2612 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Randeep interupts Jadda (Swamy as of now) n says he will continue to the interrogation here after. He asks him to check with Commissioner abt that. Randeep checks the entire room, where CCTv was, how she was handcuffed and all. He signals Rashmi not to talk as of now.

He removes the gun from there n also sees how Jadda has disfigured her pic in the tablet. He offers her water while she goes on speaking of how she is not aware of the phone coming into her bag. She says she is with Karuna (Shahana) all the time.

Jadda watching them n he questions Randeep if she has revealed the truth. Randeep goes to Tukaram, constable n asks him to ring on his mobile. but to Jadda’s surprise, it was in his pocket. Randeep says Jadda has stolen his mobile n he is not saying, the proof’s say. Randeep says hope he understood how Rashmi was got into this. He leaves.

Malti worried for Rashmi. There female constables come n take away Rashmi’s jewelry n take her signature on the paper. They inform that until she is in their custody, the ornaments will be with them. Rashmi not willing to remove the necklace, but they insist.

Randeep going somewhere n stops near railway junction. He thinks its not coincidence that Shahana was all the time there when ever Rashmi was present, in educational meet, on the day, when fire was caught in store room, n also during the street play. He also remembers Shahana asking Randeep abt Mallik’s death n who killed him. He thinks this is def. not a coincidence. (Wow u r going in ri8 direction)

Shahana arrives at Rashmi’s place n Malti welcomes her with pleasant smile. Malti goes to get water n Shahana shocked to see Rashmi’s dad n bro who were the one to buy the necklace with microchip.

Precap: Shahana sees the photo in which Rashmi has that necklace with micro chip n was shocked.

Malti enquiring abt Rashmi to Randeep n informs she didn’t yet reach home. Randeep lies to her that he is not aware of her.

Randeep reaches to Shahana’s place n says he is here to enquire abt the phone which was placed in Rashmi’s bag.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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