip ??”

“You can sit here..If u want” I said, patting the spot on the bench next to me..

“That would be enough,I think” He said,with a Smile..those cute dimples forming on his cheeks <3

He sat down beside me..with his back towards the table..



I turned my head..though I was a really happy the way he appreciated my company I just did a thumbs up signal & started taking out the assignments from my bag..

“Why are u always lost in these books ??” he said grinning

I was confused for a while but then I replied “I don’t have anything else to do..thats y”

He pushed a book towards me..”Saved u some time” he said “I am pretty helpful..aren’t I ??”

“Thank u” I beamed & nodded “& yes u r very helpful..How did u know what book I read these days??”

“What can I say ??” he said “I am a Genius”

He turned towards the door hearing footsteps & said “If u don’t mind I should be leaving now”

I simply nodded..I turned my head & saw Mahi  with Yuvi..

Kunj also saw that & turned to face me..

“Do u think Mahi will be dating Yuvi ??” with his eyebrow raised

“I don’t know..but don’t they look cute together??” I said with that “Awww expression” on my face <3

“CUTE ?? Listen Twinkle just ask Mahi to stay away from Yuvi if she wants any relationship !!” He said with a stern face

“But what’s the problem..he is ur friend..she is my friend..we both know them very well” I said with a confused look

“That’s the exact reason I m telling u to do so..Just do what I say” he said & went away


“Huzooor is kadar bhi na Itra k chaliye..

Khule aam Aanchal na lehra k chaliye..” I sang looking Mahi in the eyes

“First of all I am not wearing a Saree then how come its AANCAHL ?” She winked at me

“Arey mohtarma..Bhaawnaao ko samajhiye..Shabdo pen a jaiye” I spoke

She just laughed

“Ye ladka haye Allah kaisa hai Deewana..

Kitna mushkil hai yaara isko samjhana..” she sang

“Oh goshh !! Competetion??” I raised my eyebrow

“Aree nahi we r here to discuss the plan not play Antaakshari..It was just a song according to the situation” She replied pulling out a seat..

“Songs !! Aree Twinkle sings na..Lets include this singing too” I suggested

“Idiot !! Uske birthday pe usi se happy birthday gawayega ??” Mahi gave that ‘U r a Stupid’ look to me

I heard a Giggling sound & turned away to look..Kunj was standing there..He made a Gun shape with his hand & put it against his head..

“Mahi is right..U r soo IDIOT” he exclaimed

“Soooo what ?? That was just a suggestion” I just shrugged

Kunj then sat down turned towards Mahi & said “I beg u..Don’t include any of his Suggestions..& Don’t dare leave me alone with this idiot in the planning” He winked

Mahi laughed & looked at me..I bounced back “I can imagine the horror” 😛 😀



“Dear Diary,

I wish u could bring u to life..something like Magic if existed as in Harry Potter then I swear I would have done anything to turn u to life & make u my best friend.. :*

I was in the library with Twinkle..She held my arms & walked..without hesitation !! exactly as every boy wishes to..That was a moment I would cherish..forever..The glow on her face..The Smile on her face..Her trust on me..Her twinkling Hazel eyes..



I wonder how this simple girl has changed me..completely..I never felt butterflies..nor my stomach doing flips..nor any one’s presence mattered to me other than my mother..My eyes never twinkled getting a glimpse of some1..neither was I ever interested in planning surprises..But with her its all different..


I was sitting with Mahi & Yuvi planning Twinkle’sbirthday surprise..Mahi really is a sweet heart..She is intelligent & I m thankful I am not doing it alone with Yuvi..Else it would have been “A MARRIAGE CEREMONY” rather than “A SURPRISE PARTY” 😀 😀

He never wishes anything to be simple..each & everything should be grand & wonderful..I wonder what charm of his works on girls..They definitely r crazy for him..!! I hope Mahi doesn’t fall for him..!! It will only result in a Heart-break because Yuvi never will believe in Love 🙁

& also I hope Twinkle likes the Surprise we are planning !! :/




So guys what u think about the Surprise ?? What do u hope will happen with Mahi and Yuvi ?? & what suggestions will u give them to make them plan something which Twinkle likes ^_^ <3

Waiting for ur reviews 🙂 🙂

Stay Tuned <3 🙂 Love u all 🙂 ♥

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