2612 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 29th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 29th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Randeep seeing a chip and tells that he knew it that we would trace him and his man will tell the calls are coming from different location and Randeep asks them to track the call. Randeep finds out that all the locations are connected to one road and we will catch him as he comes up before Swami takes him away.

They show Shah Jeddah Rashmi and Khashyap get into a car and will be going somewhere.

AL will be driving the car.

At the check post the Police will be checking all the vehicles. He will get a call from an SIU officer informing him about Al and describing him. He tells that he should not get away. The Police will tell him it would be very helpful if they have a photo. Then AL comes to the check post and The Policeman asks him for a License. Then The Police

In Charge will tell Randeep that they have kept a man in custody. Then Randeep sees that is the wrong man and Al sees Randeep and starts
to drive away. Randeep is behind him and there will be a car chase and Randeep will overtake him and Shoot at him.

Al will tell that he knew that he will come to catch him. He says anyway you caught be tell me the locations of the bombs. Then he informs Rashmi not to leave Shah at all and he tells he has caught AL. He asks he to come to one spot. This shocks both Shah and Jeddah.

They all meet at that spot and Khashyap tells Randeep that he did a good job. Then Jeddah
asks him if he disclosed about the bombs. Then Randeep tells that he has kept him alive so that they will know how the future will be. He also asks Jeddah to call Shah so that she can always see.

Then Randeep tells this is the mastermind Al the Professor and Shah is shocked to see him. He tells that he will treat him as he has to be treated and Randeep shoots AL on his knee.

He tells that he will short him till he tells where the bombs are. Al agrees to tell and Shah shoots him before he can open his mouth. She tells that no one can spoil the plan and it will go on.

Shah points the gun and tells that she will make her mission a success and no one can stop it . Khashyap will tell to take her away. He asks if Al is dead then how we will know. Shah will laugh weirdly while being taken away.

Randeep then catches Jeddah’s Collar and tells that he also knows where the bombs are. He asks Jeddah to tell where the bombs are much to the shock of Rashmi and Khashyap.Jeddah tells Randeep that just because he was quite it does not mean he can go to any extent. They have guns trained at each other.

Khashyap will tell them to stop it and tells they are one team and they have to trust their colleagues. Then he gets a call and there will be a Blast. The press and Media will be raising questions. Then Khashyap will be wondering there must be a pattern and there must be something. Then a SIU agent will tell they have ammunition for 6 more.

Then Randeep will call Rashmi will tell she will have another responsibility and they will he will look bombs.
He will be writing the stations where the bombs have blasted and thinks he knows where the
next will most likely take place. Randeep will be writing done something and it alls sums up to 2613. Then he gets news that there was a blast in Bhuveshwari. Then he finds it is not a Station and then he looks up the pin code. Then he finds out that the next pin code will be the area where the blast will take place.

He will inform Khashyap and he tells that it is highly likely that two stations where the blasts can take place. He then tells him they have to send the teams. Khashyap will tell him to take a team and go to one station and he will send Jeddah with a team to the other station.

He then gives Rashmi and her assistant some work.

PRECAP: An SIU agent informs Rashmi that the Shah, Jeddah and Al did not talk with each other directly but by another number belonging to one Rupesh. Then she asks how the bills were paid and he says through Cash. He tells that it was paid at a mall near Jeddah’s house an d the phone rang from inside the SIU today.

Update Credit to: anurao

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