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Sanskar Anwar Abdulla : 23 yrs old… For him his whole world is his famly .. Fun loving n care free… Loves swara farooq.. N going to tie a knot with his love his swara. Lives in Mal’e Maldives…

Anwar Abdulla : Father of Sanskar n swara’s mamu.. Loves his famly.. Belongs to an island.. Bt he n his famly lives in the capital city of Maldives….

Naseema Abdulla : Mother of Sanskar.. A house wife .. Loves swara same as she loves her daughter Arzoo..

Arzoo Anwar Abdulla : 15 yrs old… bubbly grl who loves her famly a lottt… Loves to irritate sanskar…

Swara Usmaan Farooq : 20 yrs old… Fun loving care free grl… Loves her famly a lottt… Loves to irritate her elder brother n tease her little brother.. Both brothers love swara a lottt. . Having a grt bond with her mami(sankys mom)… Loves sanskar her mamu’s son.. N going to tie a knot with him soon … Lives in Mal’e Maldives….

Usman farooq : father of swara.. Loves his three childrens equally… Loves Arzoo n sanskar same as his own children’s.. Belongs to Mal’e Maldives n lives their only..

Asma farooq : Mother of swara n sister of Anawr Abdulla…A house wife… Loves her brothers son more Dan her children’s….

Ahil Usmaan farooq : 23 yrs old… Elder son of usmaan n Asma… Doing job with his father in their famly business. Loves his younger sis n bro… Treates swara as his princesss…. Best frnd of sanskar…

Aman Usmaan farooq : 10 yrs old….younger son of Usmaan n Asma.. Loves to tease swara. . Dnt lyk Sanskar as he tease him so much…

Swasan loves eachother a lottt n r engaged now… Their wedding was on 26th December as swara herself choose the wedding date… Let’s see what’s written in the fate of SWASAN….

So let’s began the stry….

25 th December 2004

Male’ Maldives

Their were lotts of buldings wid different different colors… The beautiful blue coloured sea was srounded by the city… The whole city was in deep sleep… Silence was owning the city… Their ware a cool breez in the atmosphere… The city’s silence was broken by the sound of Azam… It feels blissful to here it… Its shows a colourfull building… A boy was seeing near a window…his hairs were caressing his forehead… His eyes were closed to feel the cool breez on his face… He was wearing a White shirt.. Listening the sound of Azam a smile appears on his lips making him more complete. He opns his brown eyes.. Their was a megic in his eyes… ” Sanskar” A voice came inside the flat…. “Coming Dad” He smiles n replied n went inside… Their his dad was waiting for him to go mosque.. Soon both left for mosque…

In Another Building. .

A grl was praying… Her head was covered with a white coloured shwl.. Only her face was visible… She was looking so fresh ..After completing the prayer she sits their itself n closed her beautiful hazelnut eyes to make dua.. After sometimes she palmed her face.. A beautiful diamond ring was on her ring finger.. A gold bracelet was on her both hands making her more beautiful… She removed her White shwl on her making her covered long black hairs visible.. A gold pendant was on her neck with a letter “s” on it.. “Swara” a voice came inside of the flat.. “Coming Mamma” While replying she kept her shwl on her bag n left the room with the bag…. Their her mom was waiting for her.. She looks so tension.. Swara smiles seeing her n hugs her from back..

Swara : Cool Mamma.. Everything is packed now…

Asma : R u sure everything is pecked. .nothing important is left na.

Swara : No mamma nthn is left. Just chill….

Asma broke the hug n caresses swara’s hair…

Asma : y u grow up so early.. It was just yesterday whn I hold u in my arms for the first time.. Y to merry so early.. Sanskar can wait for u na…

Swara smiles at her mom’s talks…

“Whts going here” A voice came behind… “Dad” by saying this swara runs to her dad.

Swara : Dad u knw ur wife is saying me not to merry..

Usmaan : waooo thts grt .. Bt If swara won’t merry den wht will happen to ur son Sanskar haa…

Ahil : Yes mom what will happen to our sanskar ..

Asma : huhhh!! I dsnt mean like tht. .

