2612 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 28th February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 28th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rashmi brought in front of Shahana
n there Shahana breaks her view of Karuna Shekhawat n tells
that she is that Shahana Malik whom Randeep has been trying to catch.

Rashmi is highly upset n gives some good lecture on trust.
Rashmi then asks about her family n Shahana shows her where
Malti n Mitthu were held captive.

Shahana tells Rashmi that if she refuses to work for her ,
her family will be slaughtered.
Shahana scares the wits out of Rashmi n Rashmi complies.
Shahana warns Rashmi to do no funny business.

Randeep is in jail n trying to get help from the constable but Jadda comes there.
Then an inmate prisoner offers to help Randeep get a phone
coz Randeep had helped his family when he himself had arrested that prisoner.
The prisoner by some of his contact in jail helpers
gets Randeep a phone in the food plate.

Rashmi is explained by Shahana that she has to go to fish market meet a man called Munna n get a phone from him , rest will be explained later.
Rashmi reaches that place n meets Munna who takes her somewhere.

When she is sitting with Munna inside the taxi, Randeep calls her.

Rashmi pretends that its some credit card people and they talk.
She says that she is cutting the call but doesnt n asks Munna
to where he is taking her n he speaks the name of that place ,
while Randeep is hearing this conversation.

The End.

Precap: Rashmi is some place where a man is taking her photo n then hands her a phone.
In the jail Randeep has fallen down holding his chest n Jadda comes there when a constable says that he might be having a heart attack.

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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