2612 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 28th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 28th January 2013 Written Update

Randeep talking to Shahana’s pic n asking what she want from Rashmi. He very well know she won’t reveal but he will find out.

Jadda instructing his 3 men specially appointed, to keep an eye on Shahana, Rashmi n Randeep.

Randeep calls Rashmi who informs that they are going to Karuna’s place. Randeep taken aback n starts immediately while Jadda is informed abt this by one of his men.

Rashmi, Malti n Mitto reaches to Shahana’s place. There Shahana’s men skips from Watchman n enters Rashmi’s place making the home messy with their search. After few talks, Shahana was abt to ask abt the pendant but Randeep reaches there. Shahana was shocked to see him. He informs that he is here to pick up Rashmi n her family. Rashmi informs they are abt to start anyways.

In the jeep, Rashmi asks him what’s the matter. He says he is just protective towards her as she was been trapped once already. He asks her to inform him where ever she goes. She assures him.

When they reach home, Randeep alert but couldn’t find any one except the messy home. Rashmi n Malti were shocked to see that. Rashmi thinks what’s going with them one after other without any gap.

Jadda smirking after knowing the movements of Randeep to save Rashmi.

Randeep makes sure Rashmi is fine n asks if they themselves went to Karuna’s place. Rashmi says she invited them n they can’t dare to go directly. Randeep understands that Shahana wanna search something so she made sure no one is at home. The police team reaches n starts to collect proof.

Randeep trying to figure out the connection btw Ritika n Shahana. He gets call from some officer informing that he got the photo of Shahana. When he opens it, it was of Meher n Mallik’s photo to his shock.

Rashmi thinking abt all the happenings n suddenly shouts at her students who were fi8ing. But calms down n leaves.

Jadda’s man watching Randeep’s movement with in the STF office which Randeep notices. He gets a file from one of his men n he says its very imp. info.

Jadda goes to Meher’s room n talks to her that she must die for his plan to work. Before Randeep reaches to Shahana, he must make sure all imp. witnesses n proofs are destroyed. The person who was watching Randeep bangs in n informs that the info is very imp. Jadda calls Shahana n informs danger is next to her door n before it reaches to her, better leave the home. Shahana couldn’t get who it was as its unknown no. while Randeep starts to her home.

Precap: Randeep knocks the door n Shahana was shocked to see him again. He calls out her name for which she asks if he is informing her or calling her. Randeep apologize n says that he will call by her original name – Shahana Mallik.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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