All bursts out.. Asma too joins thm. They stopped laughing whn they heard Aman…

Aman : Dad!!!! Can’t v go from another launch. I dnt wanna go with monkey bro.. ????

Swara n Ahil wides their eyes.. Before they could say anything usmaan speaks…

Usmaan : Ur rite Aman v can go from another launch.. Bt after going to tht island u will live with ur monkey bro na.. Ur dad dnt have any home their… That’s ur mom n ur mamus home na. .

Aman : Huhhh…

Usmaan n Ahil takes all the bags out… All seated in the car.. Usmaan n Asma were sitting in front… Aman was sitting between Swara n Ahil… Swara pinches on Amans hand..

Aman : oucccchhhh!!!

Swara : (places her hand on his month n talks slowly) wht u said inside haa.. U called sanskar monkey…???

Aman : (bites swara’s palm slitly) Yes so wht..

Swara : Ahh!!! U stupid…

Aman : N u ur going to b Mrs.monkey…

Swara looks at him as I will kill u… Ahil who heard thm hits on Amans hand slightly…

Ahil : Shhh!!! He is ur elder bro n now now is going to b ur brother in law.. So give respect to him..

Aman : Respect my foot…. Ur Monkey bro’s right hand n she is left… So u both r also monkeys like him..(saying this he laughs)

Swara : if v both r monkey’s so ur also monkey… Ur our little bro na so ur little monkey…

Saying this swara n Ahil gives a HiFi making Aman irritate..

Near Jetty…

Sanskar was walking here n their while others were seated inside the launch…

Arzoo : (peeps her head out) bro come inside.. Ur would b wife is nt going anywhere… She will also sit here wid us….

Saying this she laugh… Naseema looks at her she stops laughing while placing her finger on her lips making naseema smile.. Arzoo too smiles… Sanskar comes n was about to sit beside arzoo with a sad face whn they heard a car sound… His face glows…he peeps his head out n sees swara coming out form the car… Her hairs were disturbing her a lottt… Yet again he got mesmerized seeing her…. Soon all get inside.. Swara passed a smile to Sanskar while getting in. He too smiles… Swara sits in the back seat with Ahil… Seeing it a chance sanskar goes near thm n was about to sit beside Swara bt his bad luck Aman sits their while giving attitude to Sanskar.. With a heavy heart sanskar sits beside Ahil… While all others were sitting on the front seats.. After few mins their journey strys .. Aman holds swara’s hand in fear.. Swara makes him lye on her lape… sanskar noticed it n teases him…

Sanskar : Hey fatso If ur tht much scared go to ur mom…

Aman : (looks at Sanskar) U monkey bro I knw wht u want.. Bt I won’t leave ur Mrs.monkey…

Ahil laughs.. While swara was trying hard to control… Sanky looks at Ahil so he stoped laughing…. Its been 2hrs since they r travelling…sanskar who was listening music saw Aman sleeping on swara’s lape… He looks at swara to his surprise she was also sleeping.. Her head was on Ahils shoulder… Ahil was playing games on his phn.. He felt movement n looks at sanskar… Sanskar was pleading to him. . Ahil shows their parents who r taking eachother in the front seat… “Please please” sanskar pleades… Ahil smiles At his despiration… Without disturbing swara Ahil got up from their… With the nick of time sanskar sits on his place n placed swara’s head on his shoulder… Ahil smiles n goes to Arzoo n sit with her giving privacy to swasan…??… Sanskar was just stairng Swara…As the wind blows some of her hairs falls on her face.. Sanskar lockes her hairs behind her ear while his fingers caressed her cheeks making her awake… She opns her eyes n saw sanskar… He was too close to him.. She got lost in his eyes… It was a passionate eyelock… Swara broke the eyelock while parting her head from his shoulder… She searches for something… Sanskar Gives a water bottle to her.. She smiles n thanked him.. She drank water n returns the bottle to Sanskar… She looks at their parents… She holds sanskar’s hand n rests her head in his shoulder… Sanskar smiles at her act n caresses her cheeks with Lott’s of love… She smiled at him..

Sanskar : So r u ready to b mine..

