2612 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 8th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 8th January 2013 Written Update

Finally the strings connecting one after other.

Randeep rocked today with his intelligence, facts say something but his heart n mind say something different from them. He is of kind that he never believes the facts until he gets correct proofs against it n that’s what made him to connect with all the incidents from Mallik’s death, Moti wala death, other terrorist’s death, Mastana’s evidence just before his death to Shantanu’s death n Meher’s words.

Ok now will set my bak bak or else i’m not gonna stop this praising


Malti sits worried n frightened n just then Rashmi reaches home. She says all her fears n Rashmi says she is fine. Mitto was almost in tears n Rashmi pacifies him n assures she is fine. Nishant too reaches home n says he was worried for her.

When Nishant talks abt hosp. and all, Rashmi says to worried Malti that there was bomb planted in the venue n people has run for life without caring for others n in the process many kids have hurt. She says today she saw that fear of losing life is more scary than death. She then goes to Mitto n says the kids are fine.

Malti asks Rashmi to get fresh but then notices that her necklace is missing. Rashmi was shocked n Nishant shows that its near him as he found it lying on ground in the venue. Rashmi says the last thing in remembrance to her brother is safe.

Randeep arrives at Rashmi’s place. He says all is fine n when Rashmi asks abt nani, he says she is fine n alone. She assures she will meet her.

Randeep starts questioning abt Shantanu n his family as a casual enquiry. Rashmi says hope they are fine. Randeep says Ritika is fine. Rashmi says did he meet her. Randeep corrects saying she might be fine too. He then asks where did she see Shantanu, how was he, is he accompanied by any other member? Rashmi answers all. She later asks why is he asking in such way. He says that its just to make sure so that they can find him soon. Rashmi clarifies that Shantanu is very good person. When he was abt to leave she confirms that all is well n he isn’t hiding anything. He assures her n leaves.

Mr. Mallik n rest of terrorist heads discuss abt the mission n how they have planned everything n made Shantanu a Terrorist.

Shahana in hospital n Mallik talks to her. She apologize him n says she can’t live any more. Mallik says she must live for their daughter n his mission of 2612. She was critical n nurse informs dr. Rashmi talking to a hurt kid n assures he can go home soon. Dr. informs Randeep that shahana’s blood grp is AB+ which is rear n also internal bleeding is high. Rashmi comes n says that her blood grp is AB+. She donates the blood.

Commissioner n rest of team celelbrating victory but Randeep sitting a side thinking. Commissioner goes to him n asks why is he worried. Randeep shares his doubts of why Shantanu didn’t explode the bomb in sea n not in city, why did he stole the bombs when he will be the prime suspect. To get out of his doubts he wanna interrogate Shantanu. He gets the permission.

Randeep asks Meher to say all that happened without any fears. Meher says that she heard Shantanu talking to someone abt bombblast in India. He even put their daughter at gun point. When she questioned him, he shot Suchi in front of her. She tells that he is a terrorist. Randeep says he is not a terrorist n Meher’s reactions are to be watched. Randeep corrects he was terrorist.

Randeep asks the guard not to allow anyone to his cabin n thinks something is wrong. Then he sees all the pics he placed in notice board n then gets the anwer. He remembers all the incidents happened reg. death of Mallik, Moti wala, other terrorist, Mastana’s words before his death, n Meher’s words. He finally gets that She is not real Ritika.

Precap: Randeep informs both CM n Commissioner that he got few clues n he is near to the truth all he needs is some time n their support.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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