2612 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 22nd February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rashmi , Ritika , Rnadeep on the boat , trying to reach the land.
Randeep says he is gonna sail the boat n turns the barrel , but then he hears a beeping sound.

Shahana is happy because she had planted a bomb in the boat , n is waiting it to blow off.
Randeep starts searching the bomb through the noise(even in this age the bombs beep like rock concert.)
He tells Rashmi that they need to jump off as he cant find the bomb.
Rashmi taking in Ritika’s condition (she is unconscious and weak)refuses n is all ready to die.
Randeep at last finds the bomb and tries to find ways of how to defuse it.
And conveniently finds a scissor.

The bomb has 2 wires , one of them will defuse to so like all hindi flicks
Randeep cuts the correct

one( is it really 2013 n Shahana an international terrorist?)

Rashmi is very happy n hugs Randeep.

Shahana is celebrating Randeep’s death with Jadda with champagne
(the creatives should think back to their research , Muslims dont drink n wen they showed Shahana considering so once this scene was unwanted.)

But Shahana’s watch guard calls her n tells that they are alive.
Shahana is super angry , whereas Jadda is explaining her that she should not consider Randeep any less intelligent than herself.
He also praises Rashmi.
Shahana calls the watch guard and orders him to kill them there.

Jadda explains her that if they die now she’ll expose herself to a lot of attention
and her mission will go in drain.
Shahana stops the attack.

Malti and Mithu are waiting for Rashmi wen their door bell rings
and Randeep is standing there.
Malti questions him as to where Rashmi is and he reveals Rashmi n Ritika to them.

Shahana calls Jada n asks him to meet her ASAP.

Malti is worried about Ritika’s health and Shantanu n Suchhi’s whereabouts.
Randeep calls in the police station to ask for security for the Bhargava’s
but when he asked to give official detail about for what reason n what case this security has been appealed he is left in hesitant.

Rashmi comes there n apologies to Randeep about how she had misunderstood him regarding Ritika.

Shahana n Jadda meet.
She is full of rage against Randeep but Jadda says that she needs to control herself
n he will take care of Randeep.
Whereas Shahana says that she will see to Rashmi.

The End.

no precap

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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