Swara : Hmm… I just can’t wait to b urs… Can’t wait for 26th December

Sanskar : just one day darling.. Tommrow night u will b mine. .

Swara blushed….

After 4 hrs journey their launch was near Another jetty… Lotts off trees were seen each n evry corner of the island.. Blue lagoon was surrounded by the island . The colors of the blue see n the green leaves r gives immense happiness n peace…Soon all of thm gets down… Some one came to receive thm.. He took their luggages n left for the home… They all headed to their home… Children’s were runing here n their carefree… Their were some buildings in the island .. Mostly their r bigg houses… Shops… Hotels.. N many more r their….

Same Day Evening…

After having their lunch all took a short nape co if their journey… After evening tea evry one strts to do arrangement for tomorrow.. For the wedding.. Swara was doing some work given by her mom… She felt something on her so she looks here n their… She saw Sanskar.. He signals something n she looks down n found a fold paper… She opns it n read… After reading it she Shook’s her head in a noo… He becomes sad as she said no… Before going from their he agains look at her… To his surprise she was smiling…. He becomes happy n left from their….

Same Day Night 8PM


Sanskar was walking on the beach… Their were no light in the beach except the moon light n shining strs.. Sound of the waves. ????? cool breez of night were touching him… He was looking at the beautiful see whn someone pats his shoulder. He looks behind n smiles… (It was swara n in tht note he wrote to come the beach at night… First she said no bt seeing him sad she said yes n now she is their)

Swara : Y u call me here…

Sanskar (hold her hand) nthng… I just want to spend sometime with u alone…

Swara : Ohh is it…

Sanskar : Yup ..

Swara hold his hand n walks with him on the beach while resting her head on his shoulder.. After few mins they sit on the beach… They talk till the end… After few mins he didn’t got any reply frm her so he looks at her n she was sleeping… He stairs her.. He looked at his watch n became shocked..

Sanskar : Ohhh noo!!! Its going to b 12…(he pats swara’s cheeks) swara wake up… V have to go home…

She opns her eyes lazily… She rubs her eyes n both get up..swara walks bt sanskar hold her hand n stops her making her confused..

Sanskar : wait

Swara : wht happen sanskar.. Now u dnt wanna go home…

Sanskar : (comes close to her) no.. I want bt..

Swara : bt wht sasnssss(she couldn’t complete her sentence as sanskar kissed her cheeks)

Swara looks at him with widen eyes…while he was smiling..He comes more near her making her heart beat fast….

Sanskar : (whispers in her ears) welcm to 26th December… The day for ur waiting from so long…

Swara : (shocked) wht (looks at her watch) omg!!! Its 12. . (looks at sanskar) sanskar v need to go home soon.. Ahil bro n Arzoo must b worried..

Sanskar : K come let’s go..

Soon they left from their…Ahil n Arzoo gave I will kill u look to both of thm whn they came their respective rooms… They cutely says sry to thm n sleeps after getting freshn up….

26th December 2004

The orange coloured sun Raised declaring the morning…. It was a different day than others… The sea was so smooth… Not a single leaves r moving in the air… The Atmosphere was so calm.. After having their respective breakfast evry one leaves for their jobs… As its the month December school was also closed as its holidays …children’s left home to play with their frnds after having their bf with a hope of returning their home….

Swasan’s House

All had their breakfast n again strts to do the decorations for swasan wedding… Swara saw sanskar leaving home… She comes their without anyones notice…

Swara : Sanskar

Sanskar : Ya

Swara : where ur going in the early morning. .

Sanskar : (shows his watch) its not early morning darling.. Its going to b 9..

Swara : Bt where ur going .

Sanskar : m going to meet my frnd zaid.. Will come soon ..

Swara : (excited) waooo I will also come…. I also want meet my frnd Zara ..

Sanskar : no ur dad n ur mamu will kill me if I took u out today..

Swara : (making cute faces) sanskar plsss na…. Plssss take me wid u…. Sanskar plsssss

Sanskar : dnt do ur drama.. M not gonna melt this time…

Swara : (become sad). Ur changed Sanskar… Before merriage u changed… U dnt love me now… U u—

She left incomplete her words as sanskar placed his rough lips on her soft ones.. She was shocked at his sudden act ..her eyes become wide… After few mins Sanskar parted away from her.. He looks at her shocked face n smiles. ..

