2612 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 18th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 18th January 2013 Written Update

Shahana thinks for a while as she doesn’t believe what Randeep spoke. She then gets the truth that Randeep is so clever but that silence in btw spoke a lot with her. She explains, to her FIL, the things what really Randeep did. Mr. Mallik asks her to dispose the mobile but she says she will utilise it against him.


Randeep calls for the person incharge for tracing the chip n patil brings him in. He assures that with the card reader he has, he can trace the location.


Nani comes to Malti n talks abt Randeep n Rashm’s marriage. Malti asks her time to talk to Rashmi n confirm.


The chip was traced n it was somewhere in Andheri. Jadda asks where is the chip installed n he says in mobile. Jadda says as mobile can be traced, they can make a move now.


Rashmi nervous for the street play n Malit assures all will be well. Malti teases her reg. marriage proposal n asks if she like Randeep. Rashmi says she does like him but she is not sure if he likes her or not. Shahana calls Rashmi n says she is waiting at the car parking n they can go together. On the way, Rashmi shares her feelings reg. the play n how it is attached to her life. during their convo, Shahana sees the opportunity n places the mobile in Rashmi’s bag n smirks.


Nani teases Randeep reg. marriage n says she has finalized his match with Rashmi. Randeep was uncomfortable n says she must not have done so but Nani says its must as he won’t take initiation.


The police team reach the venue of the street play n Shahana welcomes them. Randeep sees Rashmi n goes to her. He apologize to her for talking rudely. During the talks Rashmi drops her papers n they both hit their heads n eyelock Shahana watching them n thinking when he has killed Mallik n shattered her life, how can she see him making a family. She says a big storm is going to hit him soon n he is not aware of that.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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