2612 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 6th February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 6th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Akram landing in Mumbai with the original Ritika and they get collided with Randeep at the airport.
Randeep is not able to look at the woman’s face and he misses out on Ritika.

At the Bhargava’s Rashmi is praying and Mithu comes
and stands ext to her to pray , eyes of course fully trailed on the sweets kept there.
Malti sees him and remembers her father-in law and how he used to pass the sweets to Mithu.
Rashmi and Malti have a sweet moment about
how mature Rashmi has become and she is not anymore their “Lallu”.

Akram reaches an apartment with Ritika in tow.
There he meets a glamed up Shahana , all cocktail dress n make-up , and loses his senses.
He’s all praises for her beauty.
Shahana acknowledges that and

moves ahead to meet Ritika.
She is happy with Akram’s work as now she’ll be able to use this major pawn in her game plan , and takes Ritika to a different room.

Rashmi accompanies Randeep to his place and Nani is all gushing over them , as she thinks Randeep is going to confess his love for Rashmi.
They go and sit to talk about their plan of action when Nani interrupts them.
After she leaves they begun to discuss about their plan.

Shahana comes back to where Akram is and he starts flirting with her.
Shahana moves to the drink cabinet and starts pouring out some beverage ,
while Akram is full on flattering her.

And here he picks up Shahana’s phone and inserts a chip in it.
Shahana brings the drinks to which Akram denies and says they dont drink alcohol(religious belief).
Shahana says she knows that and its not alcohol but some Turkish mocktail
They drink.

While Akram is saying that he is looking forward to work with her , he chocks.
He’s all but breathless when Shahana walks to him and says that if he is to work with her
then he should stop fooling around
and takes off the chip out of her phone.
He complies to his mistake and Shahana gives him an antidote.

Randeep and Rashmi are still talking and Nani is eavesdropping thinking he is proposing to her.
Rashmi says yes to the plan and Nani barges onto them all happy and glee.

Randeep gets a call from his illegal weapon trader about the setup for
Nova-6 bombs selling at 2pm tomorrow in Chor bazaar.
Randeep is looking froward to know who Shahana is after all , through this plan.

Randeep dons a taxi driver’s appearance and he and Rashmi reach Chor bazaar.
He hands her an ear piece so that they can talk to one another and if she needs his help at any moment he can reach her immediately.

Randeep helps her wear the ear piece and then wishes her all the best.
Rashmi moves out of the taxi and on the road.

There’s a man on a roof following her movement , a gun ready in his hands.
Randeep his too watching Rashmi , his gun loaded as well.

The End

No precap.

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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