2612 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 21st May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 21st May 2013 Written Update

Todays episode begins with…
Shahana confirming from some one that they have received the flight tickets …

Back at her den she is brain washing her men that they are just a few steps away from accomplishing the mission 2613 …. And after they are successful their names will be remembered by humankind for ever …and their families will live happily ever after …..

One of the men remind her that none of them were pilots .. So they would not be able to fly the plane … Shahana Replies thatShe has already taken care of that

At the SIU office Randeep and his team are busy identifying the pilots and acquiring their details and back grounds

Nimoy Shah … Pilot no 1 ….was involved in customs ki hera pheri ….
Dinesh Pillay …Pilot no 2 … Was under heavy debts … Could be lured with money …
Ashish Bhatti Pilot no 3 .. Was a clean family man .. Best in his profession ..

Randeep warns his team to make sure they don’t leak out info to Shahana …

Shahana enters into an agreement with Gujral …after she gets the official contract of supplying raw materials to the hotel Grandiose Regency ….

She shares the news with Jadda and tells him to keep a look out for Rasdeep …

All the three pilots are followed by SIU agents but they all fail to bite the bait … And Randeep and his team return empty handed … Sumana of Dhwani forum the writer of this update is not surprised …

As the team is returning back to SIU rashmi and Mukesh are spotted by Jadda and he is surprised to see Rashmi .. In disguise ….
The agents of SIU report to Randeep that they might be on the wrong trail ….

Rasdeep is not to give up so easily keeps a close watch on the Pilot Ashish Bhatti and draw an inference that his family has been kept in the captivity of Shahana and she might be black mailing him to follow her orders ….

Precap the SIU chief informs his subordinates at a meeting that Grandiose Regency Hotel was going to house the heads of all Asian countries for the upcoming meet and lays importance on its security ..
Jadda informs Shahana that the explosives had reached their destination

Update Credit to: sumana

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