2612 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 9th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 9th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Randeep pointing his gun .. very close to Jadda who is lying on the ground …. unarmed ….

on the other side of the same den Sneha is pointing a gun towards blind folded Malti Bhaabhi and Mithoo who are mortally scared …Rashmi rushes in to hug them and pacify them …. even as she watches Sneha pointing the gun towards them .. watching all three of them hugging and scared … she is moved …. she is unable to fire at the innocent three ……

Sneha identifies the killer of her father as Shahana and the man who worked with her father’s killer ….was none other than the man lying before them ….Jadda .. this was the man who made the 2613 plans with Shahana .. saying thus she fires at him and wounds him on the legs ….

Sneha also discloses that Sahana had black mailed her and threatened her to speak to the media accusing Randeep falsely …

Jadda under the threat of death discloses the 2613 plans to Rasdeep and Sneha ….
the disgusting character of Mr Swami is disclosed before all how being in the SIU he was working for the terrorists and had received large amounts of money from them for doing their job …

Shahana is finalizing her mission 2613 …

tall building
laden with bombs
trained Pilots
plane crash
2613 mission

Shahana is still finalizing her plans in her den …..
Rashmi Malti,Mithoo, Sneha ,Randeep …find a new safer residence for themselves ….

Rasdeep try to impress upon Kashyap their true findings .. but Kashyap does not believe them …. then Rasdeep make a plan …

In a public gathering ….Randeep announces the surrendering of dreaded terrorist Shahana Mallik ….then in full view of public Randeep fires at Shahana who falls down to the ground .. dead …to the shock of the public …( Rashmi is disguised as Shahana and they enact the killing of Shahana )

Precap …. Randeep announces that… a bomb has been strapped to the body of the dead shahana and every one runs away from Rasdeep ……Randeep sits close to Rashmi( disguised as shahana )

Update Credit to: Kavya

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