“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ CHAPTER-3

Twinkle pov

After changing into the dress I wore the flower shaped earring..I had a sandal of Baby pink color to match with the dress..I was sitting in front of the mirror ready for Mahi to do my hair as I promised I would let her do.. 🙂

I found myself cheerful today..May be I slept a bit longer today or may be it was a lucky day or may be I woke up at the right side of the bed or


Regardless of my nerves from yesterday I really did feel like I was befriending Kunj Sarna..the Guy with his own charm..every girl in the college seemed to be attracted to him as a Magnet and he did not even pay Attention to any one else than me..Why was it so ?? Or may be I m just thinking too much !! :/

We still had a Date tonight..no—not quite a Date..We weren’t dating of course..we weren’t even attracted to each other..And I was having mixed feelings !! :/

At first the idea of hanging out with him freaked me out a bit..!!

I mean a guy just casually asking a girl to meet up Saturday’s Evening..go to see a place and even have dinner..No—No I will quit dinner..It was of course my wish as he said..Its really a odd thing for me..the way the whole thing is going out..May be it was different for the Delhi boys..They did it all the time !! 😮

But now I was perfectly happy hanging out with him !! It would be nice to get out for a little while..It would also give me an opportunity to know him better..Know about his life..May be he had Siblings he dearly loved..or may be he had a strict family..We would be free tonight to just talk and talk and far away from making any judgements ^_^

Mahi stood with the comb and curler..She shook me !!

Mahi -“ Dreaming again b’ful ??”

I just tilted my head and spoke-“I do that only at night silly” 😛

“Well I thought u r asleep again and would be up only when Prince Charming came..to kiss and wake u from ur long dreams..as in Sleeping Beauty” She teased me

I just rolled my eyes..We kept talking and within no time she beautifully did my hair..They were perfectly set back and went straight down with bouncy curls at the end..though she left a few strands loose in front..

“ Awww don’t u look like a Princess” Mahi said placing a kiss on my cheeks :*

“All the credit goes to u” I said with a smile

“Ok have a last check I m going to call Amar asking about his exams” Mahi said

“Yeahh..Alright !!” I replied

I stood in front of the mirror.. examining myself..I was glad, at the very least that I had a nice skin..I never had to wear a whole lot of makeup !!

As I looked at myself from head to toe..I found my eyes a little dull..those Hazel colored eyes were lovely of course but something seemed missing !! What would it hurt to put a little something extra on them.. very little that its not even noticeable !!

I looked through Mahi’s makeup bag and pulled out a small eye shadow palate..I decided on a light cream color,just to brighten up my eyes a bit !! That wasn’t a major difference..but I thought that made my eyes look nicer..I suddenly spotted the Eyelash Curler..I promptly curled my lashes and coated them with a thin layer of mascara 🙂

I smiled at the reflection of mine in the mirror..I looked nice enough…well it wouldn’t hurt me to call myself Pretty today..not that it really mattered !!:P

“Of course..I really dint had anyone to Impress..especially if it would be just the two of us :P” I smiled and told myself..I had to get to the staircase at 6 pm 🙂

“Twinki its almost 7 !!” Mahi stressed “7” running into the bed room !!

“Oh Damn !! I did not realize in our talks..I will have to apologize for being late..He must be waiting Mahi !!” I kept speaking out of nervousness..

We headed out of the room and went straight at the place where he called me to meet though at 6 pm :/ Mahi left me at the entrance and told me to reach home by 9 and not be much late!!

I walked inside..Nervously !!


“Dear Diary,

I know I usually tell u things at night but I am totally confused today !!

I have my BMW Z4 & PORSCHE BOXTER that I usually use to roam about in the city but I do not want Twinkle to know about my family..and think of me as a spoiled rich brat..So I am planning on going on HONDA CBR 250 R of mine..!!

I know every girl loves to be going in a car on her first Date..But this isn’t really a date !! Right ?? Oh Man Why m I soo confused !! 😮

Its just a meeting..I will show her Delhi..thats it !!

I need not worry..We will go..we will roam about..talk a bit..smile and laugh..eat something and return back home..I just hope everything goes fine today and I don’t act as a nervous wreck..because I really am starting to get nervous around her and I m not Liking it !!

O man should I just take something for her !!?? But what if she doesn’t likes it ??

But going without anything..naah that’s not what a gentleman does..lemme take few flowers..a bunch of red roses..but Red color..umm I will make that Yellow..but what if she likes Red..!!

O Lord..Help me !!


Should I take chocolates..no flowers..only Chocolates..or may be both !!? Its soo confusing..I need Help !! :/

Its already 6 !! I need to leave !!

Update u after the meeting !! Wish me Luck 🙂




How do u think the date is going to be ?? Do u think Twinkle’s getting late will have any affect on Kunj ?? Will their nervousness lead to some kind of mess ??

Waiting for ur response 🙂 <3 Do comment 🙂 🙂

Stay tuned for d Date

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    Twinkle is a sweetheart ?❤️❤️❤️
    I imagined her in that look n she looked the prettiest ??
    Super exited for their not-really-date date ??
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    A lovely chappy , bro! ??
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