2612 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 8th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 8th May 2013 Written Update

Randeep and Rashmi see Jeddah and they tell they have to get out of here. He tells Rashmi to get all the things and come.

Then Jeddah will be telling to round up the hospital and not to allow them to escape. Then He tells his men that Khashyap had given shoot at sight orders. But that is not needed. He wanted them alive. He then goes to the reception and asks some information.

Rashmi dodging Jeddah’s men goes to see Malthi Bhabi. Then she find Bitto is missing. Then Malti Bhabi hearing this will get agitated. Rashmi will pacify her and tell that he must be with Randeep.

Jeddah warns his men that this time they should not escape.

Randeep come to the room with Malthi Bhabi’s discharge papers. Rashmi will tell Bitto is missing. Then they decide to search for Bitto, They will be searching

the whole hospital all the time for him. They will be avoiding Jeddah and his men.

A man will tell that Jeddah might cheat her. She will tell her that he will never do that for she has giving him a lot of money.

Randeep and Rashmi will find Bitto in a room and they run to him then they find Jeddah in the room. They will ask him what he is doing there. He will as usual show off and then offers a deal to Rashmi that he will take Malti and Bitto in his custody for Bhabi needs treatment. Then Randeep will not agree and Jeddah tells it is because of Randeep that Bhabi lost her eyes.

Then they agree to it.

Shah will be telling the person if he finished the work, which was given to him. Then the person will tell that he was doing it but something happened and he could not complete it. Shah tells him that he gives a lot of excuses and then tells him that the work should be done by 2 hours time.

Malti Bhabi refuses to the plan and does not want to leave Rashmi and Randeep. But they persuade her because he needs medical help. Then they decide after Jeddah makes them listen to the SIU men outside. They agree and then Bitto asks Randeep to take care of Rashmi like he does of Malti Bhabi

Jeddah inform shah that the Maal is in his hands. Then she tells him to bring then to a Godown next morning at 7 am in the morning. He agrees to do it.

Randeep and Rashmi will be in a safe place. Rashmi will ask if they are safe. He says they are safe but he is worried about Bhabi and Bitto. Then Rashmi will tell maybe he has changed. Randeep will tell that that man does things for his own selfish needs. He does not believe him.

Malti Bhabi and Bitto will be in a Godown. Malti Bhabi will be thanking him. Then Jeddah tells that he was doing his Farz, then the door open and Sneha comes in. Jeddah will be wondering who it is Then Shah will call Jeddah and tells him to give the phone to the Girl. He will be wondering what is happening. Malti Bhabi will be asking him who has come. She will be pleading with him. Then Sneha takes the phone. Shah tells her to take the gun from Jeddah. She asks for the Gun and he is shocked. He then gives the gun to her and tells his work is over he will be waiting outside and tells Sneha to be careful with the gun

On hearing the word Gun Malthi Bhabi will get agitated and will ask Jeddah who has come. When she gets no answer then she asks Bitto to tell. A petrified Bitto will hug his mother and tells that a girl with a gun is there.

Malti Bhabi will be pleading. Bitto will tell tht he has a gun and he wills shoot her. Sneha will be hesitating and Shah will be shouting at the phone and asks her to shoot at them. She will be going on pushing Sneha and she will shoot. Then Shah will hear her shoot and will be very happy. She will ell his is only the beginning and as they will be shocked at what happens in future.

PRECAP: Randeep has a gun on Jeddah’s face and will be shouting at him that knowing all the plan and how many people will be killed you have joined hands with her. He tells Jeddah you have no right to live. Sneha will be watching from behind.

Update Credit to: anurao

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