2612 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 20th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 20th May 2013 Written Update

Todays episode opens with…. Randeep getting into the car after despatching Malti Bhaabhi, Mithoo, Sneha by flight to Chenni … The moment he enters his car an old woman points her gun at him …. He is taken aback initially .. But soon realises that it is none other than his own Rashmi disguised as an old woman … He smiles and lets her in ….
She tells him that she had to don this disguise for having a last look at her Bhaabhi n Mithoo …
Then she takes a look at the copies of the flight tickets .. And her sharp eyes notices the flight no to be AQ 2613

Randeep recollects how Jadda had spilled out on gunpoint that Shahana planned to plant bombs into a high rise building and crash a flight into it …Rasdeep decide to follow up the trail …

Randeep drops Rashmi to her cottage and holds her hand to help her up the stairs .. Rashmi smiles at him and tells him that she liked his bahana of trying to get close to her ….and she hoped that he would help her this way when she actually got this old .. He smiled and replies that as long as he lived they would be close together ….

Kashyap sends an SIU agent to follow Randeep …. But Randeep catches him red handed …. in action …. and brain washes him to be on the righteousk path …. To be with the truth …. The agent understands and protects /hides Rashmi’s identity from Kashyap ….Sumana of Dhwani forum the writer of this update loved that scene yaar ..

Shahana on her video reports to professor that her mission 2613 was on the way as planned .. She throws a toy plane in to a house of cards and it comes down ….she gives a wicked smile …

Randeep holds an urgent meeting with his SIU officers and decides to findout details of the flight AQ 2613….every detail about the flight crew, the flight attendants ,the routes, the coy owning aircraft etc …. Leaving nothing to chance..

Precap : Randeep discusses the identities of the six men Shahana had chosen to fly in the flight AQ 2613
first name is Nimisha .. she has been a customs defaulter
second is Dinesh Pillai.. he is under heavy debts ..
the third is Azim Bhatti ….

Update Credit to: sumana

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