2612 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Randeep will be looking through the binoculars and he sees a stranger in Azeem’s house .
Randeep tells that we have been thinking Azeem is working for Shah. That is wrong he is being kept captive by Shah. Then they show Azeem has kept a family captive and he will not allow them to open a window also. The guy looks at Azeem and tells that to do the work I have given you I will leave your children. He will tell that he will do the work and not to harm his children.

Randeep says that they have underestimated them. Then one of his men will to tell Khashyap. Randeep rejects it and tells that he will tell Jeddah and Shah will come to know. They decide to tackle it themselves. Rashmi is keeping an eye in Azeem. The flight is going to take of 2 June and we have to find which building.

At the Airport

Azeem gets down but he has been kept under surveillance by Shah and her men. Then Shah will think that even if Randeep and Rashmi find out and come here they will come to their death.

At the Airport Rashmi is dressed as an Air hostess and she keeps her eye on Azeem
Then she will slowly on the advice of Randeep keep an eye on Azeem.Then she makes her move and she bumps into him and she informs him that she knows that he has been blackmailed and she gives him a phone and asks hi o contact her if he is in trouble.
Jeddah saves the arms from being checked in time and informs Shah. She tells that she wants to know where Randeep is. She is worried what he will do. Then she will tell Jeddah to sift him to his team so that they can keep an eye on him.

Randeep will be in conference with his men and will be trying to find out a building which is above 15 storey’s high. Then his man will narrow down on the Hotel which will be having the conference on the same day and the person in charge of security is Jeddah.

Azeem will call Rashmi and ask who are you people and please leave me alone if they come to know they will kill my kids. Then Rashmi will tell him that after the plane crash they will keep your family alone. They will surely kill them so that their secret will be save. Then he will ask what to do. Then Rashmi will tell him not to do anything and she will help him.

They will narrow down the Hotel which has a convention of all the Heads of States of Asian Countries.Then Randeep will tell that not only will it create terror and kill people but also cause lot of trouble for India in international relations.

Khashyap is having a meeting with the SIU and informing about the importance of the convention and to be on alert and be successful. He will inform the plan is given by the team leader Anand Swami. He asks Jeddah why he came so late and he fobs of Khashyap with a excuse.

Randeep is shocked when his man finds out that Jeddah is the Head of Security for the Convention.

At Azeem’s house the bell rings. The head of the gang gets alerted and asks one of the minions to see who has come. They all will be prepared. Then they tell Azeem to go and see who has come. Azeem open the door and its Rashmi dressed as a Muslim gir. Then she tells Azeem why he took such a long time. Then Rashmi’s companion will call Randeep and informs him that Rashmi has gone into the house. Randeep tells it is good and to wait till 12 in the night for the call to come from Rashmi. He has to keep a close eye on the building.

PRECAP; Jeddah informs Shah that he has no clue where both Randeep and Rashmi are. Then Shah tells him to listen to what she tells. She asks him to spread a rumor that Shahana Malik is alive and Randeep is the person who is helping her.

Update Credit to: anurao

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