“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny“ CHAPTER-2~ MIXED FEELINGS

Twinkle pov

I had never felt so watched..It was a strange feeling..like someone was watching everything u were doing and their intent was completely unknown to u..No matter wherever I went I couldn’t shake that feeling..It was as if the person was every where I tried to go..It was awkward..yes..but what could I say :/

I tried desperately to concentrate my gaze on the Chemistry assignment I was completing..It did not help that the library was so quiet..of course it helped me study..but it just added to the feeling of discomfort..and I couldn’t focus on the assignment anyway..The feeling of being watched was too distracting to focus on anything at all,really !! :/

I slung my shoulders..my eyes darting to where I last felt the other person’s gaze was coming from..It was from behind the bookshelves..a few rows down from where I was seated to work..

I half tip toed to that location carefully making no sounds..I just prayed that the person shouldn’t have left and got lost in the sea of other students in the corridor..but when I reached there..no one was to be seen.. :/

I decided to go to the canteen and have a sweet corn soup..and continue reading my novel there..which I had in my bag..

“Morning Twinkle” I jumped at this voice which came from a mouth straight near my ears..

I knocked all the soup over the book..

“U were lucky that wasn’t a library book Kunj” I snarled

“Oh yeah ?” he said ,grinning and sitting down beside me “And what would u do then hn? “

“I—The book—It would be ruined”

“Right” he said “Its just a book” to my surprise we had an eye contact that lasted for a while before he said “Let me help u with that” snapping me out of his trance..

Trance..The word made me feel uncomfortable..like he was Hypnotic..!! <3

He wasn’t that Attractive.. was he ?? 😮

Hell yeah he was !! But I was just caught up in the moment..that’s all !!

I said comforting myself..though in my mind 😛

He leaned over the table and grabbed a napkin..his Lips barely touching my Cheeks..my Breath on his Face..!!

Damn Straight I wanted something to happen..but unsure what that something meant..my heart was Skipping Beats and my Eyes were Half Closed..

“Could I ask u what this book is ?” He asked,looking up at me again

I surveyed him for a moment and nodded “Yes of course u could..Its my copy of “Message in the bottle” by “Nicholas Spark” and I have had it since I was 14…Oh NO !! the book is going to smell for ages…”

“I am sorry” he said quickly “But if u had it since u were 14..why are u taking the time to read it now ??”

“I have read it a dozen times…” a smile forming on my lips “I read it often” 🙂

He grinned.. “Ah so lady u got some taste for Love hn..

Arz kia hai-


ISHQ CHEEZ HI AISI HAI..KAMBHAKT !! ”“Don’t be stupid” I snapped..after picking up on his sarcasm and laughing “But I really say ur Shayari Talent attracts me a lott..I –I mean that its good” I stammered

“Well that’s actually good” He stood up “So make sure u wear a Beautiful Dress for our first date..” he said and left

I couldn’t just believe my ears..what did he just say OUR FIRST DATE..!!

I was surprised..confused..a little nervous..also happy..may be even scared..I watched him go..he suddenly turned..and that’s what I love in him..the way he smiles..his cute dimples..I wished I could run to him and give him a kiss..He winked at me and went away !!

“It wasn’t a date right ?? People who don’t know each other don’t go on dates..eh ??”

“No Twinki they do..and its called Blind date..”

“But that was for stupid,unrealistic,romance novels..some books every teenage girl just dies for !!”

I argued with myself in my mind 😉 😛

I just shook my head and brought out the assignment from the bag..I tried to concentrate on it..

I had solved two questions in a matter of minutes but as I saw what I wrote in the third answer I was shocked..

Magnesium..Aluminium..Kunj sarna ..Date

I quickly scribbled that with numerous lines so that no one could notice it !!

I closed my eyes in attempt to regain some Sanity..and leaned up against the chair !!

After the college I went with Mahi to the room and told each other about the classes..

I just skipped that small incident of canteen..I really did not want Mahi to know that I was getting those feeling for “Mr. Date”..as she calls him 😉

“This night ends & then its my date…shhhh its not really a Date !!” I shook my head and closed my eyes to fall asleep 🙂


Kunj Pov

“Dear Diary,

Today when I walked into the canteen for my Lunch..I was shocked to find that my source of happiness has made its way to the Canteen so fast from the Library where I was secretly watching her..from behind the bookshelves..I don’t know if she noticed it..Zenith was already seated over the tables in one of the corners…poring over a book she had probably read countless times and absent mindedly swirling the spoon that was in her bowl 😛

Seeing as she was all alone..I seized the opportunity 🙂

I went silently towards her..She was so engrossed in her stupid book that she dint even notice my approaching footsteps..I bent down right behind her..put my head on her shoulders and whispered “Morning Twinkle” in a jokingly seductive voice

She was startled and this created a little mess I had to deal with..It was then I noticed her Hazel eyes..They are beautiful..as if it has got to say so much to u..She even appreciated my “Shayari Talent” as she says..I was also amazed to see how much concerned she is for a damn book 😉 I played my cards then..

“So make sure u wear a Beautiful Dress for our first date..”

was what I said..though I dint wait to listen to her replies 😛

yeah may be she would have even gifted me with a tight slap..so for safety I said that and left 😛

I turned to wink at her..and her face had mixed expressions..she was surprised..she was bewildered..even a little confused..

Damn she is a Gem !!

She looked soo cute with those expressions..and that gave me sudden urge to go and kiss her..but I just winked and left !!

I was right..she would hate it if I called it a date..So Why wouldn’t I ?? 😉 😛




Was Kunj correct..teasing Twinkle ??? Do u think Twinkle just gets caught in the moment or that feeling is something else ?? How do u expect their Date to turn out ??

Waiting for ur reviews 🙂 Do comment 🙂

Stay tuned for their Date <3 🙂

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