2612 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 6th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 6th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rasdeep discussing how Shahana will never let them live in peace ….all the while they remain alert about Kashyap’s agents on their trail…Randeep assures Rashmi …. and supports her …. cute Rasdeep hug scene …

They have run out of cash as SIU has frozen their accounts …. Malti bhaabhi offers to withdraw from her account and from a far off ATM so as to mislead the SIU who are tracking their transaction details ….

In the mean time In Shahana’a den….. Shahana gives hints about her plan .. while playing with a toy aeroplane which hits a house of cards ….giving hints to Jadda about her mission 2613….

Jadda guesses nothing much but wanted to know the exact details .. but Sha is not revealing so easily … instead she gets him mercilessly beaten up by her

goons …. ang he looks totally beaten up and bleeding …. naturally Jadda is furious with her …. Shahana explains that this was done to give an impression that he has fought with Randeep and his men to escape from his captivity ….

Jadda reaches the SIU HQ where Kashyap was exasperated with his team for failing to arrest one common girl and a single Ex SIU officer on the run !! and also they failed to collect any clues about his agent Swami !! .. they inform him that Undercover agents and Informers were hunting for them in every nook and corner of the city .. and he would be informed immediately of as soon as they get any clues ….
just then Jadda barges in looking all beaten and injured and bleeding …

He informs his boss that Randeep did this to him … Jadda then provides the hint to Kashyap to trace bank account withdrawals of Bhaabhi to know Rasdeep location ….

Kashyap is impressed with Swami and praises him …

As Malti Bhaabhi with draws cash from ATM… the Bank officials alert Siu and they try to nab Malti bhaabhi ….. but noticing something amiss Randeep swings into action and escapes with Malti bhaabhi in a taxi …. just in the nick of time …. milli seconds before the SIU team reaches the spot ….report to their boss “Target escaped “….

Randeep calls Rashmi to pack her bags as they had to shift locations …

Malti bhaabhi and Randeep are trying to sped off when the suspicious looking driver jumps of the taxi leaving behind his mobile phone …. and Randeep has no choice but to take over the steering wheel in an unexpected way ….

The moment Randeep sits on the drivers seat he notices the vehicle is speeding away and the brakes have failed …. and there is a time bomb on the taxi ticking away …. they have no choice but to jump off the vehicle . !!….

Precap …A trolley of food is offered to Rashmi in her room which is laced with sedatives .. and Mithoo falls unconscious …the hotel manager inform SIU about the food laced with sedatives to Rashmi .. and the SIU team led by Jadda is closing in towards Rashmi’s room as Rashmi is trying to wake up Mithoo without success.

Update Credit to: sumana

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