2612 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 30th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with the CM yelling at Randeep and asking him to use his brains before arresting a social worker and moreover he should atleast know to distinguish between a terrorist and a social worker. The CM himself escorts her to home.

The fellow policeman make fun of Randip and Randip overhears their taunts and walks away.

He drives and wonders how to proceed from here, He thinks about Ritika, Malik, Rashmi and the mystery name Shahana.

Rashmi walks down the same road where she saw her Jeeju last time, She goes to a nearby shop and finds CC TV camera there.. She requests the guy to show her 26th dec’s footage but he refuse to help. He adds the shop owner is out of town atm, and He shall be back tomorrow. Rashmi gives her number to him and asks him to inform her once the shop owner is back in town.

Sr. Malik tells Shahana to back out as he feels Shahana is not well trained like other girls of his group. He also adds that he feels a woman is too weak to accomplish such a big mission. He asks her to take care of her kid. Shahana reminds him about what all she had acheived so far from scratch and tells him not to question about power of a woman.

Randip draws relationship chart *Shahana-Ritika etc* on a street wall and again his thoughts stop at Shahana. He finds him in Rashmi’s colony and luckily she meets him too. He says he’s totally surrounded by questions, Rashmi asks him to have a ice cream and let his worries melt out.

Randip holds her hand and expresses his thanks for understanding him. He then goes to a ice cream shop where the vendor didnt had change for his 500 note, suddenly that strikes him and he says Shahana dont have the Nova 6 bombs and hence she is not doing anything.

Shahana sees her FIL video chatting with someone and calling him to india as he have lost faith on Shahana. Shahana couldnt take it and shots him saying she should have done this long ago but as they say, everything has its time.

Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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