“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ CHAPTER-4

Twinkle pov

I reached the place we decided to meet..and there he was standing with a chocolate box..& a cute Teddy..in a simple white t-shirt..and black shirt with its buttons open..blue rugged jeans..with black formal shoes..hair was also done..slicked back and parted slightly to the back with spikes..I walked forward and smiled at him..

“U r looking beautiful..Trying to impress someone ??” Kunj winked at me & handed me the box & the Teddy 🙂

“umm—eh tenxxx” I flushed red

“I was confused what to get for u..had to actually ask my friends to help me” He spoke

“Ohh..they are sweet..convey my Thank u to them..I do love Chocolates & teddies” I replied with a Smile

“Every Girl does” He said & winked 😉

He gestured me to walk..like a perfect gentleman by bowing down a little “After u beautiful” <3

“Actually I am sorry..I was late..I took..” I was about to explain and make up an excuse when he just spoke “ I can understand..Girls normally take time dressing up” in a teasing tone 😛

“Cant u ever stop teasing me” I made a puppy face

He simply smiled and turned his face away..& then he pointed towards a Bike !!

“Princess ur chariot for today..hop on..arrey no no..let me sit first” He spoke and sat on the bike..removed the stand and turned it on..and looked at me “C’mon u already are Late..We don’t have the entire night..Do we ??” He raised an eyebrow and asked me

I attempted to sit on the bike..and placed my hands on his shoulders..an unknown shiver ran through me that was unlike anything I’d ever felt before !! I took a deep breath..trying to ignore the sensation..and settled myself behind him on the bike.. he glanced over his shoulder at me..I removed my hands and tightly gripped the bike’s back portion..He raised an eyebrow at me..and I blushed !!

“I—I sort of—I Fear Speed” she said

“Had I known that..I could have made other arrangements” he said “U held my shoulders to get on this..u can hold on to me—“ he blushed redder than I had at the mention of my fear of speed..”I—I mean if u need to..I am not sure if I want u suffocating me the entire time—but—-“

“I can hold onto the back of ur bike” I suggested and he nodded..still slightly blushing

I gripped his bike as tightly as I could..prepared for when he would begin riding..

“Are u ready ??” he asked not looking at me

“Yes I think so” I replied

“All right then—-“ he said “Lets go”

He started slowly but eventually gained speed and began to go at a comfortable rate..After a few moments of silence he looked over his shoulders at me again

“U doing all right ??” he asked

“Yes” I replied..I was actually enjoying the ride..though the wind was making all the efforts of Mahi go in vain 😛

“U aren’t wearing the helmet..Are u sure we wont get into trouble ??” I asked

He briefly turned to face me and smiled “I cant guarantee that,Twinkle”

“Its Twinki for friends” I said “and unlike u I cant risk getting into a hospital..specially when there is no1—I mean in the middle of studies” I suddenly changed that dark reality of mine which I was going to share with him

He laughed “U wont have to..U r just Paranoid..Have a little fun once in a while..” He turned around again..my face had flushed red and he said “What ?? Do u never do things like this ??”

I turned even redder “Just because my idea of fun is different–“

He raised his eyebrows “So am I right then ??”

“Shut up Kunj..” I snapped “I actually don’t have much time..Can we just watch Delhi on ur bike please ??” I asked

“yeah sure.. He said smirking “& the last time I checked..I am the one who is keeping u stable on this bike..Dont b so winy and I might not drop u”

“U wouldn’t drop me” I said,narrowing my eyes

“Oh,wouldn’t I ??”

He started to tilt the bike heavily from side to side..causing me to scream horribly !!

“Shut up..Dont be so loud” he said “Oh Watch out..Its going out of control”

He did his complete breath-taking stunt with his bike,laughing harder than ever..I could have watched..but frantically wrapped my arms around his body and buried my head into his back..just to get a grip on something..

I remained in that position for the rest of the time..barely peeking out at times to see Delhi at night..It was a beautiful night indeed..even if I was too scared to back up and fully appreciate all of it..I couldn’t back away because—

I now truly realized what position I was in..I had my arms wrapped around him and my head was resting on his back !! My heart began to beat faster and I felt myself sweating again..but I did not pull away..I hoped that he wasn’t paying attention and if I backed away he might notice !!



I told myself in mind 😉

My thoughts were interrupted when we came to an abrupt stop..I gained the courage to just lift my head..realizing that we were right in front of an Ice cream stall..

“ICE-CREAM” I don’t know why did I shout that..It just came out of no where 😛 😉

“Yeahhh..I knew..I mean every girl is crazy for it..and since its just 8:30..I thought to get u an ice cream..Its too early for Dinner right !!?”