Sanskar : (cups her face) Never say tht my love for u is changed… It will never change swara… Never ever… I will send Zara here after going their home .. K

Swara still in shock n nodded yes cutely… Sanskar entwingle his fingers with hers… She couldn’t control more so she runs inside while blushing .. Her hand got slipped from his hand.. He felt pain in his heart whn her hands slipped from his … Bt he ignores n went to his frnds…


Sanskar was talking with his frnds enjoying whn they heard a loud noise… The went out of the house n saw a view infrnt of thm which make numb… The sea level rise…. With a neno time the waves were on their island… Both of thm were standing numb.. “Run” they heard some voice.. So they run… They were just runing n runing as much as they can ..Bt how much they could run… They saw the waves infrnt of thm also…. Now their were no place to run… The thing they can hear tht was peoples scream , voice of the waves…. Soon the waves grab thm inside… Sanskar tries to swim… Swim against those strong waves.. He tries his best… He dnt knw wht to do.. He saw a tree n tries to go near it…after Lott’s of struggle he reached the tree n holds the tree tight as much as he can… He was tired by now bt his grip on the tree was so tight… He saw a little grl sinking infrnt of him… He want to save the grl at anycost.. Bt he was tired bt the tiredness overpowered an unknown power… he left the tree n again strts swimming to save the little grl… He reached their n holds her n again goes near the tree…. He makes her hold the tree…. Bt before he could hold the tree again the waves took him away from their… The little grl was crying in fear bt she was holding the tree tight as per sanskar said to her….

Onother Side (m changing just the scene to swara dnt b confused the scene continue where sanskar left)

Swara comes to her room n close the door.. She goes near the mirrow n touches her lips.. She remembered how Sanskar shushh her mouth… She blushed.. She opnes The Almira n looks at her white wedding dress which she is gonna weare tonight for her wedding… She will b declared officially as his wife tonight… She looks at the clock ..

Swara : its just 9:15.. So much time left. ..

She was lost in her own world whn her frnd came…

Zara : swara

Swara : Zara u came…

Both hug eachother n sits on the bed to chit chat as they met after so long time… While they were enjoying they heared vry loud noice . they gets out from the room to the hall… Everyone was present their in the hall… Aman runs of from the home n he came after few mins breathing heavily…

Usmaan : wht happen son..

Aman : Dad dad… (He points his finger out side) Before they could knw wht was going on the waves came inside their house making each n evry one numb… Anwar who was near Aman carried him on his arms… Withing a neno second their home was filled with water… Some of the walls got broken n falling down on the ground… Each n evry one who were present their was now in the waves… The wave was too strong n took some of thm with the waves… One of thm was Swara… “Mumma” she called bt no one was their to help her today… She dnt knw hw to swim.. Bt some how she tries to do… By now she was fully tired.. The waves r taking her with it…she heard pples scream for help…bt she can’t see anyone except an old lady who is sinking… She wants to go near her to help her bt their was no courage left on her… She was trying her level best to swim… The gap between her n the old lady got decreased… Coz she did it an unknown power overpowered her fear. She reached near the lady n holds her.. Now she is nt feeling tired the only thing which was running on her mind was the lady’s safety… After sometime she was near a tree… She makes the lady hold tht tree tight .. She too was about to hold by her both the hands bt again she saw a little grl sinking .. Without thinking anything she swim n bring the grl too.. Bt this time before she could make the girl hold the tree she was taken back by the waves..The old lady prays Allah to save All of thm… Swara was still holding the grl… Bt she was sinking… By now swara had drank so many water…she lost her strength…

2 hrs Later…

Sanskar gain his conscious… He saw where he was.. He was on a broken wall which was falled on the ground ..he get up with Lott’s off difficulties.. His knees , elbows were bleeding bt did he cared.. No he didn’t.. The first thing he remembered tht was his famly… He saw Lott’s of houses n some buildings were broken into pieces on the ground… He rush to his home.. Bt it was also on the ground except few walls…

Sanskar : (looking here n their) Mom… Dad.. Ahil… Aman.. Arzoo… Swaraaaa…. Swaraaaaaa…(he sit on his knees while crying badly)

He stops crying whn he heard an another broken voice…

Voice : Sanky bro

Sanskar looks up n saw Aman with few pples… He just pulled aman into a born crushing hug… He broke the hug whn he heard the mens voice.

