2612 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 24th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 24th January 2013 Written Update

Shahna becomes conscious of the fact that Randeep is getting suspicious of her and decides to divert his attention before the suspicion holds fast. Shahana elaborates on her plan saying that before Randeep can probe further, she will get Rashmi out of Police custody and get Rashmi indebted to her so that the path to the locket becomes easier..once the Locket is secured, She plans to eliminate the whole Bhargav family

Randeep tries to speak to Rashmi but Rashmi refuses to speak until the arrival of a lawyer..Jeddah watches this from the CCTV monitor.. A quiet Randeep walks away ..

Meanwhile Shahn’s plan is successful , Rashmi gets bail and she is informed by Jedda that it was Shahana who was instrumental in helping Rashmi get the bail.. Rashmi absorbs this news, and begins to collect her personal effects from police custody when Jedda’s eyes falls on the locket, he instantly realizes the urgency of Shahana in getting Rashmi released. Jedda stops Rashmi from acquiring the locket and holds on to it citing some technicalities ..Rashmi leaves, while Jedda gloats on getting hold of the detonator …He now determines to find the whereabouts of the bomb.

Randeep offers to drop Rashmi home and after initial reluctance Rashmi accepts his offer..Both head out to Rashmi’s house.Rashmi seek his promise and asks him not reveal the details of her being kept in custody to Randeep.while Randeep tries to explain that he had to be strict cuz for him duty comes first.

Shahana comes to Rashmi’s house and is exchanging pleasantries , when bell rings and Rashmi comes, Shahana is shocked but covers her shock and hugs Rashmi …

Randeep who is down sees Shahana’s car parked in Rashmi’s building and runs up while Shahana is seen fitting the silencer to her gun..

Update Credit to: tanthya

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