2612 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 7th February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 7th February 2013 Written Update

Rashmi & Randip reach chor bazaar, Randip gives a wifi enabled headphone to Rashmi and asks her to be confident, as Randip will follow her and she’d be safe.

Jaddah inquiries about Randip’s activity at the airport, his informer tells him that randip was being too doubtful yesterday. Jaddah says he’d be thrown out from there soon. The informer tells him that Randip has taken a day off from his job and this makes Jaddah worried about his mission.

Rashmi feels nervous as everyone stares at her, Ranveer asks her not to touch the headset again and again and ignore everyone, and she should only focus on her job.

Jaddah goes to the commissioner and tells him to warn Randip as he’s still working on that project unofficially. Commissioner tells him to not poke nose about Randip’s matter without proper evidence. He adds that experience comes from wrong decisions and Randip undoubtedly is one brave and best officer of their team and he cant spoil his career anymore.

After a while a young boy comes to Rashmi and asks her if she wants to have tea and something, initially she says no to him, but Randip understood what he was trying to say and he asks Rashmi to say yes and follow him & she did.

The call tracer tells Jaddah that Randip took his help in tracing an international call recently and Jaddah gets mad at him for not informing him. He calls up his men who is supposed to keep him informed about Randip’s activities, the informer tells him that Randip is somewhere in the chor bazaar. Jaddah tosses a coin and gets two heads up for throwing Randip out of the mission and the department but gets a tail when he tosses the coin saying he’ll stop him finding Nova bombs.

Rashmi enters in a antique shop with the boy, she kept naming the things on her way and Randip understood that she is giving him clues about where she’s heading to. Finally she meets Akram, who compliments her beauty and asks him to handover his parcel. wifi connection gets disconnected and Randip worries about Rashmi.

Rashmi wonders why Randip hasnt reached yet. Akram shows her the money bag and Rashmi gives a watch type thing. Akram says Nova bombs are tiny in size but not as tiny as this, He then finds out her headphone too. Randip follows the clues and sees Rashmi at the gunpoint.

Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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