2612 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 1st May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 1st May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with …

Randeep being cornered by the goons with a gun pointed to his head .. and Rashmi who does not have a single bullet in her gun cleverly manages to save Randeep …..after a lot of nerve wracking drama ….

Kashyap reaches the spot with his team of men …. capture the goons and order Rasdeep to his office immediately …and wants to know the whearabouts of agent Swami ….

Rashmi tries to put her point by telling him about their success in collecting evidence against Shahana …..

And Randeep tries to convince him about sending Rashmi and her family abroad …in exchange for Jadda’s release …

Kahsyap agrees with Ran’s plans . …Rashmi is given a fond farewell by Randeep …. with hugs …. cupping of her face …. tears ….Randeep saying he was proud that Rashmi was a part of his life …. lots of emotional romantic dialogues later …. they finally manage to leave the country ….

Kashyap now demands Randeep to fulfill his part of the deal … Randeep guides them to the place where he had held Jadda a prisoner … only to find that Jadda had escaped ….
Kashyap is furious with Randeep and orders his arrest …. Hand cuffs him … but Randeep manages to escape …

Randeep goes to local metal factory and gets his handcuffs removed …. he is informed that Feroz bhai had left a package for him …. Randeep acquires a rifle and other equipment ….

Shahana .. Sameer meet up at Sameer’s place …
They have their one-upism…taunting/sarcastic remarks .. accusations of failure later……. Shahana gets her men to fire at him in his house to convince him that his life was in danger …. and that if he didn’t share his plans with some one it would fail because no one else was knowing about it .. this rings a bell in Sameer’s mind and he decides unwillingly to share the mission 2613 with her…and she happily declares it is awesome …

Sameer gloats about all the barbadi… dehshat he had planned was beyond any imagination … as soon as he reveals this his daughter over hears him …and is stunned ….

Update Credit to: sumana

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