I wasn’t concentrating on him..instead I was constantly looking at the Ice-creams being sold..

“Twinkle !!” He called

“Ohh haan..What??” I replied..not looking at him even

“I said its 8:30 so..” “Whatt ?? Whatt time is it ??” I screamed before he could complete his sentence “I—I have to reach the room till 9..please..” I remembered Mahi’s words

“Ohk..I promise I will drop u home at time..But at least an Ice-cream..Its our Date lady” He again winked at me

“Butterscotch and no its no Date Sirrr” I said with a stern face

He went to take the Ice cream..I stood near the bike..The wind was blowing..I looked at him..

In the moonlight he did look handsome..I could see a slight dimple in his right cheek..I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers through his hair..look in his eyes forgetting the whole world <3 I wished I could stay for a Little more while..sit on his bike & roam around with him..watch Delhi with him ^_^

He came..we ate the ice cream and returned back home..I guided him with the direction and we finally reached the room..

I again held his shoulder..and got down..

He scratched the back of his neck and stared at me “Er—Sorry for that Stunt thing..I forgot–”

“No..No” I Spoke “Its okay Sadu”

He managed to laugh lightly “Er—So nicknames from now on..eh ?”

“I don’t see why not” I said..My hands drifted to my hair again…and my smile faded slightly “I must be looking like a mess—“

“U don’t” He said “I—I mean just ur hair..a little worse than usual” he added,rather quickly

I felt butterflies in my stomach but didn’t pursue that subject any farther..I giggled and looked down at my feet “Well, I had lot of fun today Kunj”

He smiled at me…with those cute dimples forming on his cheeks “No Problem—well umm—Good night Twinkle”

“Good night Kunj”

“ummm—as u were late today..& added to that had a little time too I couldn’t make this Date special..As a punishment for u..I will take u out again..soon..” He winked & started the bike ”India Gate & Dinner still remains Beautiful” he said as he started leaving

I watched him drive away..and waved back at him when he had turned around to do so..As soon he was out of sight I took a deep sigh and practically flew upstairs to my room..

Mahi-“How was it ??” I could tell she was more exited than me 😛

Twinkle -“I will explain u everything..lemme change”

Mahi-“U both were on bike na..I can tell than by ur hair..and the way u r blushing..hn hn..Twinkle  tell na..what what happened”

Twinkle-“Mahi shhhh..” & I closed the door to change..She kept speaking outside the bedroom 😛

I slipped off my dress..wore my night dress..took off the earrings..and ran my hand through my hair and messed it up..made it up in a bun..& then washed my face..

I opened the door and Mahi stood right in front of me..

I explained her all.. & she kept teasing me…

While in my bed…I had many thoughts coming in my mind

“I got nervous randomly in front of him..I got shivers from a simple touch..I really don’t know what it is..But this feeling is good & I am loving it..today he did not mention any Random Shayari…


Kunj pov

“Dear Diary,

I really cant tell u exactly what happened today !!

It really was a memorable night..I don’t even know where to begin..I saw her at 7 and man she looked beautiful..of course she is..but I mean she looked extra beautiful..as a princess in a flower printed pink dress !! She made an extra effort for her eyes..& had few strands of her hair left loose in front..though I did not mention it to her..but I noticed it because I love those eyes..those eyes are pools of beautiful hazel..I could swim in that !! <3

She made a puppy face today..& man I wanted to kiss her then & there but I just turned my face away trying hard to hide my feelings..I pointed at the bike..she held my shoulder to sit on it..& just to mention “She is the first girl occupying the back seat of my bike” I just don’t know but it was as a shiver ran through my body..We kept talking & it was then she told me she Fears speed !! Man that was really helping..!!

Though I had no intention..& I did that just for total fun..& teasing her stuff but it gave me a memory to cherish forever <3

When I did that stunt..I knew she had her eyes closed..& she wont see me in that blinded state..so I smiled..I never really thought of anything as “Adorable” or “Beautiful” but the way her curls flowed in the wind and the way her smile lit up the night…the way she held on to me as I was all she had left..That was Adorable..That was Beautiful..And she just stayed like that..burying her head in my back..It was a feeling I just can’t tell..as if I got everything I require..as if that moment was meant to last forever..as if SHE WAS THE GIRL !!



We blushed a lot today..& I know we both noticed it..Whenever nervous she blinks a couple of times or keeps watching her feet..I wonder what is so interesting in them..

I don’t exactly know but I think it’s a full—on–Crush !!

Oh..Kunj..U have really changed !!





Aaj no Questions from my side but REVIEW to banta hai na Boss !! ;

I posted a long chapter today..with dher saari mehnat & I hope u all liked it <3

Eagerly waiting for ur comments ^_^ Stay tuned

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