2612 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 9th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 9th January 2013 Written Update

The Minister comes to visit Shahana and expresses his gratitude , Does that Melt Shahna , Nope she still is focused on the tablets being distributed to the kids ..The Minister assures Shahana that it will be so… Mallik Sr, calls up Shahna just right after the Minister and congratulates Shahna and wants to reconfirm whether the mission is on track or not and recieves a jolt when he is told that the bombs are in the hands of police …Shahna and Mallik are in serious discussion on exploding bombs when Shahana spies Rashmi and is shocked for a second but heaves a sigh of relief when she realizes that Rashmi did not overhear ther conversation …

Rashmi comes towards Shahna, Rashmi is full of admiration at the gutsy deed of Shahna * Rashmi and all think that Shahna supposedly saved the minister playing on her life* Shahana convey her gratitude to Rashmi for saving her life, Rashmi tries to shirk it saying that even Shahna would have done the same in her stead but is gently told by Shahna that she would not have done the same if the situation was reversed …

Rashmi returns home and declares that she is full of confidence reagrding their future whilst Randeep gets permission to proceed in investigation.

Rashmi is at Randeep’s house chatting with Mastana’s Nani , Randeep enters the house and there is a ood natured bantering and in the midst Rashmi puts Randeep in a fix when she confides that she trusts him completely and is sure that he will not hide anything regards Shantanu and Ritika..

The interrogation of Meher is on full swing , Randeep begins to tighten the screws slowly pushing Meher into a corner…Randeep traps her into confessing that she was aware of Mallik Jr, of Mastana , of Jedda and the person who shot Randeep was Shahna !

PRECAP – The distances are narrowing between Rashmi and Nishant, Shahna expresses her condolences to Rashmi on coming to know that Rashmi lost her father n Brother in the bomb blast , Shahna and Mallik Sr confer with one another to further their cause..

Update Credit to: tanthya

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