Men : come let’s go from here…

Sanskar : No how can i… I I can’t.. my famly… I need to find thm… No I will nt go anywhere with anyone…

Men : They r no more son…

Sanskar looks the man at bloodshot eyes… He was about to speak bt the man didn’t let him talk…

Men : Already v have found 15 dead body’s… N ur whole famly was in those 15 except Aman.

Sanskar takes a back..

Sanskar : My whole famly.. Swara also(he ask with a hope tht he will hear a no from his mouth)

Men : (broken bt he controls himself) Yes she too .. N a team is searching peoples…

Sanskar was taken aback… He felt his whole world collapsed… He become lifeless… without uttaring any word he left with thm while carrying aman on his lape…. They entered the place it was the school.. He saw the peoples… Some were crying some were just sitting lifeless… He saw the lifeless bodies of his famly .. His whole famly.. He can see deep cuts on their body… He looks each n everyone carefully… He goes near swara’s body n hold her hand…
It was cold .. Cold as ice … He strts crying badly by seeing his full famly dead infrnt of his eyes… For a while he thinks y He was alive whn his whole famly r lying here lifeless… That’s the time he heard Aman’s Voice…

Aman : (crying badly) Mamma..

Sanskar goes near him n hugs him n take him away from the bodies…he sits far from the bodies n was continuesly staring his famly while hugging Aman..

Sanskar : (in mind) Y u all left me… V came here for my merriage na.. (Looks at swara) N swara u also left me… Tonight was our wedding na… Bt u all left me today at my merriage day .. I will never forgot this date 26th December which took all my famly away from me…. He agains strts crying hugging Aman tightly didn’t cared about his wounds….


Some strys r born to incomplete…

Its a day tht I can’t forgot from my life. Through I was small bt I still remember tht day … So I just wanted to share this wid uhh all.. I dnt knw about u all bt I my self m crying writting the last scene…..


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  1. SRSL

    Even I cried…I am really sorry to hear that..its very sad…if you don’t mind …please can you yell me what had happened..is this story real..are you a part of this incident…may god bless those souls.m??

  2. Nice…???

  3. Anurta

    It’s awesome ????????
    I too get emotional while reading it
    But if u r fine then can I ask u what happened with u on 26th November
    If u fine with my question then only u answer otherwise I ‘ll not force u to answer
    Again coming to ur os it super…..duper??????
    Loved it………
    Ya it’s very much emotional still I liked it…..

  4. Simin

    Very emotional dear
    Allah na kare kisiki zindagi mein aisa din aaye
    Nikah ka din har ladki ke liye bahut khaas hota hai aur us din aisa kuch ho jaana bahut bura lagta hai

  5. Tamil

    Most painful day???

  6. I can understand!!!! Your thought of writing a story about this 26december was nice!!! Loved it!!!This unforgettable incident has completed its 12 years!!! I hope you didn’t loose any of your dear ones!!! If soo…I am sorry buddy!!! 🙁

  7. it was very emotional..tc..

  8. MI_MAHI

    Its very emotional dear..।।u made me cry….

  9. Wow loved it it’s so emotional ❤️??

  10. Vyshu10

    Very very emotional OS…..

    I have a request for all writers…plz try not to mention dates….bcz ppl having bdays on those days might feel sad

  11. Nice one dear… Loved it?????emotional too???

  12. awesome story but painful hai

  13. Simi

    Emotional ??

  14. Arshaanya

    Very emotional…
    Can’t write more dan that… d pain people gone tru on dat day i cnt even imgne

  15. Mica

    along with ocean earthquake and tsunami have been happened in Maldives, it’s took away more than 200.000 thousands people in my country….??????

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