“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ CHAPTER-7


After Twinkle left the library…We started working on the assignment Yuvi wanted to discuss..I helped him understand the basics…& when he was busy solving the questions..I quickly captured his as many glimpses I could get in my mind..He indeed looked innocent..I wonder if he really is..hehe 😛

It was nearly two hours since we were studying..

We had almost completed the assignment & were the last one left in the library..I looked down at my watch “I think we have done enough studying for today..We should leave if u wish..”

Yuvi smiled & stood up..”C’mon Mahi lemme walk u to ur class”

I hesitated at first but then gave in..

“Alright..but if anyone sees us together I will pretend we are strangers”

“Wait a sec..Did u just say u would ‘Pretend’ we are strangers..Does that mean that we are Friends now ???” Yuvi spoke as we walked out of the library doors

“Well yes but don’t take advantage of that” I chuckled

“So Friends can exchange their contact numbers right ??” He said making his eyes bigger

I simply nodded & gave him the contact number..



After setting YUHI together I walked out of the Library..imagining what stuffs would Mahi tell me once we reach our Room..I just made an excuse of Lab to leave them together & now because of my generous nature had no place to sit & do the assignment..Yes I thought of going to the canteen but then I remembered how I spoiled my Novel the last time I sat there to study…!!

I did not find a proper place so went by the trees planted in the college campus..They had a pavement made around them..In the afternoon..those huge canopies gave shade from the sun where I decided to sit & complete my assignment..

I was lost in those questions & solutions when I heard a tune being played on the guitar..I turned around to see..I was interested in Music since my childhood..I enjoyed it so I follwed

It was coming from a place near the Exit gate of the college..I stopped near the last tree making it sure that I wasn’t visible to any of them standing there..It isn’t a good manner to hide up & watch people..

I could see a guy there with his guitar..There were kids jumping around him in their school dress & he on his knees was playing the tunes they wished for..

“Bhaiya Gulabi Aankhein bajaiye please ” spoke a cute girl jumping with the chocolate which he gave her and all I could listen after that was the melodious tune..I wanted to sing since that was one of my favorite songs but was afraid that my hiding would then be of no use..

I was lost in the magical tune..The winds blowing & giving a sense of relief..The silence in the environment & the musical notes reaching my ears..

It then suddenly stopped..!!

I wanted him to continue so I peeped to see if he is gone..

Since I was facing his back I couldn’t see his face but I really adored the way he played with his guitar strings making the whole atmosphere enchanting..& then he suddenly turned & WOAH it was KUNJ !!

I was Aww-struck !! I turned immediately trying to hide..numerous thoughts going through my mind..& me unable to concentrate on a single one & messing them up..My heart beats raised & breaths heavy !!

I did not want him to see me hiding..I waited behind the tree for about 30 mins..just making it sure that he went..I wanted to escape that place soon..I went to collect my assignments & found a note there written on a page torn from my register..

“Dear Twinkle

It’s the third week of the college & there are a few things I want u to know..


2. M really glad that we became Friends 🙂

3. M keeping it short because I see u got a Date with these books..& I shouldn’t act as an obstacle 😉 😉




DAMN !!! He knows it was me !! 🙁

My heart just sank thinking what a Fool I made of myself :/



“Bhai mujhe Twinkle pasand hai” Kunj spoke while we were in his room

“Abey tune chadha rakhi hai kya bhai ??” I was amazed at his sudden confession 😮

“Mai nahi peeta yaarr !!” Kunj said with assurance

“Tujhe kabse ladkiyo mein interest ho gaya ??”

“Bhai mazaak nahi !! U know me yaarr..I never have got this feeling with any of the girls earlier..I mean kaise samjhaun..umm umm..like with all those other girls I felt as a friend but with Twinkle its different..I don’t have to pretend when I am with her..I am just myself..She makes me feel different..she makes me feel like I can be happy with some one not just fake those Smiles..u know actually be happy !!” Kunj said with a desperate try to make me understand his point

I kept watching him..The expressions on his face..There was truth in his eyes..The way he was trying to explain me why was it different with Twinkle..He was out of reasons but still tried to..I could understand his feelings..He never had been a guy accepting even the friendship of girls but now here he is actually telling me he likes Twinkle !! I don’t deny one look & I liked Twinkle”” too..but any girl who is pretty attracts me the same way..wasn’t much difference to me..But my Best friend seems to be head over heels for that girl..but still say he just ‘Likes’ her 😛 Silly eh ?? hehe

“Bhai tune btaya use ??” I asked

“Kise ??” He replied with his eyebrows raised

“Abey Bhabhi ko” I winked

“SAAALE” He picked up the vase & threw at me..I dogged it !!

“Abey aaj nahi to kal to Bhabhi hi ban jayegi na..” I again teased

“Nahi bhai abhi nahi..I don’t even know what she thinks of me..Anyways u told me that u liked her too na ??” Kunj changed the topic

“Areey haaan !! Lekin ab Bhabhi ko thodi na chedunga..” I chuckled “Sun Mahi meri” I winked

“Bhai no funny business..they are best friends..she isn’t ur type” Kunj said with a stern face

“Acchaa…I even got her phone number..Dekh..I have my own ways bhai” I said & showed him Mahi’s contact

Kunj rolled his eyes & started blabbering every detail of Twinkle..I know she is Beautiful but how can a boy be so lost in a girl’s charm..!!

Hell !! My bestiee is trapped & I know there isn’t any way that I can rescue him other than helping him..& I knew if I don’t he will remain Twinkle’s Silent Lover for an entire lifetime..So I decided to help Mr.Desirable..I opened Mahi’s contact & Typed a text..I was shocked at the reply !!




“Dear Diary,

I don’t know how to judge this day..I am happy indeed !!

I was as usual playing the songs the kids wished to listen..I enjoy doing that..making them smile..They are the kids living in the orphanage beside the college building..I also give them chocolates..But today as I was about to leave them & return to my class I saw TWINKLE peeping from behind the tree & as she saw me she hid again..



I really don’t have any idea why she did so..We are old enough to be playing HIDE & SEEK right..hehe..I wanted to go to her..but on my way I decided not to go..as that would embarrass her..but still that situation calls for a little teasing..isn’t it ??

So I wrote a note & that too on the page torn from her register 😛 I kept that short as I wasn’t sure how would she react but mann I really ENJOY TEASING HER 😛 😀 But this time I missed the Reaction of her face..those Expressions..She really cute that way..all confused 😛 😉

I told Yuvi..I told him about my feelings for Twinkle ..I really don’t know what he thought of me & my feelings..because he isn’t the one who believes in Love & Relationships..&he even said he would Date Mahi now..Already having her contact number..Wait I still don’thave Twinkle’s number & this Yuvi..Hahh !! :/ This boy really moves Fast !!??

O Damn !! Forgot to tell u..Its Twinkle’s Birthday on 16th & I absolutely have no idea how to make it special !! 🙁 🙁




Stay tuned

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  1. Amazing

  2. awesome episode
    thanks to u that kunj told uv about his feeling toward twinkle….and now there will be no love triangle beween twinj and uv as uv gets his date mahi….i must say kunj is riht uv is really fasthe gets mahi’s number ?
    post the next part soon cant wait for it
    bye…take care

  3. 1st I love your shayari they are just awsm u should be shayar man and 2nd the epioad was very interesting I loved plss psot soon

  4. SSK

    Superb episode… Bful shayari n lived the way kunj reused twinkle… Plz post soon want to read further ?

    1. SSK

      Teased not reused typo ?

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