2612 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 5th February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 5th February 2013 Written Update

Randeep explains to Rashmi through Slide shows abt all the incidents of 2611 n 2612 too n how her family including herself too are involved in this case. He asks if she can support n help him out to save the country.

Shahana sends away her maid n daughter to London n warns her not to open her mouth. She then says now she is free n now one to stop her n she can do the mission a possible n show what a woman like her can do.

Randeep says to Rashmi that he know that she has lot of strength n courage to help him out n this time n doesn’t want to involve any of the police team as he doubts there are informers in the dept. They both shake hands for the mission to be accomplished.

Shahana training some members n warning them if they are scared they have not place on this earth n she shoots at a man who was not able to operate the bomb.

She also shoots a lady who was doubting n says not ever doubts only dare is needed. She gets a new mail n thus she smirks saying the bird has landed in India.

Randeep drops Rashmi n Mitto calls to enquire where she is. Randeep says he is not the one who want her help. Rashmi blushes n leaves but he stops. He says he could have selected any normal person but he has faith in her as she is very courageous. Rashmi says she didn’t do any such thing till date but Randeep says but still he knows. He leaves.

In the airport, Randeep alerting all officials n one of the staff says, he keeps on stopping all, n there all the terrorists roaming free. Randeep comes to him n say if he does his duty well, then it won’t happen. Staff feels ashamed n leaves.

He then sees a suspicious person n hints the official to catch him n he runs to him but bumps into Akram. Both apoligize.

Precap: Randeep asking the person who was caught to show the passport n listening that Randeep is security staff, Akram is taken aback n also covers Ritika’s face who was wearing a scarf on her head. It was showed as if Randeep suspicious abt Akram.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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