2612 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 24th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 24th May 2013 Written Update

Episode continues from where it left off y’day.. The Terrorist informs Shah thru Mobile that all things are proceeding smoothly .. Shah gives a grin that is pure evil .. The terrorist moves along and th subordinate of Randeep surrounds the two terrorists and arrests them, The Sub calls up Randeep and announces that the terrorist is arrested ..

Shah is watching the TV intently waiting for the news when there is a sound of door bell, Shah opens and sees the wounded man from Aseem’s House, She quickly ushers him in and gets angry when the terrorist narrates the days events , She is resolute that at no cost should and would 2613 come undone ..

Randeep and Rashmi are travelling in the police vehicle, Sama calls up Aseem and informs that he need not turn traitor to the country, Aseem heaves a sigh

of relief and he thanks Rashmi for truly acting as the kids Khala. Randeep’s Vehicle is waylaid and stopped by by police who arrests him on the charges of supporting Shah !! Randeep and Rashmi are surrounded and handcuffed..

Shah comes to the Hotel with her group , Swami stops her and stands as a barrier , Shah shoots him on the shoulder in cold blood n enters the hotel uttering dire threats against the Hotel staff, members, guests ..while her henchmen goes on to lodge the bombs.

Randeep and Rashmi is brought to the Chief’s room , The chief entrusts a Gun in Rashmi’s Hand and reposes faith in her abilities stating that if anybody can capture Shah then it will be Rashmi as she is aware of how Shah plans and moves.. Chief apologizes to Randeep, Randeep is focused on stopping Shah and waves away the apology and stays focused on his task,Randeep is sure that Shah is waiting for a cue or signal before she starts her destruction and ponders at what the clue might be …Just then news reaches Randeep that Shah is holed up at the hotel and also has hostages ..Randeep tells Rashmi that time has come for them to split and they both should lead different teams and meet one another at 3rd floor ..

Shah is supervising the arrangements and commands her Terrorists that not even one dignitaries should escape and should be killed without any mercy while the chief of Randeep is instructing just the opposite that is they must save the dignitaries at any cost and no harm should come to them..Randeep’s team surrounds the hotel, Chief informs Randeep that the point of his entry is being watched and alerts Randeep tot he presence of Gunshots .. The alerted officers begin to move in and there is a brief gunfire as the police officers gun down the militants.

The team lead by Randeep climbs up the stairs and notes a militant guarding the floor with his back turned towards the team, Randeep breaks his Neck and walks ahead followed by his team .. There is a further exchange of fire between the police team and Militants and the Police March ahead like a unstoppable rolling boulder crushing all the negative forces it encounters.

Shah gets a call from one of her hench man informing her that the remaining militants have stopped responding , Shah is shocked but is still in control , She orders the militant to keep trying and waits ..

Shah & Rashmi have a showdown , Rashmi is shot and falls to the ground apparently dead.

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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