2612 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 21st February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 21st February 2013 Written Update

Shahana and Jaddah praise each other’s accomplishments. Shahana asks if the mission fails what should be their next move? She gives an example that what would Jaddah do if she shoots him now? Jaddah shows timer bombs attached with his jacket. He says incase he dies, he’s sure that noone would survive either.

Randip & Rashmi ask the local fishermen about a boat, they make fun of Rashmi but Randip fights with them and threatens one of them to help in finding the boat.

Jaddah says he’ll help Shahana in finding the detonator, provided she has to give him half of the nova bombs. Jaddah encourages her to work together.

Someone calls Shahana and informs her that Rashmi & Randeep are moving towards her boat, Shahana says Ok delightfully.

The navy person says he cant move forward as they have almost reached near the border, Randip shows him the gun and tells him to follow his order. Rashmi spots the boat.

The navy guy tells him not to cross the border or else their neighbor’s army may could attack them.

Shahana tells Jaddah about her revenge plan, she says Randip is the reason why Malik is dead and now she’ll not spare him too. Jaddah wonders why is she after Rashmi-Ritika’s life. Shahana clears his doubt that Ritika knows everything about them hence she cant let her go and she is planning something so that Randip would look guilty for Rashmi/Ritika’s death.

Randeep & Rashmi step into the other boat and find nothing. Suddenly Rashmi hears Ritika’s voice and Randip lifts up a wooden block piece. They find Ritika tied up inside.

Precap : Randeep finds a time bomb *7 sec remaining* near the boat’s gear. Shahana and Jaddah celebrate their pre-victory.

Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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